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Information about Norway

Norway is a small nation in Northern Europe. Along with Finland and Sweden, it occupies the Scandinavian Peninsula. Scandinavia is made up of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and the Nordic countries are made up of the Scandinavian countries plus Finland and Iceland.

The famous fjords, marine inlets situated between high cliffs, are found along Norway's coastline. Glaciers sculpted out the country's mountains and the fjords.

  • Language: Norwegian
  • Capital: Oslo
  • Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK)
  • Time zone: Norway (GMT+2)
  • Area: 385,207 km²
  • Population: 5,516 million
  • Climate: Winters, average 2°C, Summers highs up to 27°C
  • National Religion: Lutheran Christianity
  • Official Newspapers: Aftenposten
  • National Emergency Numbers:  911 / 112

Norway is mountainous. No one has ever attempted to climb some of the mountains because they are so steep. Norway holds three islands in the Antarctic and Svalbard island chain and the Scandinavian Peninsula's mainland.

Norway is home to arctic wildlife, including wolverines and reindeer, also called caribou. Puffins, cormorants, and gulls are just a few breeding birds that can be seen on sea cliffs. There are over 2,000 different plant species, some of which are unique to Norway. Berries are cultivated all around the nation.

The country is home to 5,5 million people. The percentage of people with higher education is about 32%. In line with Sweden and Denmark, Norway has developed into a multicultural nation. In Oslo nowadays, 33% of people are immigrants. A little over 16% of the population is made up of immigrants or people born in Norway to immigrants.

People & Culture of Norway

Kvener people moved from Finland to Norway in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Sami, a herding people, formerly known as the Lapps, reside in Norway. Sami people tend to be shorter than the majority of Norwegians and have darker skin tones.

Norwegians have a tendency to stay by themselves, just like other Scandinavians do. This frequently comes off as disrespectful. But in reality, it's an act of politeness. Immigrants often remain together because it can be challenging for newcomers to make relationships.

Many Norwegians dress in traditional garb, or bunad, for special events because they have a strong sense of history and civic engagement. Tolerance, respect, and equality rank among the most significant ideals in Norwegian culture.

Top Tourist Attractions in Norway

  1. Geiranger-fjord
  2. Roerus
  3. Voringsfossen
  4. Cape Nordkapp
  5. Starka in Urnes
  6. Viking Ship Museum
  7. Justedalsbreen
  8. Bruggen
  9. Vigeland Sculpture Park
  10. Karl-Yuhan Street
  11. Holmenkollen
  12. Prekestulen
  13. Frahm Museum
  14. Flume Railroad
  15. Steinsdalsfoss
  16. Noroy-fjord
  17. Northern Lights
  18. Rock Art in Alta
  19. Troll’s Tongue
  20. Lindesnes Lighthouse

Popular Dishes in Norway

  • Farikal
  • Brunost
  • Vafler
  • Smalahove
  • Lapskaus
  • Kjøttkaker
  • Trollkrem
  • Pinnekjøtt

Private Airport Transfers in Norway

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