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Information about Denmark

  • Language: Danish
  • Dialling code: +45
  • Capital: Copenhagen
  • Currency: Danish krone (DKK)
  • Time zone: UTC+01:00 (CET), Summers: UTC+02:00 (CEST)
  • Area: 42,943 km²
  • Population: 5,928,364
  • Climate:  Denmark has a temperate climate with cold winters and mildly warm summers. In January and February, average temperatures are around 1-2 °C (34-36 °F), and in July and August, it is around 17-18 °C (63-64 °F).
  • National Religion: Christianity
  • Official Newspapers: Berlingske, B.T., The Copenhagen Post, Kristeligt Dagblad, Dagbladet Børsen, Dagbladet Information, Ekstrabladet, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, Dagbladet Politiken, Weekendavisen
  • National Emergency Numbers: 112

Denmark is a country situated in Northern Europe. As one of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark is bordered by Sweden in the southwest, Norway in the south, and Germany in the north. Zealand is the most populated island, and Copenhagen is the capital with a flat area and sandy coasts. Denmark has a temperate climate with cold winters and mildly warm summers. In January and February, average temperatures are around 1-2 °C (34-36 °F), and in July and August, it is around 17-18 °C (63-64 °F).

People & Culture of Denmark

Danish people are well-educated and open-minded. Poverty is low, and most of the population belongs to the middle class. Everyone equally shares health care and the educational system. They have high standards of living conditions. Some of the typical Danish values are responsibility, planning and punctuality. It is believed to be one of the world's happiest countries. Danes are mostly blond, blue-eyed and tall people.  

Top Tourist Attractions in Denmark

  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Christiansborg Palace
  • National Museum of Denmark
  • The Open-Air Museum
  • The National Gallery of Denmark
  • LEGO House
  • Nyhavn
  • Kronborg Castle
  • Egeskov Castle
  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Den Gamle By
  • The Round Tower
  • Hans Christian Andersen Museum
  • Amalienborg Palace
  • The Island of Bornholm
  • Frederiksborg Palace
  • The Museum of National History
  • Oresund Bridge
  • The Funen Village
  • Wadden Sea National Park
  • The Farøe Island

Popular Dishes in Denmark

  •  Stegt flæsk med persillesovs (a national dish with pork, potatoes, and parsley sauce)
  • Smørrebrød (sandwiches)
  • Kartofler (caramelized potatoes)
  • Risalamande (almond rice pudding)
  • Frikadeller (meatballs and potatoes)
  • Flæskesteg (roast pork)
  • Tarteletter
  • Koldskål (dessert)
  • Forloren hare
  • Karbonader
  • Rødgrød med fløde (dessert)
  • Æblekage (dessert)
  • Rugbrød (bread)
  • Pølser

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