Holidays in the Balkans - Cheapest Balkans Countries | 2022

06 Apr 2022

If you plan a Balkan holiday for a long time, you should read this article. Our article, which we have compiled for you on the ideal holiday routes in the Balkans, will satisfy you greatly. With the arrival of holiday time in the Balkans, you can prepare your suitcases and plan. We can say that a unique spring holiday will take all your stress away.

• What are the 11 Balkan countries?

Historians state that the Balkans consists of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia. If you can participate in the Balkan tour, we can say that you will have visited 11 countries.

⭐  Vacation in the Balkans is the research topic of travelers. We have prepared a great guide especially about the most popular balkan countries and whether they are safe or not.

What is the Best Country to Visit in the Balkans?

Holidays in the Balkans - Cheapest Balkans Countries | 2022

We can say that Croatia is one of the best countries in the Balkans. Dubrovnik welcomes more than 1 million tourists every year. We can say that Croatia is a rotation that should add to the Balkans tour you will plan. 

What is the safest country in the Balkans?

Macedonia, which we can call the best route in the Balkans in terms of both economy and security, is a country where we can feel safe while travelling. Macedonia, a country that should be on your list of choices for a stress-free holiday, is a frequent destination for tourists in this respect. By the way, read more How to Travel Solo.

When should I visit the Balkans?

Holidays in the Balkans - Cheapest Balkans Countries | 2022

It may be an ideal choice to join the Balkans tour when flowers bloom everywhere in spring. You can enjoy the Balkans more comfortably without being exposed to the cold of winter, away from summer's suffocating heat.If you are wondering: Top 70 Most Beautiful National Parks in the World.

1- Visit Ohrid, The Heart of Macedonia

Lake Ohrid has always existed throughout history and is the heart of the geography we know as the Balkans. Lake Ohrid, believed by Macedonians as paradise on earth, is a must-visit place during holidays in the Balkans. 

It is the cleanest and deepest lake in Europe. Churches of various sizes were built on all four sides of the lake with the logic of 365 churches for 365 days. Lake Ohrid, one of the best places in the Balkans, is truly a unique place in the world in many ways. 

Holidays in the Balkans - Cheapest Balkans Countries | 2022

Many tourists recommend that you stay here for at least one night:

  • St. John's Church,
  • Tsar Samuel Castle,
  • Kaneo,
  • Ohrid Hagia Sophia,
  • Saint Clements Church,
  • Plaoşnik,
  • Old Theatre,
  • Early Christian Basilica

are places we can visit.  Also, the coastal town of Struga can be a good alternative.

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2- Experience the Nightlife in Belgrade

Holidays in the Balkans - Cheapest Balkans Countries | 2022

One of the Cheapest Cities in the Balkans. Experience the nightlife in Belgrade, one of the cheapest cities in the Balkans. A holiday to Belgrade, the biggest and most entertaining city in the Balkans and the capital of Serbia, in spring, which is one of the best times to visit the Balkans, will make you happy. 

It is the best Balkan country to live in due to its endless parties, nightclubs, and cheapness. After being conquered with long struggles, the city has dozens of Ottoman monuments because it remained under the rule of the Turks for 357 years.

Especially watching the sunset from the Belgrade Fortress, which they call Kalemegdan, should be a part of the holidays in the Balkans. These are some of the places. Do not forget to change your route to Belgrade during your holidays in the Balkans.

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3- Discover Sarejova Cuisine

Holidays in the Balkans - Cheapest Balkans Countries | 2022

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most enthusiastic, is Sarajevo, the still-forgotten city of past sufferings and great experiences. We can call the old days good to move forward slowly after the war and Europe living for about 20 years. But the Bosnian in the city centre can be depicted both on and on. 

If you are going to take a tour of the cities, you should visit the city for a lovely holiday during the holidays in the Balkan. You can see the temples of different religions all over the city, and you can hiss different cultures. 

You can discover many new things in Sarajevo, a city that is almost a cradle of culture. We can say that the Bosnia tour, which will make a holiday with its cuisine, is a place you should add to your list of things to do in the Balkans.

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4- Visit the Capital of Albania

Holidays in the Balkans - Cheapest Balkans Countries | 2022

Tirana, the modest capital of Albania, is one of the touristic destinations holidays in the Balkans. It is a city where you do not need to spend much time, as there are few tourist attractions. 

Depending on your flight time, you can travel for a few hours after picking up your vehicle and continue on your way. The city is relatively cheap, which is a good alternative.

5- Visit the Open Air Museum Prizren Kosovo

Holidays in the Balkans - Cheapest Balkans Countries | 2022

We can say that the Prize, which is among the rare Balkan cities that reflect the cultural values of different civilizations and religions, is a place you should add to your route during your holidays in the Balkan. 

It is also called an open-air museum. It is taking firm steps towards entering the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. Since it was one of the most important cities of the Ottoman Empire, it was one of the most important commercial cities of the time.

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6- Discover the History of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Holidays in the Balkans - Cheapest Balkans Countries | 2022

One of the country's most popular holiday destinations, the impressive UNESCO-protected town boasts magnificent historical architecture, beautiful beaches, hotels, and breathtaking scenery.

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