Things to Do in Belgrade - 8 Popular Attractions

08 Apr 2022

There is so much to do and discover in Belgrade, which is both the largest city and the president of Serbia! With a population of more than 1 million, the city hosts countless tourists in all seasons of the year. If you want to come to this city for a little vacation and visit all the popular spots, I recommend you to read our short but concise guide blog.

On the streets of Belgrade, where you will experience Yugoslav, Serbian and European history, you can take great photos, eat delicious local food and shop for traditional products at cheap spots. 

⭐ By the way, the weather here is truly amazing, take a deep breath and explore the Belgrade tourist attractions!

1- Time Travel in the Kalemegdan-Belgrade Fortress

One of the things to do in Belgrade, a country rich in historical heritage, a long and rich tradition, traditions, and beliefs, is to visit the famous Belgrade Fortress - Kalemegdan. 

Things to Do in Belgrade - 8 Popular Attractions
Photo by dejan Aleksic on Unsplash

Protected by the Republic of Serbia, this magnificent fortification was declared a Cultural Monument of Extraordinary Importance in 1979. This area consists of a park and a castle in the city center. 

Perched on a hill overlooking the confluence of two great rivers (the Sava and the Danube Rivers), the fort represents one of the oldest populated town districts in history and days of the War. 

If you visit this place, you can feel like traveling in time. The history of Kalemegdan Fortress dates back to the 3rd century BC, which we can say corresponds to the founding date of this city.

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2- Historical Museum of Serbia

The origins of all museums in Serbia, including the Historical Museum of Serbia, are associated with the founding of the National Museum in Belgrade in 1844. 

Things to Do in Belgrade - 8 Popular Attractions
Photo by Ena Marinkovic on Pexels

Upon the action taken to preserve the history of the Serbian people, museums began to open one after another. 

Although the Historical Museum of Serbia focused mainly on archeology and numismatics, this course of action changed with the appointment of Stojan Novakovic, a professor of Slavic philology, as the Museum's director of the subsequent focus of the Museum on history and ethnology. 

The Museum had a wide range by focusing on historical pieces with different themes. The Serbian History Museum is one of the essential places that art lovers and travelers interested in history should visit in Belgrade.

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3- Observe Remnants of The Past in Buildings Bombed by NATO

The influence of the Serbs was big in the Yugoslav War in the 1990s, which had a great impact on the history of this region. On the other hand, as in every War, many innocent citizens were harmed in this War.

While the War mostly took place in other parts of the former Yugoslavia, Belgrade also bears some traces of this War, and NATO is responsible for these traces. 

NATO bombed buildings that used to be the Yugoslav Ministry of Defense. Although more than 25 years have passed since the bomb attack, its traces continue. 

Buildings bombed by NATO are essential in terms of creating historical awareness. So don't forget to add seeing these buildings to your list of things in Belgrade.

4- Take Pictures on the Knez Mihailova Street

Knez Mihailova Street is among the best things to do in Belgrade to walk along Knez Mihailova Street, which is about a kilometer long, stretching between Belgrade's Terazije and Kalemegdan Fortress. 

Things to Do in Belgrade - 8 Popular Attractions
Photo by Sherise VD on Unsplash

Taking pictures of its beautiful late 19th and early 20th century buildings is essential to feel the history of Belgrade. On the other hand, you can sit in a place and watch people and make various analyzes. When Knez Mihailova Street is still relatively empty in the morning, you can better explore the beautiful architecture.

5-Discover the Unique Architecture of the Church of St. Sava

One of Belgrade's most famous attractions, St. Sava Church, can be seen from almost anywhere. The Church of St. Sava, one of the largest churches in the world, with its round domes, is likened to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Things to Do in Belgrade - 8 Popular Attractions
Photo by Ben Asyö on Unsplash

 Additionally, it is compared to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona in that neither is fully completed. Work on the Church of St. Sava began in 1935 and was only completed in 2004, and its interior is still largely under construction. 

You can take beautiful photos and witness the history of the exciting building closely in the church of saint sava, which is one of the best places in Belgrade.

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6- Visit the Tallest Structure in the Balkans, the Avala Tower

The Avala Tower, which was planned to be used as a telecommunication tower, was completed in 1965. 

Things to Do in Belgrade - 8 Popular Attractions
Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

The Avala Tower was the fifth tallest structure globally, after the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Chrysler Building, and the Grande Dixence Dam, with 202.87 meters. 

The reconstruction of the Avala Tower, which was destroyed during the Serbian attack, started in 2006 and was officially opened on April 21, 2010. Today the Avala tower has a height of 204.5 meters and is the tallest tower in the Balkans. 

For decades, the Avala tower has been a symbol of pride in Belgrade, Serbia, and former Yugoslavia. Don't forget to add the Avala Tower to your list of things in Belgrade.

7-Explore Zeleni Venac, a Mix of many Architectural Eras

Zeleni Venac, meaning green wreath, is a large public transport hub. Zeleni Venac, the most popular market in Belgrade, is the oldest still operating green market. 

Zeleni Venac, which contains art deco, neoclassicism, some traditional Balkan features, and some modern buildings, is one of the best tourist attractions in Belgrade

In the 1840s, this area was transformed from a large swamp into an urban neighborhood of Belgrade Zeleni Venac.1. It was built as a building with typical Balkan architecture on Brankova street. 

Later, a young woman opened an inn in this region and used a green wreath instead of the logo and name, and the region was named Zeleni Venac, which means green wreath. 

Zeleni Venac is located a two-minute walk from Knez Mihailova street, the small streets and alleys in between, and one minute from the Brankov bridge. On the way to Zeleni Venac, you can explore Knez Mihailova street.

8- Ruzica Church

Ruzica Church, the oldest church in Belgrade, is located on the northeast walls of Kalemgdan castle, under the dungeon door. 

Things to Do in Belgrade - 8 Popular Attractions
Photo by Allie Reefer on Unsplash

On Sunday and spring/autumn, you can see newlyweds leaving the church. On the steep slope between Lower and Upper Kalemegdan, St. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located near the Petka church, is better known as Ružica (Little rose). 

There is a medieval church of the same name on the site at the time of Stefan Lazarević. It was destroyed by the invading Turks in 1521. It has a unique interior with decorations made from weapons and ammunition from the First World War and a chandelier made of sable and bullets. 

Visiting this church is one of the best things to do in Belgrade. It's one of the good things. Thanks to its rounded cave-like shape, the room has impressive acoustics. 

The path in front of the church entrance connects the town of the commoners and the town of the nobility, once the upper and lower parts of the city, passing through walls and under towers. Here you can feel like you are in a slice of history.

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