All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown

09 May 2022

If you have decided to travel to Australia, Newtown is the right place. Newtown is a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, located northeast of the city centre in the Adelaide foothills. The neighbourhood is home to a large community of people of Italian ancestry. 

  • There are several suburbs close to Newtown, such as the suburbs of Paradise, Rostrevor, Athelstone, and Campbelltown.

Newtown's major thoroughfare is King Street, which serves as an entertainment centre. At its southern station, this roadway becomes the Princess Highway, following the spine of a long hill rising near Sydney University.

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Cheapest way to get from Sydney Airport to the city

Sydney Airport has both domestic flights and international flights. As a result, there are:

Several busses and trains between Newtown and Sydney Airport. 

According to April 2022 prices and travel times, the cheapest way to get is to use a bus. 

Things to do in Australia

The distance between them is 4.2 km, but there is a real-time difference between them

By using an Opal card, you can use all public transportation.

All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown
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Also, you can choose to land at Adelaide Airport. It is another big airport in Australia and has many flights to Sydney. 

If you want to expand your holiday and visit there first, you can fly to Sydney for 80 dollars, and it takes 3 hours and 30 minutes.

 · Can you catch a train to Newtown?

All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown

Yes. The train from Sydney Airport (SYD) to Newtown via Central Station takes around 20 minutes and costs 14.5 dollars. 

You can hop on T8 or T2 trains. If you wonder "What is the Sydney Airport train station called?", it is International Airport. 

Terminal 1, International Airport is located. Also, is there a train from Sydney Airport to the city? Again, yes. XXXX

 · Taking a Bus from Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport to Newtown

All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown
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A bus from Sydney Airport (SYD) to Newtown takes approximately 54 minutes via Clemton Park Shops, Bexley Rd and Clemton Park Shops, William St.; the fare from Sydney Airport to Newtown with a bus is 5 dollars. 

You can choose between line 420 and line 423.

 · Private Transportation with %100 Refund

We recommend you book online a private ride to ensure a smooth arrival at your home or hotel. can arrange secure, quick, and easy transportation from your house or hotel to the airport to take advantage of this convenient option.

All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown
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Travel from Sydney Airport to the city center or to different parts of the city with polite, friendly and experienced drivers. 

You can now book your transfer online in a few minutes. You can also cancel for free up to the last 48 hours!

Private transportation from the airport is the fastest and safest option, especially if you are a foreign tourist.

🚗    For more information on where to stay and how to use a private transfer, please visit

Where to stay in Newtown?

Budget-Friendly accommodation: The Erko Hotel

The Erko Hotel is one of the good but budget-friendly hotels in Sydney. 

It is 5 kilometres away from The Star Event Centre and the Australian National Maritime Museum. 

Also, in this distance range, the International Convention Centre Sydney and the Art Gallery of New South Wales are located.

All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown
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This hotel features a communal kitchen as well as a restaurant. 

Evening entertainment and an ATM are available at the accommodation. 

Each room at the hotel has a wardrobe and flat-screen television. 

The rooms of The Erko Hotel are furnished with bed linen and towels.

· Distance to Sydney Airport: 4.9 km

· The average cost for one night: $66

Luxury accommodation: The Old Clare Hotel

The hotel is in the heart of Sydney with its luxury, 700 meters from the Capitol Theatre. Also, it is located 1.3 kilometres from Darling Harbour. 

All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown

The Allianz Stadium is located 2.2 kilometres from the property. Kingsford Smith Airport is the closest airport, located 6 kilometres away.

The Old Clare Hotel features a sun patio and a bar where guests can chill with a drink in the evening.

Each air-conditioned room features a flat-screen television, an electric kettle, and a suite bathroom with a hairdryer. 

Bathrobes and complimentary toiletries are provided for guests.

The hotel offers a restaurant and features a 24-hour front desk and bike rental for those interested in exploring the neighbourhood. 

For an extra fee, the hotel offers personal training and yoga courses.

· Distance to Sydney Airport: 6.6 km

· The average cost for one night: $209

When to visit Newtown, Sydney?

The best time to visit Newtown, Australia, is between January and March and November and December when temperatures are comfortable or moderate, and the chance to rain is minimum. In Newtown, the average temperature is 27°C in January and ten °C in July.

All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown

Newtown has an oceanic climate. We have prepared a detailed list of temperatures and the chance to rain according to month.

· The climate is extremely adverse from January to April. By early evening, the temperature has dropped to an average of 9°C.

· Between May and July, the climate is less than ideal but still acceptable. The thermometer reaches 18 C°, and it rains roughly 110mm in July.

· Between August and October, the climate is very unpleasant. By early evening, the temperature has risen to an average of 10°C, and you may anticipate 101mm of rainfall every month.

· November and December have an extremely unfavourable climate. In December, the average morning temperature is four °C, and it rains around 25% of the time.

Newtown's tourism seasons change according to its weather, as all cities' seasons change.

· Newtown's very low season: January, February, and December are the months with the fewest tourism.

· Newtown's low season: March, April, and November are the months with the fewest of tourism.

· Newtown's high season: May, June, and October are the busiest months in Newtown.

· Newtown's peak season: July, August, and September are the busiest months for travellers in Newtown.

Where can you visit near Newtown?

✔️ You can also visit the Blue Mountains in Newtown because the distance between them is 59.5 km, thus 48 minutes. 

✔️ You can take the T2 train. It costs 57 dollars and takes 3 hours and 30 minutes

✔️ Kings Cross is even closer to Newtown. The distance between them is 6.8 km, thus only 13 minutes. 

⭐ 🌟 🌠 ✨   Things to do in Melbourne

✔️ You can either take the T2 or T4 train, 423 Bus, or a taxi to Kings Cross. 

✔️ The train costs 2 dollars, the bus costs 1.5 dollars, and the taxi costs 19 dollars

All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown
Photo by Joeyy Lee on Unslplash

✔️ Darling Harbor can also be a good place to visit with its 3.9 km closeness to Newtown. 

✔️ It is located near the Sydney central business district. 

✔️ Circular Quay is another close and must-visit place and only 5.2 km away

✔️  You can take the T2 train for 2 dollars, and it takes 16 minutes to get there. 

✔️ You can also take the Line 423 bus for 2.5 dollars, but it takes 39 minutes. 

✔️ A taxi will cost you 37 dollars and will take 12 dollars.

✔️ Newtown is probably the city's most varied neighbourhood. 

✔️ By day, the free-spirited atmosphere of its thrift stores, cafes, and galleries shine out, while after hours, student groups savour the city's diverse nightlife, ranging from indie music to bars. 

✔️ Newtown is a lively area filled with activities throughout the day and night. 

All options for getting from Sydney Airport to Newtown

✔️ Apart from the various forms of art and entertainment, Newtown is regarded as the 'ideal' location for anyone who enjoys shopping. 

✔️ You have a variety of retail centres, street markets, and more to choose from. 

✔️ There are numerous interesting locations in Newtown that have different cuisines for different tastes.

✔️ It would be best if you did not forget several things while there. 

⭐   Outdoor activities in Australia

✔️ Vintage clothing can be found at the boutiques that line King Street. 

✔️ Enjoy a night out at one of Newtown's rooftop pubs

✔️ Go to a live performance at a venerable music venue.

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