Poznan (POZ) Airport Transfer

Lawica Airport – Poznan, or Poznan – Lawica Henryk Wieniawski Airport, is an international airport located approximately 5 km from the city of Poznan, in the west-central region of Poland. The airport is located close to the Grunwald and Jezyce districts.

Poznan Lawica Airport is the seventh busiest airport in Poland and serves nearly 2.5 million passengers per year. At Lawica Airport arrivals and departures terminals, the majority of flight destinations are seasonal, and mainly to and from Europe and resort areas.

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Poznan Lawica Airport Public Transfer Options

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Lawica Airport car rental counters in the terminal building, serve passengers preferring to drive private cars in the city. Other private transfers are provided by airport taxi companies.

It is easy to travel between Poznan Airport and the city center by public transport. The journey time is approximately 20 – 25 minutes. The bus stop outside the terminal is located very close to the airport.

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There are three different bus stops for public transport. Airport shuttle bus routes are as follows:

  • Day line 159: Poznan Glowny Train Stations ↔ Poznan-Lawica Airport
  • Day line 148: Rondo Kaponiera ↔ Poznan-Lawica Airport
  • Night line 222: Poznan-Lawica Airport ↔ Mogilenska

Poznan – Lawica Airport Private Transfer

There are not many Poznan Lawica Airport transfer options, as it is not a very busy point in Poland. There is only one contracted company working as the airport taxi. Therefore, you can solve the transportation problem much more easily by making a private airport transfer.

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