What is needed to update a U.S. passport?

19 Jul 2022

United States passports need to be updated as in any country's access. Since all the tickets have an expiration date after that given day, that passport will not be valid. That is why citizens should apply for the update of their tickets. 馃槉

However, there are several types of passports in each country. The same goes for the United States. It means that their various passport kinds in the United States. As you may guess, these different passports will have additional features. For instance, variations in good days of use, application process, and application fees. If you need to update your passport, the steps you need to take may also differ. 

This article will teach us what is needed to update a U.S. passport. We hope this page will be helpful when you are looking for how to renew your travel document. 


What are the 3 types of passports?

Passport types may differ depending on the country that you live in. The 3 types of passports could be regular, unique, and diplomatic. But why would citizens have different travel documents in the first place? People with high-bureaucratic job positions will need particular allows entering another country. For example, diplomats! As expected, a diplomatic passport stands out with its prestigious high privileges. Such as not needing to pay any passport fees. Or entering any country without having a visa! 馃槈

Particular passport users have several privileges, as well. Although, their passports offer fewer exceptions when compared with a diplomatic passport. Still, it would help if you had a higher status job position as a state civil servant.

Lastly, regular passports do not require higher status or such a thing. However, ordinary passports' ability to enter another country may change, depending on the state. As you can expect, one country's regular key is more vital than another's entrance allowance. 

Speaking of passports' strengths, U.S. passport visa-free countries are higher than most regular tickets from other countries.

What is needed to update a U.S. passport may change depending on passport type.

Who gets a special passport?

As mentioned above, citizens who have been working as civil servants on behalf of the state can have a special passport. The same rule can be applied to special access in the U.S., Such as official passport type. Besides working as a civil servant, there are other criteria. 

  • For example, your job position and the total amount of years of work are expected to be high.
  • For instance, your situation may be required to be 1st or 2nd.
  • Also, you may need to work for at least 5 years.
  • However, all these qualifications change between countries.
  • So, these numbers were just examples.
What is needed to update a U.S. passport?
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What are the different types of U.S. passports?

The different types of U.S. passports are regular, official, and diplomatic.

路 Regular passport: This passport can be given to American citizens and nationals who may or may not be U.S. citizens. Let's say you went there to work or study and need to stay there for years. In this case, you may have a regular U.S. passport. 馃槉

路  Official passport: Official passport can be issued to an employee or U.S. government official.

路 Diplomatic passport: A diplomatic passport is given to a Foreign Service officer or a person who carries out diplomatic duties on behalf of the U.S.

Tips to the readers: For the last 2 passport types, you may need to apply in person. Any passport type you have would be a passport card on the first page of the passport book.

Via that link, you can check out the passport book and card information: Apply for a Passport Card (state.gov)

Does my passport have to be updated?

Since your United States passport may have an expiration date, your ticket must be updated. Moreover, you are expected to pay a passport application fee during renewal.

Please note: if you only apply for a passport card, you will receive it via First Class Mail. Also, you might need to use Form DS-11.

What is needed to update a U.S. passport?
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What is needed to update a U.S. passport?

There are several documents needed to update a U.S. passport. Below, we list the stages you might need to watch out for. 

 1. First, you need to be sure that you are eligible to renew your passport:

 路 If your passport was issued before your 16th birthday,

路 If your passport was issued 15 or more years ago,

路 If your passport was damaged, lost, or stolen,

路 If your passport was issued in your last name.

If you experience the above situations, you can apply for a new passport. You might need to use form DS-11.

2. Check if you are suitable for submitting your passport renewal by mail:

路 If you need to get your new passport quickly, you can apply by mail. However, you might be expected to pay additional fees.

Please note: If you would like to benefit from this service, you should provide proof of the immediate case for your travel.

路 Besides faster application opportunities, you can apply for passport renewal by mail if you live outside the U.S. or Canada.

3. Which items you may need to renew your passport?

路 Application form: Before applying for your new passport, you may need to fill out the renewal application form DS-82. You can either print that document and then fill it in your hand. Or you may also use the Passport Application Wizard to fill out the form online and print it out.

You can find a DS-82 passport form online, or you can have it from a local passport acceptance facility or regional passport agency.

Watch out: It is possible to complete this form online via Passport Wizard. However, you cannot submit it online.

路 Passport photo: Every passport requires a recently taken photo. So, you must bring a U.S. passport photo for your renewal demand. You will get help from the passport photo tool. By doing so, you can follow the photo requirements easily. 馃槉

路 Payment: Unless you are accepted for payment, you must pay passport fees.

路 Your most recent passport: You must bring your former access.

路 Certificated copy of your marriage certificate or a court order of your name change: If your name has changed, you will need to prove it with the given documents.


How long does it take to get a U.S. visa from Canada?

Things to consider when changing passport in the USA

It would help if you considered renewing your passport approximately 9 months before its validity expires.

Even if your passport validity is sufficient for your next travel, some countries may demand at least 6 months of validity. 

Let's assume you are travelling to Europe

The land you apply for a visa may require you to have at least 6 months of truth with your passport. 

Even if your vacation takes 3 weeks, they reserve their right to ask for it.

Before changing your passport, it would be a lot easier when you know what is needed to update a U.S. passport.

What is needed to update a U.S. passport?

What is the fastest way to update your passport?

Some passports are issued earlier than usual if citizens have an urgency. However, you need to prove your condition to use this option.

The fastest way to update your passport is related to emergent or unexpected situations:

  • 路 Emergency or Urgent Travel,
  • 路 Expedited Service for Non-Urgent Travel.

In these conditions, you might apply either in person or by mail. To accomplish this process face-to-face, you should visit the passport acceptance facility.

How long does it take to change your U.S. passport?

Standard and expedited application durations may change throughout the year. So, there is no exact answer for how long it takes to change your U.S. passport. If you want to, you can check out your application status via 猬

 U.S. Passport Application Status (state.gov)

To give you a rough idea, here there are the predicted durations:

  • 路 Routine: from 8 to 11 weeks,
  • 路 Expedited: from 5 to 7 weeks. Be ready to pay an extra 60 USD.

路 Passport Agencies or centres: You must have an international flight within 14 days.

What is needed to update a U.S. passport?

Do I need to return my old passport to get a new one?

No, not necessarily. However, you cannot use your old passport once you receive the new one. However, there is an exception: if your old ticket is linked to a valid visa, you can keep using the old key. In this case, you can use both passports during your journey.

Do you need to update your passport when you move states?

No, not necessarily. You do not need to update your passport when you move states. 

Although, you may need to inform regarding bureau of your new address.

Above, we have discussed what is needed to update a U.S. passport. 

If you have further questions, or if you are looking for a contact to reach, you might want to visit this web page: Renew my U.S. passport (state.gov)

The U.S. Department of State manages the given website. 

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