How Can I Get from Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak?

10 Aug 2022

Finding an ideal vehicle for your destination might be tricky if you are arriving at one airport for the first time. It would be easier to choose the better transportation if you knew some alternatives about that airport beforehand. That is why we suggest our readers have a brief browse about their journey.

This article will give you a detailed description of transportation options from Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak. It is aimed to be helpful for your travel from Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak hotel or the city center. Before starting, let’s see how many transportation options you have at this airport. 

You can have a ride with the airport shuttle Bus (Havas), local bus, or airport taxi. If you want to have a private transfer, it is possible to rent a car, take a private shuttle and taxi, or do door-to-door private transportation. Your journey time and the fee will differ depending on your vehicle. 

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How Can I Get from Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak?

How long does it take to get from Bodrum Airport (BJV) to Yalıkavak?

Yalikavak is 52,5 kilometers away from Bodrum Milas Airport BJV. With direct transport vehicles such as taxis or private shuttle, your journey will take approximately 45 minutes. However, if you decide to reach there by different public transport vehicles, your ride will be longer than 45 minutes.

Cheapest way to get from Bodrum Airport to Yalıkavak

The cheapest way to get from Bodrum Milas Airport BJV to Yalikavak is using public transportation options. However, it would mean changing 2-3 vehicles during your journey. Since you could be already tired from your flight, getting a car from one to another would be exhausting. Furthermore, it is highly possible to confuse your direction if you are new. That is why we do not suggest you choose the 2-3 vehicle option to reach your destination.

Take a Local Taxi from Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak

If you had visited Turkey in the past, you would be familiar with their yellow taxi policy. Thanks to their color, it is quite easy to spot Yalikavak taxis! Your taxi ride may take around 45 minutes to Yalikavak. However, it may change if your hotel is farther or closer and if there is a traffic jam.

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How can I find a local taxi at Bodrum Milas Airport: These local taxi drivers would be waiting for their passengers outside the arrival gate. So, you will need to have a little walk to reach them; it is not pretty easy. 

Local taxi cost from Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak: Opposite to the previous policy, there is no more price difference, whether day or night. You might want to be aware of it! However, the taxi fee changes according to the kilometer. That is why we share the list of Yalikavak taxi price policies and how the taxi meter works. In that case, you can have a rough idea. 

Your journey will start at 7,75 Turkish Lira since it is the taxi meter starting price.

· 0–1-kilometer fixed taxi fare costs 18,75 Turkish Lira

· 1-5 kilometers taxi fare costs 7,25 TL per km

· 6-15 kilometers taxi fare costs 6,15 TL per km

· 16-30 kilometers taxi fare costs 5,15 TL per km

· 31-50 kilometers taxi fare costs 4,75 TL per km

· Over 51 kilometers taxi fare costs 4,25 TL per km

As your last stop is Yalikavak which is 52,5 kilometers away from Bodrum Milas Airport, your ride may cost approximately 410 Turkish Lira. But keep in mind that your taxi fee would be more expensive if your hotel is more distant than 410 Turkish Lira. 

How Can I Get from Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak?

Take an Airport Shuttle from Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak

As in many airports, Bodrum Milas Airport also offers a Shuttle Bus service named Havaş. Your ride’s price will change according to your first and last stop. To make it easier to organize your journey, we are giving you the direction of Bodrum Havaş below:

· Torba Intercity Bus Terminal, Torba Yolu, Güvercinlik, Bodrum Milas Airport.

As you can recognize, the Bodrum Milas Airport Shuttle bus does not take its passengers to the hotels. You might need to take a taxi to reach your destination. Since this neighborhood would be new for you, you can have a hard time during your transit journey. So, we do not suggest you choose an airport shuttle bus unless your accommodations are nearby to listed shuttle bus stops. 😊

You can check Airport Shuttle Buses via their website or Havaş Mobile App (Available on the App Store and Google Play).

Hint: It is possible to find interurban bus companies and their service at these listed Bus Terminals.

How can I find a shuttle at Bodrum Milas Airport: It is possible to find a Havaş Bus near the arrivals gate at Bodrum Milas Airport.

How much does a shuttle cost: As mentioned above, the price and journey time will change depending on your first and last stop.

· Bodrum Havas costs 2,55 euros.

· Güvercinlik Havas costs 2 euros.

How Can I Get from Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak?

Private Transfer Option from Bodrum Milas Airport to Your Yalikavak Hotel is one of the most chosen ones among the private transfer companies. It is easy to understand why their customers have happy feedback! 😉 Furthermore, they have relatively lower prices with higher trust rates while comparing other private transportations!  

Airport Transfer has a wide range of vehicle options so customers can choose any car according to their budget! 

Sedan, minivan, SUV, crossover, or Limo are just a few samples of their alternatives. 

Whatever car you decide on, you will have a highly clean car. 

Since communication is one of the most important factors in the service area, Airport Transfer has a very well English speaker staff. In that case, you do not need to worry about whether you can get along with your driver. If anything goes wrong or a delay happens, your driver can wait for you for up to 30 or 45 minutes! All you need to do is give your flight number to your driver; then, they can check the flights. 

You can purchase either online credit card or through the PayPal app. If you want to cancel your book in the last 48 hours, you can get you’re a hundred percent refund! 😊

How can I book a private transfer?  Click to compare private transfer taxi prices

Take a Local Bus (Muttas) From Bodrum Milas Airport to Yalikavak

To reach Yalikavak from Bodrum Milas Airport, you can use a local bus named Muttas. From Yalikavak Airport, it is possible to reach Menteşe Bus Terminal, Yatagan Terminal, Milas 3 Yol, Bodrum Terminal, and Güvercinlik. As you can observe, there is no direct journey offered by local bus. Nevertheless, you may need to take a taxi after arriving at the listed bus stops. Your journey time and the price will depend on your destination and the traffic jam (if any).

We do not suggest you take a local bus to Muttaş unless you accommodate nearby listed bus stops. Since you will have heavy suitcases, it might be tiring to get off the bus, then get in a taxi afterward.

How can I find a local bus at Bodrum Milas Airport: It is possible to find a local bus near the arrival gate. 

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