Zakinthos (ZTH) Airport Transfer

Zakynthos is one hidden gem of the Greek Islands, Greece. As it is close to the Italian Sea, it was under the governance of Venice ages ago. Today, it is possible to simultaneously experience both Venetian and Greek atmospheres from the local architecture. 

Besides its rich history, Zakynthos Island has one of the most stunning beaches in the Greek Islands. We are not even mentioning the delicious local cuisine. We aim to help you with your next trip to Zakynthos on this page. As you may guess, you will need to use Zakynthos Airport to transfer. Lucky to you, several airline companies are operating direct flights via this island.

Zakynthos Airport is only 3.2 kilometers away from Zakynthos city.

First, we will see Zakynthos Airport Services and Facilities. After this brief section, we will dive into the Zakynthos Airport Transfers.

In the final area, you can find the best eight hotels nearby Zakynthos Airport. 

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Zakynthos Airport Services and Facilities

Zakynthos Airport is one of the airports including decent services for their passengers:

路 First Aid

路 ATMs

路 Car Rental Companies

路 Free Internet Access Wi-Fi

路 Charging Mobile Devices

路 Shops

路 Hellenic Duty-Free Shops

路 Restaurants and Caf茅s

Popular Destinations Near Zakynthos Airport

Here are ten popular destinations in Zakynthos.

路 Shipwreck Beach (Navagio Beach)

路 Z谩kynthos Town (Zante Town)

路 Byzantine Museum

路 Roma Mansion

路 Blue Caves

路 Keri Caves

路 Porto Limnionas

路 Zakynthos National Marine Park in Lagan谩s Bay

路 Askos Stone Park

路 Xigia Sulphur Beach

Public Transportation Options at Zakynthos Airport ZTH

In this section, we will see all possible airport transfer options. First, we will see public transport options. Then we will learn about other possibilities, as well. At the same time, we will discuss each transport option's downsides and upsides. It is your call to pick one.

As Zakynthos is a Greek Island, the only available public transport option is the bus. Since local buses reach from the airport to the city center, an airport shuttle service is not needed at this point. 

Peace of mind: Public bus service may offer relatively lower prices. However, it does not mean that this service will escort you to your hotel. So, you might need an extra transfer or walk to your destination with your luggage.

a. By Public Bus

Public bus service is available at Zakynthos International Airport. You can find the bus stop outside the Terminal Building (the arrivals gate).

The public bus is working between Zakynthos Airport and Zakynthos town.

Here are the routes of the buses:

It starts to work from: Athens, Patra, Thessaloniki, and Zakynthos.

You can arrive at these destinations from Zakynthos International Airport: Aigio, Akrata, Almiros, Amfissa, Athens, Derveni, Itea, Katerini, Kiato, Korinthos, Ksilokastro, Lamia, Larissa, Naypaktos, Patra, and Thessaloniki.

The bus ticket fee depends on the routes. You can buy bus tickets via sales offices or online.

To get more information about public buses, you might want to use this link:

Zakynthos airport to Lagana's bus station will last around 25 minutes by public bus. The bus ticket may charge between 5 to 8 USD.

There is no guarantee that your bus driver will be able to communicate in English. It might be helpful to learn some catchphrases beforehand if you are considering using public transportation.

b. By Airport Taxi

It is also possible to find an airport taxi service at Zakynthos Airport. 

As you may guess, Taxi Stand can be located in front of the terminal building. 

After your arrival, you can book a taxi near there. 

Your taxi fee will depend on your final destination. 

So does the taxi journey time. 

As Zakynthos Airport is a popular tourist destination, taxi drivers may speak or at least understand the English language.

Zakynthos Airport Radio Taxi operates 24 hours a day. 

You can find a taxi at the Airport taxi rank area. 

Zante airport to Lagana's taxi price will be around 1 USD. 

Your taxi ride may last less than 2 minutes.

The taxi from Zante airport to Vasilikos will last approximately 22 minutes. 

Your taxi ride may cost between 18 to 23 USD.

Is it easy to get a taxi in Zakynthos?

It is easy to find a taxi at Zakynthos Airport or town. 

c. By Car Rental

Several car rental companies have sales offices at Zakynthos Airport. The daily car rental service charge will depend on the company and your car choice.

Peace of mind: Before making up your mind, we suggest you consider these two facts:

路 Please be sure that your driving license is valid in Greece.

路 Please be sure you can drive along in Greece. For instance, are you familiar with Greek traffic rules and traffic signs?

3. Private Transfer Zakynthos Airport ZTH

Another transport option is to choose private transfer. As it can be guessed from its name, private transfer means end-to-end transfer. In this section, we will be looking at how to book an airport private transfer.

Before taking off, let us remind you of this friendly tip: All private transfers are not the same, especially in terms of service and quality. If you do not want to get unpleasant surprises after arriving at the airport, we suggest you go with a highly recommended company. is one of the best private airport transfer services globally. We can get how they achieve this recommendation from their previous customers' happy feedback. 

Now, let's take a look at how works.

How can I book my reservation?

You can make your reservation quickly on the website. First, you need to give your travel information. For instance, what is your expected arrival date? When does your plane land (for pick-up time)? How many passengers are you flying together? How many suitcases are you bringing with you? And how many kilograms are they? After giving all this information, you can see the possible vehicles on your expected arrival date & time.

How can I choose my route from the airport?

Private Airport Transfer service provides a door-to-door transfer regardless of your route choice. If you want a quick ride from Zakynthos Airport Transfer to your hotel, you can choose an airport-to-hotel transfer.

You can have an airport-to-air transfer if you need a ride from one airport to another.

Of course, you will need a ride from your accommodation point to the airport on your way back home. In this case, you can demand a hotel-to-airport transfer from the website

路  From Zakynthos Airport to the city center, it takes approximately 10 minutes by Private Airport Transfer.

From Zakynthos Airport to Askos Stone Park, it takes approximately 45 minutes by Private Airport Transfer.

From Zakynthos Airport to the city center, it takes around 10 minutes by Private Airport Transfer.

From Zakynthos Airport to the Roma Mansion Museum, it takes approximately 10 minutes by Private Airport Transfer.

From Zakynthos Airport to the city center, it takes around 11 minutes by Private Airport Transfer.

What are the additional services?

It is normal to need extra help. That is why considers all possible scenarios for its customers. 

From your children, elderly members of your family, or your pet buddies, all needs are assessed by 馃槉

If you are traveling with your kids, please do not forget to ask for a baby seat for your children's safety.

If you are traveling with elder members of your family or organizing a trip for them, you can demand elderly assistance

By doing so, you can be sure they have a safe journey from the airport to the accommodation.

Since our pet buddies are also our family, we do not forget them. 

You can have a pet-friendly journey with

Besides these extra services, you can also have some equipment kits for your holidays and sports activities. 

For hiking, you can ask for a booster and bicycle car rock

For your winter holidays, you can borrow a ski equipment rack. 

On our website, you can check out these kits. 

For your meet & greet, you might want to ask for a red carpet at the arrivals hole.

How can I be sure about my ride's quality? serves countless numbers of countries. It does not matter which country you are landing in or which car you choose. A spotless car will be waiting for you. Also, all vehicles are air-conditioned.

Private Airport Transfer has an excellent English speaker staff, so, no need to worry whether your driver will understand you. 

Opposite to other drivers, such as taxi and bus drivers, offers great flexibility in terms of communication. 

Can I find a cheap vehicle?

Even though some people believe that private transfers might be a bit expensive, this belief does not go for! Private Airport Transfer has a wide range of vehicles. It means you can find any car, according to your budget or taste. If you want, you can choose an economical car or spoil yourself with a luxurious one. Your call. 

How to make a payment?

Only in 3 steps can you accomplish your online payment on the web page. It is possible to make your payment online or through the PayPal app. We value your safety; thus, we supply a secure online payment to you. 

Is it possible to have a %100 refund? has a free 48-hour cancellation policy. So, if you cancel your reservation within 48 hours of your payment, your cancellation will be free of charge. It is possible to get a %100 refund if you do it within the deadline.

When can I contact customer service?

It is possible to reach out to Customer Service. A 24/7 helpline on WhatsApp is available for all customers.

Most Popular Destinations Near Zakinthos (ZTH) Airport

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