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Greece is the southernmost country in Europe and contains the continent's longest coastline. The country is well known for the thousands of islands dotting the beautiful Aegean Sea to the east, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Ionian Sea to the west. The mainland contains rocky mountains, forests and lakes.

The peninsula, the islands, and the Peloponnese, a coastline south of the mainland, make up three geographical regions of the nation. Greece shares borders with Turkey to the east, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania to the north.

  • Language: Greek
  • Capital: Athens
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone: Greece (GMT+3)
  • Area: 131,957 km²
  • Population: 10,30  million
  • Climate: Winters average 13°C, Summers average 24°C
  • National Religion: Greek Orthodox Christian
  • Official Newspapers: Achagiotika Nea, Kosmos, Proini Gnomi.
  • National Emergency Numbers: 112

Greece has a developed economy that is mostly driven by private enterprise and is built on manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. The president serves as the head of state, and the prime minister is the head of government in this unitary multiparty republic with a single parliamentary chamber.

Large cities are home to nearly two-thirds of the population. With more than 3.7 million inhabitants, Athens is the city. Smog, or nefos in Greek, is a major issue in Athens. Pollution and acid rain have caused the Parthenon, the goddess Athena's temple above the Acropolis, to deteriorate.

People & Culture of Greece

The culture of Greece holds some very interesting discoveries, from superstitions to odd traditions and festival practices. Greeks typically take great pride in their cultural history since it influences who they are and gives them a feeling of community.

Greek culture is evident in many facets of contemporary life, including language, folk music, food and religious rituals. It is a great idea to learn more about Greek culture, which has roots in antiquity but still influences how the world sees modern Greece, to have a better knowledge of Greek living.

Ancient Greek thinkers like Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates and Aristotle, to name a few, are well-known worldwide. They created the Olympic Games and theatre, and it is regarded as the Western world's origin of democracy. Greek columns were used in the monumental temples the  ancient Greeks created. Greece has an unintelligible writing system that is used there. Greek cuisine and wine, the Greek Islands, historic oracle sites like Delphi and Dodona, the Acropolis of Athens, the Twelve Olympians, gods of the Greek pantheon, the Nine Greek Muses, and Homer, the first Western poet, are other notable features of the nation.

Top Tourist Attractions in Greece

  1. Acropolis, Athens
  2. Acropolis Museum, Athens
  3. Santorini
  4. Mykonos
  5. Delphi
  6. The Towns and Beaches of Crete
  7. Corfu
  8. Meteora Monasteries
  9. Rhodes Town
  10. Zakynthos
  11. Samaria Gorge
  12. Nafplio
  13. Thessaloniki
  14. Corinth Canal
  15. Mount Olympus

Popular Dishes in Greece

  • Olives and olive oil
  • Dolmades
  • Taramasalata
  • Moussaka
  • Grilled meat
  • Fresh fish
  • Courgette balls
  • Octopus

Private Airport Transfers in Greece

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