Thessaloniki International (SKG) Airport Transfer

Thessaloniki Airport, officially Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia, is located in Thermi, 13 km from Thessaloniki. It is the third busiest airport in Greece. It serves not only Thessaloniki but also the Macedonian region and tourist destinations within.

Thessaloniki Airport serves approximately 7 million passengers annually, 38 airline companies organize regular and seasonal flights to European cities, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Cyprus. Most of the flights are domestic, but there are also popular destinations such as Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Larnaca, Istanbul, and London.

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The overland distance between two places is 30 km and 26 minutes A/D Thessalonikis Neon Moudanion. You can trust the most professional drivers of Book now for Thessalonikis Airport transfer.

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Thessaloniki Airport Public Transportations 

"Makedonia" Airport is located in Mikra, 16,5 km from Thessaloniki city center and can be reached in about half an hour. 

Buses can be used for public transportation. These buses also go to the Central Train Station and the regional bus station. 

The journey to the city center takes about 45 minutes, and buses run every 30 minutes.

Bus route X1 runs between the "Makedonia" Regional Bus Terminal (KTEL) airport, and bus N1 runs overnight on the same route. 

Bus number 45 runs between KTEL – Halkidiki Bus Terminal.

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