Sarajevo International (SJJ) Airport Transfer

Sarajevo International Airport serves the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The country's largest and busiest airport, SJJ, is located in the southwest, about 10 kilometers from Sarajevo city center. 

  • It reached the highest annual passenger traffic just before the coronavirus period. This figure exceeded 1 million passengers in 2019.

It has regular and seasonal flights with airline companies such as Air Arabia, Cezire Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Nouvelair. There are 19 airline companies currently operating at the airport. 

📍 The most frequent round-trip destinations of these companies are Zagreb, Belgrade, Dubai, Istanbul, Vienna and Copenhagen.

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Passenger Transportation to Sarajevo International Airport

With Sarajevo Airport, you can reach different parts of the city by using some public transportation vehicles. However, these public transportation options may not meet your expectations in some cases. You can still read to find out though:

Airport Public Bus

You can reach Sarajevo city center directly from SJJ by a bus line. These buses depart from the airport every day of the week and pass through different stops. 

📍 Along the airport public bus route Bentbasa, Vijecnica, Bascarsija, Cathedral, Banka, Park, Marijin Dvor, Muzeji, UNI Campus, Pofalici, Socijalno, D.Malta, Cengic Vila, Otoka, Ali Pasin Most, RTV dom, Alipasino polje, Nedzarici, Avaz. 

There are stops at points such as Silve Rizvanbegovic, Aleja Bosne Srebrene, Kurta Schorka. The ticket prices of the airport buses are determined according to the distance.

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Local Bus

Trolleybuses 103 and 31e pass near Sarajevo International Airport. It departs from Dobrinja and goes to the center of Sarajevo. Line 103 is every 5 minutes; Line 31e runs every 15 minutes.  Sarajevo Airport bus tickets are sold at dealers.

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