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Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) is in Rovaniemi, the capital of the Lapland region in northern Finland. Located near the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi Airport is one of the northernmost airports in Finland, along with Kittilä Airport and Ivalo Airport.

The airport is the largest in Lapland, serving both domestic and international flights. The airport experiences its highest passenger traffic during the Christmas holiday season.

There is a range of Rovaniemi airport services and facilities for passengers to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Rovaniemi Airport serves several airlines, including Finnair, Norwegian, and SAS, with flights to major cities in Finland and destinations in Europe, including London, Berlin, and Paris.


Private Airport Transfer - Rovaniemi (RVN) Airport

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Popular routes from Rovaniemi Airport:

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Public Transportation - Rovaniemi (RVN) Airport

Several Rovaniemi airport transfers public transportation options exist for travellers looking to travel between the airport and Rovaniemi. The airport is well-connected to the Rovaniemi city centre and other nearby areas through a network of buses, taxis, rental cars and private airport transfers.

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The most common public transfer option for travelling from Rovaniemi Airport to the city centre is commonly referred to as the "airport shuttle."

A bus service, the Airport bus, operates between Rovaniemi Airport and the city's main bus station, Matkahuolto Rovaniemi. The bus station is on Lapinkävijäntie street, between Rovaniemi's city centre and the railway station.

The Airport bus makes stops at multiple hotels in Rovaniemi along its route. The Airport bus typically departs soon after each Finnair and Norwegian flight arrives.

The Rovaniemi airport bus usually leaves the Rovaniemi Bus Station an hour and a half before each flight out of the airport for passengers leaving from there. The journey from the bus station to the airport takes approximately 20 minutes.

Good to Know:

Unfortunately, the availability of public transportation to and from Rovaniemi Airport is limited, with no direct service connecting the airport to other parts of the city.

Travellers may need to arrange alternative transportation options, such as available Rovaniemi Airport private transfers, to ensure a seamless journey to their final destination.


Although several routes are available for travellers from Rovaniemi Airport to the city centre, Rovaniemi Airport has a different railway station.

However, for travellers using the train to reach Rovaniemi, the train station is conveniently located near the city centre, which can be accessed by alternative transportation options such as private transfers.


Taxis are available at Rovaniemi Airport for travellers looking for a transportation option. Rovaniemi Taxis are typically metered outside the terminal building, with fares varying based on the distance travelled and time of day.

It's worth noting that airport taxi fares in Finland can be expensive. There may also be additional baggage or travelling fees during peak hours.

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