Konya (KYA) Airport Transfer

Konya Airport (IATA code: KYA) is an airport located in Konya, Turkey. The airport operates both domestic and international flights. Located approximately 16 kilometres away from Konya city centre, the airport offers a gateway to the highlights of the city. There are public transportation links from the airport such as the Konya Airport shuttle, public buses, taxis, and private car transfers from the airport. Transfer to local destinations from the airport and also nearby tourist spots transportation from the airport can be seamless with AirportTransfer.com's private car services in Konya. Discover the best Konya Airport transfers and make sure you pick the best one.

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Private Transfers from Konya Airport

If you are planning a trip to Konya to see the major highlights such as Mevlana Museum, your first stop and gateway will probably be Konya Airport. From Konya Airport, AirportTransfer.com can provide you with a seamless transfer that will enhance the quality of your whole trip. With countless benefits from customer-friendly policies to cost-efficient pricing, AT is more than happy to welcome satisfied customers every day.

Easy Online Booking: You can make a reservation with just a few clicks thanks to AT's user-friendly website. Enter your pick-up and drop-off locations to view the available vehicles, pick your vehicle, and pay easily with your credit card under secure payment.

Wide Range of Vehicles: You can pick your car from a wide range of vehicles including Sedans and Limousines. You can also make special additions such as a child's seat if it is necessary for your trip. Thanks to AT's modern and individualised approach, it is easy to travel with your family, too.

English-Speaking Drivers: In Konya, local taxi drivers do not speak English. So, it would cause communication issues and it would disrupt the course of your trip plan. With AT, however, you have no reasons to worry. Our professional and English-speaking drivers will ensure that you experience a quality and stress-free transfer from Konya Airport.

24/7 Customer Support: You can contact AT on WhatsApp 24/7 to receive support and get answers to your questions. Our team is more than happy to help you!

Customer-Friendly: AT values being customer-friendly. You can benefit from our free cancellation and 100% refund policy.

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Public Transportation from Konya Airport

Here are some of the public transportation methods available from Konya Airport.

Bus from Konya Airport

Certain bus routes depart from Konya city centre to Konya Airport. These are the 43-0 and 34-0 bus lines. The approximate journey time is 45 minutes. Bus line 44-A goes to Mevlana. There may not be direct and regular public bus services available from the airport. However, there are shuttle buses at the airport. Keep in mind that shuttle services cost way more than public buses.

The average bus ticket fee in Konya, Turkey: 10 Turkish Lira

Taxi from Konya Airport

You can take a taxi from Konya Airport to certain destinations. However, there are some points to consider. Firstly, finding a taxi is hard, especially during rush hours and peak seasons. Plus, local taxi drivers do not speak English so it will cause communication issues and it can disrupt the course of your trip. When it comes to taxi fares, they are usually very high and not budget-friendly at all.

Most Popular Destinations Near Konya (KYA) Airport

DestinationDistanceEstimated Time
Mevlana Museum16 km22 min.
Alaaddin Hill Park16 km22 min.
Ince Minaret Medrese16 km21 min.
Konya Archaeological Museum17 km24 min.
Catalhoyuk58 km54 min.

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