Osaka Kansai International (KIX) Airport Transfer

Kansai International Airport KIX serves the Japanese Kansai region, cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. Located on an artificial island called Kangokujima, Kansai Airport airport is within the borders of the municipalities of Izumisano, Sennan, and Tajiri, 38 km from Osaka Train Station. Welcoming over 30 million passengers a year, the airport is the third busiest in Japan.

From KIX Airport, there are regular and seasonal flights to many parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. It is a significant base for intercontinental journeys in Asia. You may have come across some news or articles “Is Kansai Airport sinking?” It seems like a joke but actually, Kansai Airport has been reported to have sunk 38 feet since 1994, the opening year.

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Public Transports to Kansai International Airport KIX

Osaka Kansai Airport transportation can be done by airport shuttle bus service, train, private car, ferry, car rentals or other shuttles like the shared ride or taxi. There are services such as the Yasaka taxi for Kansai Airport shuttle transfers. 

How much does it cost from Kansai Airport to Osaka? Well, it depends on which vehicle you prefer for transportation, there are both free and costly ways to transfer from the airport. But if you ask; how much is a taxi from Osaka Airport to the city? We can say that it is expensive! You can take a train or taxi or book a private airport transfer from Hiroshima to Kansai Airport. 

Good to know: The best choice to travel between Kansai Airport to Haneda Airport and Kansai Airport to Narita International Airport is the flight. The distance between these two routes on the highway is very far.

By rail

You can access the Nankai Line and JR Line at Kansai International Airport. Connections to other railway lines and stops are provided through these lines. You can access central stations such as Maibara, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Kyobashi, Tennoji, Namba, Sakai, Hineno, Izumisano and Wakayama.

By bus

There are bus stop locations numbered 1 to 12 on Terminal 1 at the 1F International Kansai Airport Arrivals Floor. From these stops, the Itami Airport bus line, Osaka city center line, Kanagawa to Osaka bus line, Hyogo, Nara, Kyoto, Wakayama, Nagoya to Kansai Airport bus line, and more destinations can be reached.

There are bus stops numbered 0 to 10 in Terminal 2. There is also a bus stop at Terminal 1 to the same destinations.


Are airport transfers free? There is a free Kansai Airport shuttle bus from Terminal 2 to Aeroplaza. There is also a high-speed ferry connecting Kansai Airport to Kobe Airport in half an hour.

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Private Airport Transfer to Kansai 

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Most Popular Destinations Near Osaka Kansai International (KIX) Airport

DestinationDistanceEstimated Time
Kyoto, Japan98.1 km87 mins
Osaka, Japan50.08 km43 mins
Namba Station45.78 km44 mins
Kobe, Hyogo, Japan68.92 km59 mins
Nara, Japan74.66 km65 mins
Universal Studios Japan45.65 km37 mins
Osaka Castle51.55 km45 mins
Dotonbori45.84 km44 mins

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