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Bordeaux – Merignac Airport is an international airport located in the Gironde region, 12 km from Bordeaux. It is the 7th busiest airport in France and serves approximately 6.5 million passengers a year. Bordeaux Airport ICAO code is LFBD.

There are 25 airlines that fly at Bordeaux Airport arrivals and departures to and from Europe, North Africa, Greece, Turkey, and Montreal. Most of them fly to metropolitan and holiday destinations. Also at Billi Terminal Bordeaux Airport provides flights of low-cost airline companies.

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Public Transfers Bordeaux Merignac Airport

How do transfers work at airports? Well, it changes from airport to airport. As an example, terminals at Bordeaux Airport are open between 4.30 am and 11.30 am. By train, bus, shuttle, taxi, car rental Bordeaux Airport can be reached between these hours. Those who ask “ Are there taxis in Bordeaux?” should be aware of the prices of Bordeaux Airport taxi transfers.

If you wonder, “How do I get from Bordeaux Airport to the city centre?” The shuttle from Bordeaux Airport to the Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station is available. Transports Bordeaux Metropole can also be used to get from Bordeaux Airport to city center.

The tram system does not reach the airport at the moment, but the airport - city center line is planned to be completed in 2022. The service hours of the Bordeaux Airport bus to the city center are as follows:

  • 04:45 – 12:20  except Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 01:20 – 12:20

Private Airport Transfer Bordeaux Merignac - BOD

Whether it is the starting point of your Bordeaux Airport journey or the end, the best option to make a comfortable and fast journey to or from the airport is to take a private transfer service. Just like fast track Bordeaux Airport service inside the airport, there is a VIP transfer service in here. 

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of, you can quickly book a transfer suitable for you. After a tiring journey, if all you want is to go to your hotel, Bordeaux Airport shuttle buses will cause you to lose time and energy. Book your airport transfer as soon as you purchase your flight ticket for hassle-free transportation to the surrounding cities and even countries at!

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