Things to do in New Delhi

28 Apr 2022

This glorious city attracts millions with many different things to do in New Delhi. New Delhi tourist attractions are varied, and each one will make your trip memorable. 

The best New Delhi attractions are Lal Qila, Red Fort, Dilli Haat, Lodhi Gardens, Raj Ghat, Humayun's Tomb, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Mughal Gardens, and Qutub Minar. 

Unique things to see in New Delhi are not limited to these beautiful attractions. Here, you can also roam the streets, try delicious street food, watch street dances, and shop at local markets to see traditional pieces. 

All the places to visit in New Delhi will add another memorable piece to your New Delhi travel because each attraction has something else to give. New Delhi is home to some of the best tourist places in India. Also, it is easy to travel and see other Indian beauties from New Delhi. 

Why is New Delhi Famous?

New Delhi is one of the most famous cities globally because it is the home of many exciting tourist attractions. In addition to Delhi places to visit, the city has an atmosphere of rich and rooted culture dating back to the 17th century and is presented in every corner. 

Things to do in New Delhi

There is a district of New Delhi called "Old Delhi". There are also many things to do in Old Delhi, especially for cultural trips. The best things to do in New Delhi are visiting Lodhi Gardens, National Museum New Delhi, Lotus Temple, Humayun's Tomb, and Dilli Haat. 

These attractions make New Delhi famous worldwide. You can also visit Sahaj Anand-Multimedia Water, which can be one of the best things to do in East Delhi. Apart from all the "New Delhi things to do", you can also visit Rashtrapati Bhavan, which has a symbolic meaning in representing India's power. 

Also, Mahatma Gandhi is a significant name that attracts people to New Delhi. Memorials and universities are carrying the name of Gandhi in New Delhi. With all the things to do and places to visit in New Delhi, it is a very famous place that will be worthy of your time.

Are 2 Days Enough for New Delhi?

New Delhi offers almost hundreds of tourist attractions and activities that will be worthy of a well-planned trip. If you want to enjoy as many of these attractions as possible, two days will not be enough. 

Things to do in New Delhi

However, you can always fit some of the best places to visit in New Delhi in two days. You can spare one day for New Delhi attractions, such as India Gate, the National Museum, or Lodhi Gardens

Then, you can spend the other day in Old Delhi with more cultural attractions, such as Lal Qila. Do not forget to try some delicious street food while in Delhi! 

What is more, there is something for every plan you have in your mind here. There are expensive things to do in New Delhi and affordable things to do, and of course, you will find lots of amazing things to do in Delhi with your family. 

Many excellent hotels in New Delhi wait for you there, and they will offer you all the comfort you can ask for throughout your trip. Everything is all set to give you a wonderful trip. Pack your bags!

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1- Visit the Amazing Lal Qila – Red Fort

Lal Qila is a fantastic place to visit in Old Delhi. It was built during the Mughal Era. It is one of the most historically and culturally significant places in Delhi. 

Things to do in New Delhi

The architectural design of Lal Qila is magnificent, and it never fails to mesmerize the visitors. 

The building is made from red sandstone, and this specific characteristic gives Lal Qila an undeniably attractive look. 

The name "Red Fort" also refers to this specific characteristic of Lal Qila

After you take your dose of cultural enlightenment, you can treat yourself to delicious food at nearby restaurants because of the many great restaurants near Lal Qila. You must visit this fantastic place in Delhi during your trip.

2- Enjoy Some Time Here: Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is probably the best place to visit in South Delhi. It can be seen as a fun shopping centre because you can find many food options, handmade accessories, books, and other exciting things here. 

Things to do in New Delhi
Photo by Barun Ghosh on Unsplash

Clothes, necklaces, traditionally designed, handmade wristbands, traditional food, embroidered plates, glasses, bags, and many more options are present at Dilli Haat. 

You should add visiting this place to your things to do in New Delhi. 

You can get many unique pieces for yourself and memorable souvenirs for your loved ones. 

Luckily, visiting Dilli Haat is among the things to do in winter in Delhi

They have collections specific to winters! Do not forget to enjoy some time here before you leave New Delhi!

3- Take a Deep Breath at Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens is one of the most peaceful and joyful places you can visit in Delhi. Its design and environment will take your breath away, and you will get to feel the warmth of being calm and peaceful here. 

Things to do in New Delhi

The place also has a historical site since it is the home of many important historical figures' tombs from the Mughal Era

You can take a walk and spend some refreshing time enjoying the garden's beauty. 

Then, you can find some great food at the restaurants and cafes nearby. 

It is a great place to take a deep breath and give your trip a refreshing break.

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4- Travel in Time with Raj Ghat

Mahatma Gandhi is an important name in history, especially in Delhi. Raj Ghat is devoted to Mahatma Gandhi, and it is a place of great importance if you visit Delhi. 

Things to do in New Delhi
Photo by Kumar Utkarsh on Unsplash

Here, you should see Gandhi Memorial Hall and National Gandhi Museum. 

You can also learn more about Mahatma Gandhi's precious teachings here at Raj Ghat. 

Visiting Raj Ghat is something you should not skip if you are in Delhi. 

Paying a visit to this special place will contribute to your life and experiences in so many ways. 

So, do not lose that chance and make time for Raj Ghat!

5- See the Mesmerizing Attraction: Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Humayun's Tomb has a significant place globally because its architectural design and purpose are fascinating and unique. 

Things to do in New Delhi

You can take photos here to show this Marvellous design to your loved ones when you are back. 

The aesthetic design of the place can inspire photographers if you are interested. 

You can also visit the museum nearby and find great places to taste some delicious food on your way. 

Whatever you do, do not miss the opportunity of witnessing the beauty of this mesmerizing attraction called Humayun's Tomb.

6- Visit India Gate and Witness the Glory

India Gate is a place you should not miss during your trip to New Delhi. India Gate is devoted to the soldiers who died during the war, and this detail gives the place honourable importance to consider. 

Things to do in New Delhi

At night, the monument shines with lights, and it is a sight to see. 

Ensure you are not mistaking India Gate for Gateway of India, one of the Mumbai places to visit

Visiting India Gate will change the course of your trip!

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7- Find Peace: Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple in Delhi is a place of worship. Lotus Temple is appealing thanks to its gorgeous and specific design. 

Things to do in New Delhi

The design of this place looks exactly like a lotus flower that opens up its leaves. 

This temple complex will be a feast for the eyes, and you will feel at peace while visiting this place. 

You can pray here or listen to yourself to find some calmness inside your soul because the whole atmosphere here is calming and peaceful. 

You can also walk around the garden freely and take photos. 

There are also good restaurants nearby, and you can grab some food after this calming visit.

8- See Everything with Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour is a fantastic connected tour that can help you see many places. This connected tour consists of India's important and famous cities: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. 

By attending this tour, you can visit all the fantastic tourist attractions in Delhi and then go to Agra to see the glorious Taj Mahal

You can also visit other tourist attractions in Agra, such as Agra Fort and Subhash Emporium. 

Then, Golden Triangle Tour takes you to Jaipur. In Jaipur, you can visit attractions such as Albert Hall Museum and Jantar Mantar. 

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When you are in Delhi, make sure you spare some time for this amazing Golden Triangle Tour, which lets you see all the main highlights of India in one tour. 

It is a fantastic opportunity, and you should not miss it! 

Also, for instance, if you are in Nepal tourist places, remember that you can always fly to Delhi and start the Golden Triangle Tour from there!

9- Find Yourself at the Beautiful Mughal Gardens

Beautiful Mughal Gardens are one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Delhi. However, note that you can only openly visit the place in February and March. 

Things to do in New Delhi

Mughal Gardens look like a place from a fairy tale, Embroidered with different colourful flowers and lively fountains. 

Everyone should experience this magical feeling here! 

At night, the garden is lit with colourful lights, and when the lights shine through the fountains, it is a sight to see. 

Mughal Gardens are attractive to tourists because of the fantastic atmosphere and that it is not allowed for visits all the time. 

So, you need to plan your trip accordingly if you want to visit this place. And you definitely should!

10- Treat Yourself at Khan Market

Khan Market is an excellent market in Delhi, and it is trendy both among tourists and the locals. 

At Kahn Market, you can find many food options, restaurants, cafes, and bars. 

It is a beautiful place where you can visit and have a good time. 

Its location is close to many other tourist attractions in New Delhi. 

If you want to treat yourself to some delicious food, do not forget to visit Khan Market.

11- Let Qutub Minar Fascinate You

Things to do in New Delhi

Qutub Minar has the importance of being the highest tower in India. 

It was first built as a representation of Muslim victory and glory. 

Qutub Minar is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in New Delhi. 

You should see Qutub Minar with all its glory when you are in New Delhi and let it fascinate you.

12- Try Delicious Street Food

Street food is a very significant part of the culture in New Delhi. It is a significant piece of the culture because the street food here can offer you more than a menu at a restaurant. 

Things to do in New Delhi

The street food culture here consists of various delicious food options, and each one will amaze you. Here are some of the fantastic street food you should try in New Delhi:

· Golgappe: An delicious traditional food made from chickpeas and potatoes.

· Rolls: Rolls are critical in New Delhi street food culture, and they come with special spices and fillings.

· Aloo Chat: It is another superb food made from potatoes and spices unique to India.

· Ram Ladoo: It is a prevalent one in New Delhi, and it is made from again unique spices, sauces, and specifically, lentil batter.

You can eat traditional rolls, Golgappe, Poori Aloo, Ram Ladoo, Kebabs, and Multani Moth Kachori. 

These different street food options will mesmerize you because they are unique and delicious. 

Make sure you fit trying street food in New Delhi in your precious two days because it is one of the best things to do in New Delhi.

13- Both for Your Inner Child and Your Children: Children's Park

Children's Park in New Delhi is a nostalgic place for the modern world. It is a place where you can take your children and let them enjoy all the activities from riding down the slide, riding on a swing, and jumping to playing at the pool. 

Things to do in New Delhi

If you are planning a trip to New Delhi with kids, one of your stops must be Children's Park because your children will love this place. 

They can freely spend their time here running around, jumping, and laughing. 

It is also a place to let your inner child come alive and have lots of fun! 

You can also take your children to KidZania India, a fancy theme park in Delhi!

14- Take a Peaceful Break: Sunder Nursery Park

Things to do in New Delhi

Visiting Sunder Nursery Park is definitely among the best things to do in New Delhi

It is a vast green area filled with lots of plants and trees. It is a paradise where nature breathes. 

So, if you want to take a peaceful break from your trip and breathe in this paradise, make sure you have Sunder Nursery Park on your list of places to visit in New Delhi.

15- Make Some Beautiful Memories at the Garden of Five Senses

Things to do in New Delhi
Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

Garden of Five Senses is the literal representation of its name. It appeals to all of your senses! 

Here, you will get to see the beauty of the nature it preserves, hear the sound of nature, feel the sweet breeze on your skin, and many more! 

Garden of Five Senses is a heavenly place in New Delhi, and you should not leave New Delhi without stepping into this paradise at least once!

Enjoy your trip!

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