Lamezia Terme International (SUF) Airport Transfer

Italy is one of the most touristic destinations among European countries. Whether you visit the Southern or Northern parts of Italy, you will run into an unforgettable journey. But this time, we will see the transportation options of Lamezia Terme International Airport. As its name gives it away, this airport is suitable for domestic and international flights.

The formal code of Lamezia Terme International Airport: IATA: SUF, ICAO: LICA

Thanks to this flexible feature of the Lamezia Terme, you can start your journey immediately after landing there. Since it is located in Calabria, Italy, you can organize travel from Lamezia Terme Airport to your desired holiday point. 

Besides Calabria, you can travel from Lamezia Terme Airport to Pizzo Calabro, Capo Vaticano, or Parghelia – Tropea. If you need a transit flight through Milan, you can have a flight from Milan Linate Airport to Lamezia Terme. Or, as you will already be in Italy's boots, you can take domestic flights to discover other seaside cities! No need to worry; we will share the most convenient rides and destination points below. 😉

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Public Transportation at Lamezia Terme Airport

By Local Bus

As we all know, public vehicles are low-cost transfers. However, if you are new in the city, you may confuse about which public transport option to take. Furthermore, it is highly possible to have difficulty carrying your heavy suitcases from here to there, until you reach your accommodation. Nevertheless, it is your call! 😊

· If you want to reach Chiaravalle, you may take the bus Line 262.

· If you want to reach Catanzaro, Cosenza, Falerna, Cittadella Regionale, you may take the bus Line 384.

How much does the regional bus cost: The cost may change, depending on your last destination.

How can you buy a bus ticket: You can purchase your ticket from the vending machines.

By Flixbus

Flixbus offers direct rides from Lamezia Terme International Airport to close city centers. Such as Catanzaro, since it is the nearest city to Lamezia Terme. Your ride will take less than an hour.

How much does the Flixbus cost: It costs 3 euros per passenger.

How can you buy a bus ticket: You can purchase your Flixbus ticket online or from the sales office.

By Shuttle Bus

Besides regional buses, you can reach the Central Train Station of Lamezia by airport Line 90 shuttle bus. Shuttle buses departure every 30 minutes. Your ride to the central train station may take only 5 minutes, as mentioned above. You can get to Catanzaro, Crotone, or Cosenza by taking these buses.

How much does the Flixbus cost: It costs 2 euros per passenger.

How can you buy a bus ticket: You can purchase your Shuttle ticket from vending office or the vending machines. If you buy it earlier, you can have it for 1,30 euros. 😉

Hot tip to the readers: Even though public transport provides the most affordable rides, reaching your hotel or Air B&B is impossible. You will need to consider this downside, especially if your accommodation place is not near the city center. 😊

By Train

You may take a train if you want to travel from Lamezia Terme Airport to Catanzaro or Reggio Calabria. Regional train operator reaches almost every city in this region. Although, you will need to stop at Lamezia Terme Centrale, wherever you want to visit by train.

First, you will reach Lamezia Terme Centrale only in 5 minutes. As we have just seen, several bus rides to the Train Station. After reaching there, you will take Regional Trains to your destination point, as Trenitalia offers numerous rides and reach countless stops. Your journey time will depend on your last stop. So do the train fees. 😊

How much does the regional train ticket cost: The change will change according to your last stop. However, it will take 5 euros to Catanzaro, while it will cost 11 euros to Reggio Calabria per person. Later in the day, the train ticket fee rise, reaching 34 euros. You might be aware of this little tip. 😉

How can you buy a regional train ticket: You can purchase your ticket from the vending machine.

By Taxi

You can have a taxi ride from Lamezia Terme International Airport to your accommodation place. Your journey duration will be changed according to your last destination.

A piece of mind: If you want a fair price, finding an official taxi would be a great idea. Then you will be sure that you are paying the average taxi charge. 😊

How much does the taxi cost: The taxi fee will change, depending on which city you want to arrive in.

How to find a taxi: You can find a taxi next to the Lamezia Terme International Airport departures gate.

Car Rental

Several car rental companies are at the Airport SUF (Lamezia Terme).

How much does the daily car use cost: The daily fee will depend on your car rental company, the car you chose, and extra services.

How can you rent a car: You can rent a car inside the airport or online. Private Transfer in Italy

If you are looking for a trusted, door-to-door transfer, private airport transfers might be the best option. Among private transportation companies, Airport Transfer is one of the highly recommended ones! As we can see from happy feedback and experiences from previous customers.

There are several reasons why most people rather a private Airport Transfer company. Now, we will list the reason why. 

Even if you take a taxi, you will never know if your car will be hygienic or not. Besides that, you will not be able to choose your driver. So, your driver might not speak the language that you speak. Since you are new to that city, you may not know who to trust and who is reliable. Airport Transfer solves all these issues with the best private transfer service globally.

·  The most comfortable ride

Airport Transfer prioritizes customers' health and satisfaction. To give you a pleasant journey, clean cars are waiting for you. Communication is critical in the service area; Airport Transfer has experienced drivers. This professional team is also very well English speaker. So, no need to worry if your driver will understand you or not! 😉

We call it the most comfortable ride since it is an end-to-end transfer. This might mean airport to airport transfer if you are planning to transit journey or need a change. Or, with the airport-to-hotel option, your driver can take you after your arrival, then escort you from your accommodation choice.

Right before your ride, your helpful driver will meet & greet you. Sometimes, customers may need additional service or have special needs during the car journey. For instance, older customers will be happy to have elderly assistance.  Or, if you organize a trip with your baby or toddler, you can benefit from the baby seat option. 

By doing so, the drive would be safe for your family. Airport Transfer does not forget about your pet friends, as well! Thanks to their pet-friendly policy, you can take your lovely pet with you without hesitation. 

If you need extra equipment for your holiday but forgot to bring it with you, Airport Transfer is ready to help you! For instance, during the winter holidays, you can enjoy a ski equipment rack from Airport Transfer. It is not a thoughtful service. 

·  At the best prices

Private Airport Transfer has a wide range of vehicle options. Doing so offers their customers a great deal of price flexibility. So, it is possible to find a car for any budget. You can find either an economical one or a luxury.  With one click, you can compare all the options and their fixed prices.

·  The easiest payment

Only in 3 steps can you accomplish the payment process. You can choose either online payment or PayPal. As Airport Transfer has one of the most reliable payment systems, you will have a secure process.

After your payment, you can cancel your book with a %100 refund. With free 48-hour cancellation, customers can cancel their reservation, free of charge, within 48 hours of booking.

If you have any doubts or helpful questions, contact Airport Transfer customer service with a 24/7 Helpline on WhatsApp. 😊

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