Kumamoto (KMJ) Airport Transfer

Japan is a must-see country whether you are travelling for tourist visits or work purposes. In any case, the unique geography of Japan and its extraordinary local cuisine await their visitors. 

If you are planning an international journey, you probably need to organize an international flight, too. We suggest you decide on an international airport like Kumamoto Airport in Japan.

On this page, we aim to help you with your next trip to Japan, especially via Kumamoto Airport. We will share all necessary (thus crucial) information about this airport to give you a clear idea. 

Such as Kumamoto Airport services and facilities, available airline companies, and all transportation options. We will see public and Kumamoto Airport private transfer vehicles, respectively. So will be discussing limo or other Kumamoto Airport luxury transfers if you like. 馃槈

We hope you like our page and find it helpful for your next trip to Kumamoto Airport, Japan! 

  • Kumamoto Airport IATA code: IATA: KMJ, ICAO: RJFT
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Public Transportation Options at Kumamoto Airport

This section will show how many public vehicles are available at ASO Kumamoto Airport. We will also try to give the details of each option. Even if public transportation options offer the best prices, they do not need to be available 24/7. For instance, they might not work at night hours or on Sundays. Besides their timetables, public transport does not service the accommodation points. You may need an extra vehicle to arrive at your hotel or Air B&B.

1. By Airport Shuttle

There are different airport shuttle bus services offered at Kumamoto Airport. These bus companies are Kyushu Sanko Group Bus, Oita Bus, Kamizono, and Miyako Bus.

These different Airport Shuttle Bus companies reach these given destinations:

a. Kumamoto City, the central area of the prefecture:

路 Technopolis Center Entrance. Your bus ride may take 10 minutes. The bus ticket costs 160 Yin.

路 Mashiki IC Entrance. Your bus ride may take 15 minutes. The bus ticket costs 530 Yin.

路 Kumamoto Prefectural Office. Your bus ride may take 25 minutes. The bus ticket costs 720 Yin.

路 Suizenji Park. Your bus ride may take 30 minutes. The bus ticket costs 730 Yin.

路 Misotenjin. Your bus ride may take 30 minutes. The bus ticket costs 780 Yin.

路 Torichosuji. Your bus ride may take 30 minutes. The bus ticket costs 840 Yin.

路 SAKURAMACHI TERMINAL. Your bus ride may take 50 minutes. The bus ticket costs 880 Yin.

路 From Kumamoto Airport to Kumamoto Station. Your bus ride may take 1 hour. The bus ticket costs 960 Yin.

路 Route Bus (Kumamoto Station)

路 Higo Ozu Station. Your bus ride may take 15 minutes. The bus ticket is free.

 b. ASO area. Your bus ride may take around 1 or 2 hours鈥攖he bus ticket costs between 2000 and 1010 Yin.

c. Yatsushiro. Your bus ride may take 2 hours. The bus ticket costs 2300 Yin.

d. Amakusa. Your bus ride may take between 2 and 3 hours鈥攖he bus ticket costs between 2070 and 2720 Yin.

e.  Miyazaki Prefecture. Your bus ride may take between 2 and 3 hours鈥攖he bus ticket costs between 2200 and 3620 Yin.

f.  Oita Prefecture. Your bus ride may take 3 hours and 30 minutes鈥攖he bus ticket costs between 3360 and 3700 Yin.

To get further information about:

Kyushu Sanko Bus via: https://www.sankobus.jp/

Oita Bus: https://www.oitabus.co.jp/

Kamizono Bus: https://k-2121.jp/

Miyako Bus: https://www.miyakoh.co.jp/

2. By Limousine Bus

At boarding platform number 2, Kumamoto Airport limousine buses serve between Kumamoto Airport and central Kumamoto City.

You can find the discount tickets for Airport Limousine 鈥 Rapid Amakusa buses at the automatic vending machines.  

It is suggested to visit this website to learn arrival and departure times from Kumamoto Airport: Kyushu Sanko Group Bus via: https://www.sankobus.jp/.

You must buy a bus ticket between Kamizono Kotso and Yatsushiro. Your bus ride should be nonstop.


3. By Airport Liner

You can use Airport Liner from Kumamoto Airport to Kumamoto city centre. These given numbers are serving airport liner service:

路 Higo 鈥 Ozu Area Taxi Group AIO

路 Kumamoto Prefecture Planning and Promotion Department Transportation Policy Section Regional Transportation Group

From Aso Kumamoto, Japan Airport to JR Higo Ozu Station may take approximately 15 minutes by airport liner.

  • There are 54 trips available daily.
  • Services are leaving every approximately 30 minutes.
  • No need to make a reservation, beforehand

Your ride's fee may depend on your last destination. If you want further information about the Airport Liner service at Kumamoto Airport, you might want to check this website: https://kukouliner.com/.

4. By Airport Taxi

An official airport taxi service is available near the arrivals and departure gates at Aso Kumamoto Airport. We are giving you both destinations and taxi fares below in this section. 

路 From Kumamoto Airport to Kumamoto city centre. Taxi services will take around 15 to 40 minutes鈥攖he distance between these 2 destinations changes from 9.5 kilometres to 21.8 kilometres. 

The Kumamoto Airport taxi cost is between 2660 to 5700 Yin.

路 From Kumamoto Airport to the Aso area. Your taxi journey will last around 50 minutes to 120 minutes. Between Kumamoto Airport and the Aso area is 35.5 to 83 kilometres. 

Your taxi fee may change from 8340 to 19780 Yin.

From Kumamoto Airport to Northern Kumamoto Prefecture. Airport taxi leaves from Kumamoto Airport to Kikuchi Onsen or Yamaga Onsen in the Kumamoto Prefecture. Your taxi journey will take 40 and 70 minutes, respectively. 

Since it is 20 and 30 kilometres from each destination, your taxi fee will be 5300 and 7780 Yin. 

From Kumamoto Airport to Southern Kumamoto Prefecture, the Kuma area. Transfer from Kumamoto Airport to Central Yatsushiro City takes around 60 minutes. 

There are 63.3 kilometres between these 2 points. Your taxi ride will take 15310 Yin.

5. By Car Rental

If you want to drive your car on your way to the final destination from Kumamoto Airport KMJ, you can rent a car after arriving there.

Several trusted car rental companies are working at the airport. However, you need to consider these points before renting a vehicle:

Be sure whether your driving license is valid in Japan.

Be sure you are familiar with the traffic rules in that foreign country.

If you want to rent a vehicle, you must visit the reception counter on the first floor of the domestic terminal.

You can check out all possible car rental companies from this web page: https://www.kumamoto-airport.co.jp/en/access/#bus-table.

Private Airport Transfer at Kumamoto Airport

Above, we see all possible transportation options at Kumamoto Airport. We aimed to give you all the necessary travel information regarding their destinations, ride fees, timetables, and useful links. While discussing each option, we also saw each option's upsides and downsides.

鉁旓笍 We will now discover the Private Transfer option, more specifically AirportTransfer.com, step by step. 

鉁旓笍 Since private airport transfers offer personal drives, you will feel spoilt.  

鉁旓笍 However, all these airport transfers do not have the same qualified service. 

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鉁旓笍 Let's see how to make a door-to-door transfer reservation.

鉁旓笍 You can book your Private Airport Transfer service easily on AT. 

鉁旓笍 You need to choose your desired airport. In that case, it would be Aso Kumamoto Airport. 

鉁旓笍 Then, you can see all available vehicles on your arrival date.

鉁旓笍 Of course, you can ask for additional services on board or before your ride. 

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鉁旓笍 It is normal to have extra needs while travelling abroad, especially if you are on the road with kids or older adults.

鉁旓笍 To make your journey safer and easier, you can ask for elderly assistance

鉁旓笍 By doing so, you can be sure that elder members of your family will have a safe journey.  

鉁旓笍 If you are planning a trip with your children, please do not forget to ask for a baby seat.

鉁旓笍 You can have additional supplies if you expect a more visible meet & greet. 

鉁旓笍 Such as red-carpet service.

鉁旓笍 Sure, you can find an affordable ride with AirportTransfer.com. 

鉁旓笍 As Private Airport Transfer has a wide range of vehicles, anyone can find a car according to their budget. 


AirportTransfer.com have a free 48-hour cancellation system. So, your cancellations within 48 hours of payment are free of charge! You can have a %100 refund payment easily! You can ask your question to our staff via a 24/7 helpline on WhatsApp.

Kumamoto Airport Services and Facilities

a. Lounge

You can have a rest at Lounge ASO of Kumamoto Airport. Eating snacks, drinking something fresh, or even working to catch up to your colleagues is possible. 

Lounge ASO is available until the last flight's departure time.

b. Children

Children can take extra needs. That is so understandable. Thus, children and their parents may need a personal place for themselves.

So, you can take your kids to the Kids Corner at Kumamoto Airport. This satellite building is perfectly built for children to have a safe play. 

In the domestic passenger terminal building, one nursing room is available. This area is sterilized hourly for the health of your child.

Both of the areas are usable until the last flight's departure time.

c. Transportation and travel

Of course, you will need a transportation option after or before arriving at the airport. You can use public and private Transportation at Kumamoto Airport to do so.

If you are travelling with a group or planning a group journey with a tour agency, here you are: you can go to Group Counter at the travel agency.

You can purchase public transportation tickets via Tokyo Monorail Ticket Vending Machine, Keihin Express Ticket Vending Machine, and bus ticket vending machine.

You can rent a car in the car rental area of the airport. You can find this area at the domestic passenger terminal building. You can fill the gas of the cars at the gas station of Kumamoto Airport.

d. Parcel delivery, deposit, and mail

You can send or receive any domestic and international delivery at Kumamoto Airport via a parcel delivery system. Thanks to their wide reach points, it is possible to deliver any items, even if it is overseas or ocean! 馃槈

Coin locker, delivery counter, and mailbox are available at Kumamoto Airport.

e. Money and currency exchange

It is highly predictable to need an exchange current in an international airport. To make it easier and faster for you, there are several ATMs for getting exchange money.

Since these machines are fully automatic, you will not need to wait for any worker to assist you. You can find an area for ATMs at the satellite building. Higo Bank and Kumamoto Bank work between 8 am to 9 pm. Seven Bank 6 works between 6 am to 10 pm. Also, there is another area in the international passenger terminal building.

f.  In case of trouble

Unfortunately, we cannot predict troubles or unfortunate events. In any case, you can reach out to the General Information Center. They are working between 6.30 am to 9.30 pm.

However, there is no timetable for an Automatic external defibrillator (AED). This machine is located in the domestic, satellite, and international passenger terminal building.

You can have medical care in an emergency in the first aid room. It works between 6.30 am to 9.30 pm.

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