Entebbe International (EBB) Airport Transfer

Entebbe International Airport is Uganda's largest airport. It is located on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, about 6 kilometers southwest of the town of Entebbe. It is also known as Kampala Airport and has an annual passenger traffic of around 2 million. Serving the whole country, Entebbe EBB Airport organizes scheduled non-stop passenger flights to 27 destinations in 15 countries. It currently offers flights to 5 domestic destinations. Passengers using Entebbe International Airport to travel to Uganda can enter or exit by road using any of the 40 immigration stations available at the country's border.

It is not possible to take intercontinental direct flights to Uganda. (United States, Canada, South America, Central America, Caribbean, South Asia, China, Japan, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia or Oceania) Entebbe Airport provides direct flights only to European and Middle Eastern countries.

Here are some airlines flying to Uganda:
Ethiopian Airlines
Qatar airlines
Etihad Airways
Brussels Airlines
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Private Airport Transfer at Entebbe Airport - Free Cancellation

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Public Transportation at Entebbe International Airport

Unfortunately, Kampala Entebbe Airport is insufficient in terms of public transportation options. However, there are a few options around the airport to go to the city centre.

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Kampala Taxis to the Airport

You can reach the surrounding places with Kampala Entebbe Airport taxis. Local taxis are available in front of the Entebbe Airport arrivals terminal. You can take these taxis to your hotel or your destination, but the Kampala taxi fares will not be affordable at the end of your journey. Since Uganda generally only attracts a few tourists, local taxi drivers will not turn on the meter at fixed prices when they see you, and they may ask you to pay large amounts to take advantage of it. We suggest you think a few times before using Uganda airport taxis.

Kampala Minibuses to the Airport

Foreigners who come to Kampala Airport and need to learn the region try to use shared minibuses (matatu) or motorcycle taxis. Still, this option will need to be more comfortable and fast enough. Also, if you care about hygiene, BODA BODAs ​​can stress you out during your journey. In addition, it is not possible to carry your luggage with these vehicles.

The journey from Enteit'sto Kampala Taxi Park bus station in the centre of Uganda's capital takes more than 2 hours by public transport.

Pineapple Express to Kampala

The Pineapple Express shuttle bus runs from Kampala Entebbe Airport to Kampala three times a day. The Kampala Pineapple Express costs around $15 one way. The journey time between Kampala by this bus will take one and a half hours. Kampala Airport Express bus tickets are sold online.

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