Charleston International (CHS) Airport Transfer

Charleston Airport is an international airport located in South Carolina, United States of America. Charleston International Airport is a significant airport in the Charleston area, especially in terms of military. Some of the most notable airports in the United States of America are Laguardia Airport, Memphis Airport, Louisville Airport, Cincinnati Airport, Palm Beach International Airport, Kaus ICAO Airport, and Denver Airport

Simply put, Charleston International Airport (CHS Airport) has its place among the most important ones. When you arrive in Charleston, SC, Isle of Palms, you will need to consider airport transportation and transportation services in general. Some ground transportation options and Charleston Airport transfers include private airport transfers, airport taxis, airport shuttles, car services, public transportation, and taxis. You will wonder about how to get from Charleston Airport to downtown, and you will have questions such as “How soon should I arrive at Charleston International Airport before my flight?”, “Is there a free shuttle in Charleston, SC?” or “How much is a taxi from Charleston Airport Kiawah?”.

 Just as you may wonder about Atlanta Airport departures while travelling there, you will want to learn about the Charleston Airport schedule. You may want to arrive at many different destinations during your visit. These include 

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Charleston Airport Transfers - Private Service

Private airport transfer is designed to bring a modern solution to the modern-day problems of travellers across the world. Private airport transfer differs from other airport transfer methods because it is designed more individually. 

Private airport transfer cars, which you can check from, are designed to serve your comfort, safety, and individual needs. Private airport transfer offers an individualized experience since it is projected by the conditions and requests of the modern world. Second of all, private airport transfer drivers are totally well-equipped. Unlike local taxi drivers, private airport transfer drivers speak English fluently. 

It means that you will not need to worry about any communication problems. In addition, private airport transfer drivers are qualified drivers, so that you will be safe and comfortable throughout your transfer. You should most definitely visit and book your Charleston Airport transfer beforehand. 

This way, you will not need to wait for your ride to arrive after a long and tiring plane and airport experience because your ride will be waiting for you in front of the airport even before you arrive. After your stressful experience with planes and the airport, this stress-free experience of a private airport transfer will be the absolute best for you!

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Taxi: Another Transfer Option from Charleston International Airport

If you consider taking a taxi as a transfer method from Charleston International Airport, you are probably wondering about some details. 

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You may ask, “How much is a Taxi from Charleston Airport to downtown?” Well, a taxi is not one of the best choices because you will probably have a hard time finding an available one right after arriving at Charleston International Airport since it is a busy place.

 It means that you will have to wait for your ride with all of your belongings. In addition, the drivers may not speak fluent English and you may have communication problems. 

Plus, taxi prices are usually really high and not very budget-friendly. It would help if you considered all of these details before making up your decision about your transfer method from Charleston International Airport.

Bus from Charleston Airport to Downtown

There is a bus and a shuttle service from Charleston International Airport to downtown Charleston. However, you should know that since it is almost like public transportation, you will need to wait a while for your ride to arrive.

 It can also be crowded, so you may have to carry all your belongings after a tiring plane experience, and you may not even be able to find an available seat on the bus or the shuttle. It is important to consider all of these details before you make up your mind.

Most Popular Destinations Near Charleston International (CHS) Airport

DestinationDistanceEstimated Time
Charleston Downtown19.45 km22 min.
Folly Beach31.99 km36 min.
Kiawah Island53.7 km51 min.
Charleston City Market19.04 km20 min.
Rainbow Row19.92 km23 min.
The Charleston Place18.94 km20 min.
The Dewberry Charleston18.18 km17 min.
Mills House Charleston19.32 km21 min.

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