How to Get From Harry Reid International Airport to the Strip?

28 Jun 2022

McCarran Airport, an important airport with Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, is the 24th airport for passengers and the 9th American airport. Suppose you land at the airport in Las Vegas; there are several advantages. Already, not being very tall, the entry formalities will not be very long.


In addition, being located almost in the heart of the city, the transfer times will not be long, a few tens of minutes at most. With only 2 terminals, finding your way around this airport is relatively easy.

About the  Harry Reid International Airport 

McCarran International Airport has 2 terminals and 4 airstrips. To get from the check-in counter to the boarding gates, you must take a monorail that connects the buildings. Small curiosity: travelers will be surprised to know that more than 1,200 slot machines are located along with the terminals. Once you arrive at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, you will find many counters spread throughout the airport that provide general information and offer assistance. You will also find volunteer agents offer who answer all your information. Located on the Las Vegas strip, the MGM Grand is listed as one of the largest hotels in the world.

In addition to rooms of different categories, prestigious restaurants, and a spa and swimming pool complex, the imposing building of the MGM Grand houses an entertainment space including everything that makes Las Vegas famous. If you ask: How do I get from Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport to the Strip?

How to Get From Harry Reid International Airport to the Strip?

Harry Reid Airport to Las Vegas Strip

If you ask, "How much is a shuttle from Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport to Las Vegas Strip?" the answer is no. A shuttle bus ride costs $7 per person and takes a little longer than a taxi—there are no public transport options to hotels on the Strip or in town from the airport. But van companies can take you to any hotel on the Strip and in town. If we ask, “Is there a free shuttle from the airport to the Las Vegas Strip?”  our answer would be yes. You can reserve a place in advance so that your Las Vegas airport shuttle free is ready when you arrive. 

There is no need to specify the time as these minibusses are available every day. So there is no problem if your flight is delayed. It is also the cheapest option. But keep in mind that if there is high demand, you may have a hard time finding available one. You can also book your shuttle directly for the day of return if you want everything to be perfectly organized in advance.

Las Vegas Airport Taxis

How to Get From Harry Reid International Airport to the Strip?

The price for a trip to the hotels on the Strip varies between $25 and $35. The question "How do i get from the Las Vegas airport to my hotel" answers, for hotels in the city center, it is necessary to count between $40 and $55. Taxis are picked up outside the terminal.

Eric's advice: I do not recommend taking a taxi if you have to go to the city center (quite expensive) or travel with 3 or more people. Because taxis are often small: you will have to take 2 if you are traveling with several people, which is much more expensive than minibusses.

Las Vegas Airport Private Transfers

If you want to start your trip in Las Vegas safely and hassle-free, an airport transfer is the best for you. We definitely do not recommend choosing public transfers at Las Vegas Airport. 

How to Get From Harry Reid International Airport to the Strip?

We told you what you can earn with McCarran International Airport private transfers prepared for you without waiting for the bus for hours at the airport!  The LA Strip, MGM Grand, The Venetian, your hotel, or one of the famous casinos in Las Vegas... 

  • Travel in a Sedan, Minivan, or SUV without sacrificing comfort.
  • Las Vegas’ most professional local chauffeurs will take you to your destination (airport, hotel, or anywhere)
  • Just 3 steps book your private transfer with
  • Free 48 hours cancellation before your transfer!
  • You can search shuttles, compare prices and make secure online payments with PayPal, Apple Pay, or Credit Cards.
  • The customer helpline is available 24/7 on Whatsapp.

• Limousine from Airport to LA Strip

It's the perfect solution if you want to arrive in Vegas and immediately feel like you're in Paradise! This private limousine service is reserved for a maximum of 6 people per vehicle for renting a car.

The driver is waiting for you in the baggage claim hall with your name on a sign. He then helps you carry your suitcases to the limo, where the champagne will be opened. Then he takes you to the hotel of your choice.

If you ask, "How much is a limo from  Las Vegas airport to the strip," it costs $180 regardless of how many people are in the limo. Note that there is relatively little room for luggage.

If you come with 6 people and 6 large suitcases, it is best to make 2 reservations. You can also book a limo for the return. For the return trip, there is no champagne, but it is also half price!

If you can afford it, treat yourself to a limousine transfer, it's a very common mode of transport in Vegas; it's always nice to have a Las Vegas strip to airport drive time waiting for you and transporting your luggage for $30 or $4.

• Transfer by Public Bus

Since the answer to the "is there a train from Las Vegas Airport to the strip" question is no, the answer to the "What is the cheapest way to get from Las Vegas airport to the strip" question is the public bus.

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There are several possibilities depending on your arrival terminal. A bus ride costs $2. However, unlike the shared shuttle, you will not necessarily be dropped off at your establishment.

Terminal 1

The buses have multiple stops located at level 0.

1- Bus line 108 Paradise operates from 4:31 am to 1:33 am from the airport with buses every 30 minutes.

2- Bus line 109 Maryland Parkway operates 24 hours a day from the airport, with buses every 30 minutes at night and 15 minutes during the day.

3- Bus line WAX ​​(Westcliff Airport Express) operates from 5:58 am to 11:18 pm, with buses every 40 to 55 min.

Terminal 3

The bus stop is at level 0 towards the shuttle services leading to the rental car terminal.

1- Bus line WAX ​​(Westcliff Airport Express) operates from 5:58 am to 11:18 pm, with buses every 40 to 55 min.

2- Bus line CX (Centennial Express) operates from 6:40 am to 10:53 pm, with buses every 30 to 60 min.

• Transfer by UBER or LYFT vehicle

Increasingly present in major cities, you can also use Uber or Lyft in Las Vegas. 


For Terminal 1, pick-up is on level 2 just after the pedestrian walkway at the Terminal 1 car park.

For Terminal 3, go to level 1 at gates 52, 54, or 56 and cross the pedestrian walkway to get to the Terminal 3 car park.

If you can't find it, you have to ask for the Ride Share Pick up

There are 3 types of rates depending on the type of vehicle chosen.

How to Get From Harry Reid International Airport to the Strip?

How much does an Uber cost from Las Vegas airport to the Strip?

1- If you are traveling alone or with 2, you can share a vehicle (Uber Pool) with other people, and it will cost you around $8 to reach the Strip and $10 for Downtown.

2- If you are 3 to 4 and ask, "How much is an UBER from Las Vegas Airport to the strip," classic vehicle (Uber X) and therefore about $10 to reach the Strip and $18 for Downton.

3- If you are 4 to 6, SUV-type vehicle (Uber XL) with a fare of around $19 for the south Strip and $38 for Downtown.

UBER VS Private Airport Transfer

What services are available at Las Vegas Airport?

Harry Reid Airport (LAS) is the primary airport serving the Las Vegas Valley and is located in Paradise; the Las Vegas Airport to the strip distance is 8 km. Passengers will find all the services they need during their trip, including shops and restaurants, ATMs, currency exchange, free Wi-Fi, and charging stations for electronic devices. The airport also has slot machines for passengers over 21 and a children's play area.

What to do in Las Vegas?

• The Las Vegas Strip is truly unique, a long boulevard that features more than 20 of the biggest casinos in the world.

• Try your hand at poker or try your luck at the roulette table before enjoying a offers free show at the Fountains of Bellagio, where the huge lake explodes with life with thousands of water between early afternoon and midnight jets dancing to the music of Frank Sinatra or Gene Kelly.

How to Get From Harry Reid International Airport to the Strip?

• Just north of the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas is where the city was founded in 1905.

• Visitors come here to see Fremont Street; the pedestrian and tourist street completely vaulted by a giant LED screen (the longest in the world).

Where to sleep in Las Vegas for the first time: The Strip?

When you think of Las Vegas, you immediately think of casinos, crazy nightlife, a lively atmosphere, and lively neighborhoods.

If this is your first time visiting Las Vegas, I highly recommend staying in the city's heart, where the fun and entertainment are.

The Las Vegas Strip, the center of the city, is where all the casinos, gourmet restaurants, loud nightclubs, and lavish 5-star hotels are located.

It is the center of the best activities in Las Vegas! Best Hotels to Stay on the Las Vegas Strip

Upscale and expensive hotel in Las Vegas

How to Get From Harry Reid International Airport to the Strip?

• The Palazzo at The Venetian

This 5-star The Palazzo at The Venetian hotel and casino is an attraction in its own right due to its size and an interior replica of Venice's grand canal.

With marble-decorated rooms, free shuttle service, and an area across from attractions like the High Roller and Caesars Palace, it will easily exceed your Las Vegas hotel expectations!

The cost of staying at this hotel is $1730 per night.

Cheap hotel in Las Vegas

• Skyline Hotel and Casino: 

Private apartment with a large sofa and modern decor, perfect for relaxation.

Skyline Hotel and Casino has a restaurant, bar, shared lounge, and garden in Las Vegas.

With free Wi-Fi, this 3-star hotel offers an ATM and a concierge service.

Tips for Booking a Good Hotel Online

The hotel features an outdoor pool, fitness center, evening entertainment, and 24-hour front desk.

The cost of staying at this hotel is $120 per night.

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