5 Helicopter Tours in Kauai - Durations & Prices

07 Jun 2022

With the end of the pandemic, we can say that many people who are looking for a vacation with excitement prefer Kauai island tours. In our article, we compiled the best helicopter tours in Kauai; you can learn about the price of helicopter tours in Kauai and, at the same time, compare Kauai helicopter companies. 

🚁 You can have a great holiday with the safest helicopter tour in Kauai, which we also offer an option for those who are afraid of flying.

1- Deluxe Waterfall Safari- Safari Helicopters

Take to the skies of Kauai for stunning views on this small-group helicopter tour and see much more than is possible from land.z You'll explore the island's top attractions as you fly over the movie-famous landscapes; 

You should add this tour to your list, the best helicopter tour Kauai to experience the high sea cliffs, Waimea Canyon, etc. waterfalls, and more of the Na Pali Coast.

5 Helicopter Tours in Kauai - Durations & Prices

* We can say that this helicopter tour, one of the safest helicopter tours in Kauai, is in demand by many tourists. We can say that this helicopter tour, which has a very flexible cancellation policy, exhibits a customer-friendly attitude by refunding all money to its customers who want a full refund if canceled at least 24 hours before the start date of the experience.


* Covering more than 100 miles of lush mountains, dramatic gorges and canyons, waterfalls, and more, you can arrive from 8:20 Monday through Friday to see the unmatched beauty of the Na Pali Coast Waimea Canyon and many of the island's most famous natural wonders. It offers a Canyon Landing Safari with a 30-minute stop at the Kauai Wildlife Refuge.

*Duration: 55 minutes

*Number of Persons: 6 Persons

*Popularity Rate: 9/10

*Price: From $309.00 per adult

2- Kauai Shore Excursion: 55-minutes Helicopter Adventure Flight

5 Helicopter Tours in Kauai - Durations & Prices

See the natural wonders of Kauai from the air on this scenic helicopter flight from Lihue. 

The top 5 helicopter tours on this tour include Waimea Canyon (known as the Pacific Grand Canyon), Manawaiopuna Falls (Jurassic Park Falls), Na Pali Coast State Park, Hanalei Valley falls, and more. 

*Even if you buy this tour with an extremely customer-friendly cancellation policy, you can get all your money back with no loss. Remember to cancel at least 24 hours before the tour start date for a full refund.

*On this tour, which has a typical itinerary, you will pass by the Hanalei Valley Lookout, Hwy 56, Hanalei, Kauai. Hanalei Bay is the largest bay on the north coast of the island of Kauaʻi but has nearly two miles of sandy beach surrounded by mountains. 

Known as the Jurassic Falls, Manawaiopuna Falls will make you feel like you are in a movie scene as it is a privately owned waterfall and is located in the background of several scenes in Jurassic Park.

*Duration: 55 minutes

*Number of Persons: 6 Persons

*Popularity Rate: 7/10

*Price: From $349.00 per adult

3- Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours – Kauai Eco Adventure

You can see Kauai from a bird's eye view on the Eco-Star helicopter tour for a full hour. A good option to see Waimea Canyon, the Na Pali Coast, Poipu Beaches, and more, with a wide viewing window, executive style seats, and a design that reduces overhead noise by 50 percent, this helicopter tour is the world's wettest spot, Mt. It ends with an unforgettable descent into the Waialeale crater.

5 Helicopter Tours in Kauai - Durations & Prices

*Narrated by a certified guide pilot, you can explore the Manawaiopuna Falls, also known as the Jurassic Park waterfalls, Olokele Canyon, along the beautiful Waimea Canyon, and the north coast of Kauai. Sea cliffs of the Napali Coast.

*You can have this tour from Monday to Saturday between 08:00 - 15:30.

 *Duration: 50 minutes

*Number of Persons: 4 Persons

*Popularity Rate: 8/10

*Price: From $397.76 per adult

4- Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours

5 Helicopter Tours in Kauai - Durations & Prices

Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours allows you to see the beauty and wonder of the Napali Coast, the splendor of Waimea Canyon, and Mount Waialeale in favorable weather conditions. Many travelers say the views are amazing. 

Visitors who choose to fly with the helicopter's doors closed describe the trip as a little daunting at first but exhilarating. Children are welcome on tour but must be at least 7 years old to fly with the gates open and at least 12 years old to fly with the gates closed.


*If you make a reservation for flights that start at 8 am every day, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the start of the tour.

*Duration: 1 hour

*Number of Persons: Minimum of 2 passengers (single passengers call for options)

*Popularity Rate: 6/10

*Price: From $342 per adult

5- Entire Kauai Island Air Tour

5 Helicopter Tours in Kauai - Durations & Prices

On this air tour of Kauai, you can fly over the entire Garden Island for unforgettable views. From an airplane designed for sightseeing, you can explore breathtaking views of natural attractions such as Waimea Canyon, Opaekaa Falls, the rugged Na Pa Coast, and Mt Waialeale - the wettest spot in the world. 


You can discover many new things on this island helicopter tour, where your experienced pilot will provide an informative narration during this exciting flight. This experience with jack charter helicopters, which is state of the art, will be your best holiday.

*Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

*Number of Persons: Good for avoiding crowds

*Popularity Rate: 7/10

*Price: From $169 per adult

🔴 Is the helicopter tour in Kauai worth it?

We can say that this choice, which is very popular among travelers, is a worthwhile tour.

🔴 How much is a Kauai helicopter tour?

With prices ranging from 250 to 350 dollars, this tour will be one of the most wonderful experiences in your life.

🔴 What time of day is best for a Kauai helicopter tour?

  Late morning or early in the afternoon are the best times to fly to Kauai

🔴 Is it better to take a helicopter tour on Maui or Kauai?

Kauai. Popular with travelers with the doors off option, the tours are worth a try

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