How to Get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea?

28 Nov 2022

Cardiff Airport is the most popular airport in Wales, a country in the United Kingdom. Cardiff Airport is located in the largest city of Wales, Cardiff. Swansea, on the other hand, has the significance of being the second largest city in Wales after Cardiff. That is why, if you consider visiting Wales, you will need information regarding the possible routes between these two cities. 

If you have questions, such as “How do I get from Cardiff Airport to Cardiff?” or “How to get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea?”, you will find your answers here. Cardiff Airport travel options includes public transport, taxi, and airport transfers. Make sure you look at all the details, before you make up your mind!

Travel Options: How Can You Get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea?

How to Get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea?
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You have several options when travelling from Cardiff Airport to Cardiff central or the city centre of Swansea. Some of these options can be Cardiff airport transfers, Cardiff airport bus, shuttle bus, car hire Cardiff Airport, train to Swansea, and Cardiff Airport to Swansea taxi.

How much is an Airport Travel from Swansea to Cardiff per transport?

The total cost of travel between Swansea and Cardiff varies depending on the travel option you choose. 

If you choose the bus from Cardiff Airport to the city centre, it will cost around £15 to get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea, but there is no direct bus ride from the bus stop, and with all the transfers, your trip will last longer.

If you choose the train, your train ticket will cost between £10 - £15

Taxi fares are expensive, so that might not be the most excellent option for your budget. 

The most convenient travel option is a private airport transfer, which will suit your budget and comfort. Make sure you visit to check the details and make the wisest choice possible!

How Long Does it Take to Go from Cardiff to Swansea?

If you choose the bus services from Cardiff Airport to Swansea, your trip may last as long as 3 hours. Trains run from Cardiff Airport CWL to Swansea; your trip will last around 2 hours. However, if you choose a private airport transfer from the airport to Swansea, your comfortable and safe trip will last only around 40-50 minutes. Save your time!

Private Airport Transfer: Choose Your Comfort & Safety and Save Your Time

How to Get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea?
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Private airport transfer is the wisest choice when travelling from the airport of a country you visit for the first time to the city centre. Private airport shuttle provides a comfortable ride since you will be travelling with a private car waiting to meet your needs and requests. Transfer cars are safely and comfortably designed, and the drivers are experienced. The cars are cleaned regularly, and all the necessary health precautions are taken to protect your safety. 

This way, you will not risk your health by travelling for long hours by public transport with a huge crowd. Private airport transfer drivers are experienced drivers who speak fluent English, which is the problem many travellers encounter when taking a regular taxi from the airport. If the driver does not speak English or any other common language, you will get more stressed and may not make your preferences clear to them. 

It is okay if you choose a private airport transfer. In addition to these details, VIP airport transfer is a modernized and individualized solution to your travel issues. If you visit, you can make all of your preferences by your needs and requests. You can book your private airport transfer from before your trip. It means that your driver will be waiting for you to arrive. 

Otherwise, you would be chasing for a transfer ride, and this would cause much more anxiety. An airport experience is already very stressful since it includes a long process. Why would you make it more stressful? Instead, you can choose private airport transfer to make a wise and modern decision!

Bus from Cardiff Airport to Swansea

How to Get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea?
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You can choose from T9, 111, 905, and 304 bus Cardiff Airport. The ticket prices for the bus from Cardiff Airport to Swansea or the city centre vary between £5 - £15. If you want to go from Cardiff Airport to Swansea, prepare for a trip that will last longer than 2 hours. If you want to go from Cardiff Airport to Cardiff Bay, it will last longer than an hour. 

Other than that, if you want to choose a bus from Bristol Airport to Swansea, you will need to take a bus for almost £15, and the trip will last 3 hours. Cardiff Airport to Bristol bus ride also lasts more than 2 hours. Make sure you consider these details before you make up your mind about a bus ride. 

The trip will take a long, and you will probably be exhausted from your plane ride. Also, public transportation in popular cities is crowded. They will not be comfortable, and you may not get to sit through the journey.

Does Cardiff Airport Have a Train Station? Train from Cardiff Airport to Swansea

How to Get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea?
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Yes, Cardiff Airport has an actively working train station. It is called Rhoose Cardiff International Airport Railway Station. Can You Get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea by Train? If you are looking for a direct train ride from Rhoose Cardiff International Airport to Swansea city centre, there is no direct train ride between these two routes. 

You will need an extra transfer to get there by train, which will cause you to waste time, money, and energy. However, to arrive at the train station, you must take a shuttle bus as a transfer service. Another way to travel from Cardiff Airport to Swansea is by train. First, you need to purchase your ticket for a train ride, which will cost around £15, and the trip will last longer than 2 hours. 

Taxi from Cardiff Airport to Swansea

Taxi is another option to get from Cardiff Airport to Swansea, but it has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, taxi fares are too expensive. Secondly, if the city is famous, your chances of finding an available taxi right after you arrive at the airport could be much higher. Even when you find an available taxi, if the driver needs to speak proper English, you will be in a complicated situation.

Make sure you make the wisest decision by considering your needs, comfort, safety, and time. Visit to learn more about the helpful methods of private airport transfer!

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