King Hussein International (AQJ) Airport Transfer

King Hussein International Airport, also known as Aqaba Airport, is an airport located in Aqaba, which is an important port city in the south of Jordan, on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. The city's population, which is the centre of the province of Aqaba, is 70,000. The city has strategic importance as it is the only seaport in Jordan.

King Hussein International Airport serves approximately two million passengers yearly. Airlines come to Aqaba from all over the world, mainly European carriers and Jordan's flagship Royal Jordanian Airlines. Royal Jordanian Airlines, certified as a 3-star airline, is the largest airline business at Aqaba.

Book your trip to King Hussein International Airport and visit attractions such as the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, the Salt Sea, and Wadi Rum, Jordan's largest valley, the Valley of the Moon.

*What city is King Hussein International Airport?

King Hussein International Airport is located in a city called Aqaba.

*Does Aqaba have an airport?

Yes, it does. King Hussein International Airport is the only international airport used for scheduled flights in Aqaba.

*How big is the Aqaba airport?

Aqaba Airport, also known as King Hussein International Airport, has a single 28,000 sq ft (2,600 m2) terminal building.

*How do I get to Aqaba from the airport?

You can go to the centre of Aqaba from the Aqaba Airport by taxi, by airport shuttles and by renting a car.

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Public Transfer Service for King Hussein International Airport

King Hussein International Airport to City Centre - Taxi & Car & Shuttle

There are various transfer services you can choose from King Hussein International Airport to Aqaba city centre.

King Hussein Transfer By Taxi

One of the quickest ways to get from Aqaba Airport to Aqaba is by taxi, which costs $22 - $28 and takes 11 min.

Airport to City Center with Car Rental

You can also go to the city centre by renting a car. Renting a car will only cost you US$2, excluding car rental fees and tolls. The fuel cost is approximately US$2.

AQJ Airport to Aqaba By Shuttle Service

For US$5 per person, you can benefit from airport shuttles while travelling from King Hussein International Airport to Aqaba City Center. These shuttles offer a way to get to and from King Hussein International Airport with door-to-door service to Aqaba.

Disadvantages of Public Transport in Airport Transfers

King Hussein International Airport Private Transfer


Make your visit to Jordan in a hygienic, reliable, fastest, cheapest and safest way. Private airport transfer is the best option for quick and easy access to Aqaba city centre and many surrounding cities. With a private transfer, you can reach any destination you want, no matter what time. All you have to do is book your transfer online after purchasing your flight ticket. Your experienced and professional drivers who know the areas and shortcuts very well will be waiting for you at the airport or the pick-up point.

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Taj Hotel10.6 km15 min
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Nairoukh Hotel13.5 km16 min
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