The Best Travel Books

18 Nov 2021

Are you curious the best travel books?

Who knows better more? Reading or traveling? You may have heard this question a lot. But what do you think about those who travel and read at the same time? 

Don't you think they have an attitude that has a broad horizon and constantly improves themselves? If you are reading this title, you may be from the club of those who love to read while traveling.

We would like to give a little information at the beginning. For example, Elizabeth Gilbert is cited as the best travel writer. So, have you ever researched what are the best travel books? 

Or do you know what are the most popular books that you can read while traveling? If you don't know, don't worry. You will soon know all about the famous novels on the subject. 

Let's start then!

Best Novels to Read for Travel

The Best Travel Books
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In fact, all books are great, and every book has a reader. However, some books have become a cult in the memory of even the most unrelated people. Here are examples of the four best travel books all of time:

1- The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

The alchemist tells the life story of a young Andalusian shepherd. 

This story, in which the characters of the beautiful people the shepherd met during his travels throughout his life, are told, also has a heart-warming side. 

Bringing spiritual feelings to the fore, Alchemist will give you the excitement of journeys that have not yet been taken with the themes of Serendipity and folklore.

2- On The Road - Jack Kerouac

It's also just one of those classic, exciting travel books that hit the big screen in 2012 and are loved. 

The book is also described by its readers as the pioneer of the Beat Generation

The plot of On the Road, on the other hand, reveals the underground world America had in the 1950s. 

It touches on the life of Sal, who lives in the United States, that has changed with his journey, and his plot. 

The work, where hedonistic approaches and a musical awakening often take place, describes Sal's access to personal freedom and related experiences.

3- A Walk in  the Woods - Bill Bryson

Anyone who likes to read travel books knows that Bill Bryson is a great travel writer. 

However, this work is very different from the others. 

Here's the story: Bill, 44, takes his friend Stephen on the majestic Appalachian trail on the east coast of America.

From here on, the book drags its readers into an interesting plot of events. 

Because these two buddies encounter very interesting characters and creatures during their travels. 

By the way, the book also has a movie.

4- 1001 Walking: You Must Experience Before You Die

If you love travel, you must know Julia Bradbury. 

He is a famous hiker. 

He is also the author of this book. 

The book not only makes its readers love hiking, but it also makes this subject interestingly ambitious. 

1001 Walking is a huge collection of long-distance beach and mountain hikes and adventures. 

Some of the places mentioned in the book are as follows: The Pitons in St Lucia, the Camino de Santiago and the United Kingdom…

Best Memoirs to Read For Travel

The Best Travel Books
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If you can't travel, we say read travel memoirs. Or you can read memoirs while traveling on long train journeys. Actually, it's all about whether you want to read it or not. Anyway, here are the books with the best memoirs:

• Travels with Charley on the Trail of America

Written by John Steinbeck, this unique work takes place in the United States in 1960. In the book, the author leaves Long Island in a pickup truck with a camper and a French poodle and travels to the United States

During his travels, he explores National Parks and roadside restaurants. He establishes relations with the American people and learns the real situation of the country in this way and describes it to his readers.

• Four Seasons in Rome

Written by Anthony Doerr, the book takes place in Rome, the city of lovers in Italy. The plot is briefly as follows: The author wins an award for living in Rome for 1 year after his wife, who gave birth to twins, returns home from the hospital. 

This award is a scholarship to support innovative and interdisciplinary work in the arts and humanities. Doerr, who accepted this opportunity without hesitation, wrote a wonderful memoir. 

She tries to adapt to a country she has never met and is stressed about how to raise her twins. While the book describes the streets of Rome in an entertaining way, it is also depicted as a work that describes various perspectives due to its poetic structure.

Best Storybooks to Read For Travel

The Best Travel Books
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Isn't it exciting to write your own story while traveling while reading other people's stories? We find it very interesting. The most important thing that expands a person's horizons is to read a book. Here are some of the best storybooks to get away from noisy journeys while traveling:

1- The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner is one of the rare storybooks that has been translated into 42 different languages ​​and has more than 7 million copies. 

It is among the top 3 books to read on vacation. 

The story has 2 main characters. 

Amir and Hassan. 

These two children grow up together in Kabul, Afghanistan and have a friendship beyond siblings. 

But some things fall apart unexpectedly, and the effects of change are inevitable.

2- The Beach - Alex Garland 

In the story set in Thailand, backpacker Richard embarks on a great adventure. 

The protagonist believes there is a secret and exotic beach in this South East Asian country and begins the journey with only one bag. 

The book, about the interesting events that happened to him while searching for this idyllic beach, is among the number 1 storybooks especially for backpackers.

3- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams, Eoin Colfer, Thomas Tidholm

It is a humorous science fiction book

An entertaining and compelling book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy chronicles Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect's journey into space as the world collapses. 

You like it, don't you? 

It is truly a fantastic book

However, reading the story, even the names mentioned are interesting! 

We are sure that you will laugh and read it at once.

The Best Trip Books for Travel 

The Best Travel Books
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Reading travel books while traveling… What a great choice! If you also like traveling and reading the novels and stories of people who do, you can look at a few examples below. Of course you haven't read it yet!

1- Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams

It describes what happened in Peru in search of Inca ruins and ancient cities. 

The work, which gives detailed information about Peru, was also prepared as a great source of inspiration about the country. 

Turn Right at Machu Picchu has been described by many readers as the best travel journal.

2- 'Into Thin Air' - Jon Krakauer 

A story full of suspense, fascination and drama. 

The book recounts some of the catastrophic events, while depicting the gripping events that followed from a personal perspective. 

Into Thin Air with vivid descriptions that astonish the reader; A deep story that blends courage and heartbreak.

3- 'Walking the Nile' - Levison Wood

We think Walking the Nile is a book that almost every travel lover knows. 

The book aims to walk the 4,250-mile path of the Nile. 

An extraordinary travel diary, this work combines Wood's observations with fragments of history. 

The book, which deals with both excitement, action and the feeling of loneliness, gives place to raw emotions.

The Best Children Books for Travel 

The Best Travel Books
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Travel books aren't just for adults. Children's travel books that raise global awareness and imagination are rarely written, but some truly deserve to be the best. Here are some of the best children's travel stories, written in neat style and colorful depictions:

1- Madlenka

One of the best children's travel books by Peter Sis, Madlenka takes kids in New York on a fascinating adventure around the world.

The characters in the book are as follows: a Latin American grocer, a French baker, an Indian news salesman and a Chinese shopkeeper. 

The plot continues with vivid descriptions, detailed illustrations and heartwarming story of the events that occurred after Madlenka lost her first tooth.

2- Wind-Wild Dog

In the book written by Colleen Lanin, the story is as follows: Puppy, a wild dog named Ziva, is born with one brown eye, one blue eye, and a nose against the wind. 

Some superstitious people shy away from Ziva and constantly avoid her. 

However, there is nothing to be afraid of. 

A well-meaning man already takes possession of Ziva by loving and praising her. 

What is intended here is that the love of animals will be with patience and beauty. 

However, this dog howls and screams on stormy and windy nights. 

The owner realizes that Ziva misses her freedom and unties her chains. 

So what happens next? 

If you're curious, you should definitely read it!

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