Pristina (Adem Jashari) International (PRN) Airport Transfer

Pristina (Adem Jashari) International Airport is also known as Pristina Airport, International Airport Adem Jashari. The only airport in Kosova, Pristina Airport, is located southwest of Pristina. Prishtina International Airport has countless flights to European destinations. Pristina (Adem Jashari) International Airport (PRN) was opened in 1965 as a domestic airport and on 15th October 1999 as an international airport. Pristina Airport is a public/military airport operated by Limak Kosovo International Airport J.S.C. Pristina Airport was named in honour of the Kosovo Liberation Army founder, Adem Jashari. 

If you are asking where Pristina airport is, Pristina airport is in Kosova. In Pristina, it is easy to get from the airport to city center; you don’t need a car rental. The distance between Pristina Airport to city center is 18.7 km. Pristina Airport charges changes at the airport. Prepaid car park charges are cheaper. Parking for the first 15 minutes is free of charge. During your trip to Pristina, if you forget to take any presents to your family or friends at Pristina Airport Duty Free you can still have a chance to take a present. You can take anything you want chocolate, alcohol or postcards. There are various options for you in Pristina Airport Duty Free.

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Private Airport Transfer at Pristina

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Public Transportation 

Since 2019, there has been a direct line between Pristina international airport and the capital of Kosovo, Pristina. You can prefer public transportation from Pristina Airport to the city center.


Pristina’s bus station provides continental destinations and the rest of Kosovo. Bus service in Pristina runs frequently. Bill Clinton Boulevard is the main station located 2 km southwest of the city. The municipality of Pristina owns the public transportation company Trafiku Urban which operates 15 lines. The bus line 1A starts at Central Bus Station and ends at Pristina International Airport. There are also bus lines from districts to hospital and park. The bus 8 departs at Pristina Butofc and ends at Center Hospital. It is possible to travel from Pristina airport by bus. There are international bus routes starts Pristina to Tetova, Tirana, Skopje, Podgorica and Belgrade.


Taxi services are available in Pristina. However, every taxi service operates according to its tariff. The taxi ride may not be trustable because every driver changes fare according to start fee, mileage and idle time. You can prefer private airport transfer for a stable price, a clean car, and punctually arrive at Pristina.

Most Popular Destinations Near Pristina (Adem Jashari) International (PRN) Airport

DestinationDistanceEstimated Time
Pristina19.14 km25 min.
Prizren71.86 km52 min.
Pristina Bus Station17.9 km21 min.
Prishtina Mall22.9 km21 min.
Hotel International Prishtina & SPA15.75 km17 min.
Hotel Sirius, Agim Ramadani18.97 km25 min.
Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina20 km28 min.
Hotel Manami19.86 km27 min.

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