Dabolim (GOI) Airport Transfer

Dabolim Airport, the international airport in Dabolim city of Goa state of India, is 4 kilometers from the nearest city, Vasco da Gama, 23 kilometers from Margao, and about 30 kilometers from the state capital Panaji. 

Also, it takes around 2 hours from GOA airport to Baga beach, which tourists frequently visit. Goa airport to beach distance, which is very popular for passengers getting off at the airport, is 40 kilometers. It would help if you walked quite a distance from Goa Airport to the Baga beach bus. 

It won't be easy to walk this distance, approximately 2.5 kilometers, with suitcases.

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Public Transfer Dabolim International Airport

 You can reach the city center from Goa International Airport in various ways. There is an airport shuttle bus route to Panaji and Calangute from Goa Airport. On the other hand, local buses are available at Goa Airport. 

You can get to Panaji city center in 45 minutes by taxi, which is another option many tourists consider. But the taxi fare might be a little too much. 

In addition, you may not be able to find a taxi because many passengers need a cab. 

To prevent such situations, you can reach anywhere in Goa you want through Airport Transfer, which is the best private transfer service in the world.

There are many bus lines to reach Goa, which fascinates tourists with its beaches, nightlife, and cultural experiences. 

However, we must say in advance that you will have to walk a lot and take a long way.

You must walk half an hour from Goa International Airport to Chikalim Junction. Afterward, you can take the Sada-Vasco Engurla via Panjim bus at the Panaji KTC Bus Stand stop after 29 stops, a journey of approximately 50 minutes

After getting off, you can reach the city center by walking for about 6 minutes. 

However, this journey can be pretty tricky for you; walking so much with your luggage can ruin your holiday; instead, you can enjoy your holiday through door-to-door transfer.

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Dabolim Airport Private Transfer Option

Many tourists find it difficult to get to where they want to go from where the airport is located. Even if they want to use facilities such as a taxi for this, they may not be able to find a cab. 

Instead, you can reach the airport to the hotel in a short time by using a private airport transfer at GOA Dabolim Airport.

With many features such as hygienic, reliable, fastest & cheapest, online payment, secure, and additional service (bicycle-car rock, red carpet, elderly assistance, pet friendly, meet & greet, ski equipment rack, booster, baby seat, etc.) Airport Transfer is among the favorite options for many passengers.

Airport transfer, which always has a customer-oriented policy, offers a 24/7 helpline on Whatsapp to give you the support you need. Don't forget to visit the Airport Transfer site for a great holiday!

Most Popular Destinations Near Dabolim (GOI) Airport

DestinationDistanceEstimated Time
Mariaariose - Melody Of The Sea6 km10 min.
Capital O 2191 Hotel Cliff5.2 km9 min.
Hotel Z Square5,5 km12 min.
Bogmallo Beach Resort7,513 min.
The HQ4,8 km11 min.
Coconut Creek Resort7,8 km15 min.
Hotel Annapurna5,2 km12 min.
La-Paz Gardens Beacon, Vasco da Gama, Goa4,6 km10 min.