Airports in Belarus

For safe transportation from the airports of Minsk National Airport, Brest Airport and Gomel Airport which are the busiest and most popular airports in Belarus...

If you want to make an unusual itinerary in Europe, you should definitely add Belarus to your route. Belarus, which attracts great attention on a global scale, is a country that attracts the attention of tourists with its interesting sense of art and magnificent castles.

The capital of the country is Minsk, which is also the most popular city. Your first stop in Belarus will probably be Minsk. Minsk National Airport is approximately 42 km away from the city center and it takes about 1 hour by public transport. There is no need to wait for the bus for hours at the airport to explore Belarus as soon as possible without wasting time. You can reach your hotel or the touristic points of the city comfortably and quickly with works with the most experienced road transport companies in Belarus so that airport passengers do not waste time on public transport. You can make a simple and secure reservation on for transportation from Belarus airports to city centers.

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