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Information about Belarus

  • Language: Belarusian, Russian
  • Dialling code: +375
  • Capital: Minsk
  • Currency: Belarusian ruble (BYN)
  • Time zone: UTC +3
  • Area: 207,595 square kilometres
  • Population: 9,413,505 
  • Climate: Belarus has a continental climate with cold winters (about -4°C, -20 °F). Summer temperatures are cool (about -18 °C, mid-60s F). The most rainfall is from June to August.
  • National Religion: Christianity
  • Official Newspapers: Brestskaya Gazeta, Zviazda, Vo Slavu Rodiny, Novy Chas, BelGazeta, Sovetskaya Belorussia,
  • National Emergency Numbers: 102 (Police), 103 (Ambulance), 101 (Fire)

As a landlocked country, Belarus is situated in eastern Europe. It has borders with Russia in the east and northeast, Latvia and Lithuania in the northwest, Ukraine in the south, and Poland in the west. It is the 13th biggest and 20th most densely populated country in Europe. The capital and largest city are Minsk. The land is flat, with many forests and rivers, some of which are Dnieper, Pripyat, and Neman. It is shaped by glaciation, flat lands, low hills, small lakes, and more than 20.000 streams. The Atlantic Ocean affects Belarus to have a cool continental climate. In January, the temperature is around mid-20s F (about −4 °C) in the southwest, and it gets lower in the northeast around the upper teens F (about −8 °C) in the northeast. The most rainfall is from June to August. Some important agricultural products are potatoes, sugar beets, rye, barley, and wheat. Almost two-fifths of Belarus have forests used for paper products and wood production.

People & Culture of Belarus

Belarusians care about their traditions, passing their values from generation to generation. Some of their high ideals are being good and just, respecting others, and reflecting violence. Belarusians celebrate spiritual values like morality and humanity. Protecting their cultural, historical, and archaeological heritage is important to them. The country is dynamic with eclectic music, theatre and film festivals. Belarusians have small families, and it is a popular habit to spend summers growing local products and picking mushrooms in the countryside. Potatoes are an important ingredient in the cuisine. Some appealing meals are potato dumplings, pancakes, and baked potato pie. Vodka is the most popular drink though drinking beer is also common. 

Top Tourist Attractions in Belarus

  • Lida
  • Museum Strana Mini
  • Braslav Lake Area
  • Minskiy Komarovskiy Market
  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park
  • Memorial Complex Brest Hero-Fortress
  • Mir Castle
  • National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus
  • Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex
  • The Jesuit Catholic Church
  • Brest Railway Museum
  • Dudutki
  • Uspensky Cathedral
  • Nesvizh
  • Upper City
  • Berestyle Archaeological Museum
  • Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble
  • Polotsk
  • Grodno
  • Tower of Kamyenets

Popular Dishes in Belarus

  • Olivier Salad (Russian Salad)
  • Smazhenka (Small traditional pizza)
  • Sirniki (Crumpets with cottage cheese)
  • Babka (Pie with grated potato)
  • Kletski (Boiled Flour Balls)
  • Tsibriki (Potato balls)
  • Holodnik (Soup with beet)
  • Sorrel Soup
  • Nalistniki (Pancakes)
  • Vinegret (Beet Salad)
  • Sbiten (Warm drink with honey)
  • Karavai (Bread with decoration)
  • Holodnoe (Meat Jelly)
  • Vareniki (Stuffed Dumplings)
  • Galushki (Boiled Dumplings)
  • Pelmeni (Dumplings with Meat)
  • Draniki (Pancakes with grated potato)
  • Kvass (Fermented beverage)
  • Herring Under a Fur Coat (Herring Salad)

Private Airport Transfers in Belarus

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