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Information about Uruguay

  • Language: Spanish
  • Dialling code: +598
  • Capital: Montevideo
  • Currency: Peso Uruguayo
  • Time zone: Uruguayan peso (UYU)
  • Area: 181,034 km² 
  • Population: 3,407,213
  • Climate: Uruguay has a humid subtropical climate. In winter, temperatures range between 6°C to 14°C. Average temperatures in summer are between 17°C to 28°C, with the highest temperature recorded at 42°C. 
  • National Religion: Christianity
  • Official Newspapers:  Brecha, Búsqueda, El Observador, El País, La Diaria, La República, MercoPress, Últimas Noticias, El Telégrafo, El Día, El Diario, La Mañana, The Montevideo Times, Germinal, Acción, El Plata
  • National Emergency Numbers: 911 (Emergency), Police (109), Ambulance (105), Fire (104)

Uruguay, the Oriental Republic of Uruguay or the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, is in South America. It borders Argentina in the west and southwest, Brazil in the north and northeast, the Río de la Plata in the south and the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast. In an area of approximately 181,034 square kilometres, Uruguay has a population of an estimated 3.4 million. 2 million of the population is in the metropolitan area of its capital and largest city, Montevideo. Uruguay has a humid subtropical climate. In winter, temperatures range between 6°C to 14°C. Average temperatures in summer are between 17°C to 28°C, with the highest temperature recorded at 42°C.

People & Culture of Uruguay

Spain and Portugal heavily influence the culture of Uruguay. 88% of the population is white, 8% is mestizo, and 4% is black. Spanish, Portunol, or Brazilero (a mixture of Portuguese-Spanish) are the languages spoken in Uruguay. Uruguay has the second biggest carnival in the world after Brazil. Football is the most popular sport in Uruguay. A significant amount of the population has no religion. 

Top Tourist Attractions in Uruguay

  • Montevideo
  • Puerto Market
  • Salvo Palace
  • Museo Andes 1972
  • The Fingers of the Punta del Este
  • Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Solis Theater
  • Punta del Este
  • Cabo Polonio
  • Piriápolis
  • Puerto de Punta del Este
  • Museo Juan Manuel Blanes
  • Colonia del Sacramento
  • National Museum of Visual Arts
  • Mercado Agrícola de Montevideo
  • Punta del Diablo
  • Salto del Pentitente
  • Museo del Carnaval
  • Castillo Pittamiglio
  • Estadio Centenario
  • La Pedrera

Popular Dishes in Uruguay

  •  The mate (herb infusion)
  • The chivito (goat sandwich)
  • Pastafrola (quince pie)
  • Arroz con leche (rice with milk)
  • Chimichurri (a kind of sauce)
  • Martin Fierro (cheese dessert)
  • Empanada criolla (empanada creole)
  • The asado (barbecue)
  • Fainá (chickpea flatbread)
  • Dulce de leche (milk caramel)
  • Salsa caruso (caruso sauce)
  • Bizcochos (pastries)
  • Tortas fritas (fried cakes)
  • Chaja (cake)
  • Queso colonia (colonia cheese)

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