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Information about Israel

  • Language: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Dialling code: +972
  • Capital: Jerusalem
  • Currency: New shekel (ILS)
  • Time zone: UTC+2:00 (IST), UTC+3:00 (IDT) in Summer (DST)
  • Area: 20,770 square kilometres
  • Population: 9,607,580
  • Climate: Israel has a Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot summers.
  • National Religion: Judaism
  • Official Newspapers: Maariv, Vesti, Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post, Globes, Calcalist, Israel Post, Herut, HaBoker, Al-Madina
  • National Emergency Numbers:  104 (Police), 122 (Ambulance), 115 (Fire), 911

Israel, the State of Israel, is situated in Western Asia in the southeast of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern region of the Red Sea. Egypt borders it in the southwest, Jordan in the east, Syria in the northeast, and Lebanon in the north. It also has borders with Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip in the west and the West Bank in the east. As there are immigrants in the country, it is common to hear various languages in the street, but Israel has one official language: Hebrew. Israel is a small country with Mediterranean shores, mountainous areas in the north with the Great Rift Valley, and the Negev desert in the central south. The Galilee mountains are the highest region of Israel in the north. With its diverse topography, Israel has two types of climates. From October to April, cool, rainy winters and dry, sweltering summers dominate the region from May to September. The coast becomes fresh with the winds from the Mediterranean sea. With the desert winds from Egypt, heat waves can occur from April to June, and the temperature can rise to 40 °C (104 °F). The temperatures change from 13 °C (56 °F) in January to 28 °C (82.5 °F) in July and August. The best time to visit Israel is spring and autumn, in April, October, and May. Easter time is an excellent period to see religious and historical interests. It is better to pack a jacket, some warm clothes, and a raincoat for winter. For summer, it is advisable to have light clothes, a hat, and hiking shoes.

People & Culture of Israel

Jewish culture and history dominantly shape the country. The Arabic influences in the architecture, cuisine, and music and the contributions of minorities like Armenians, Druze, and Circassians make the culture of Israel even richer. This combination makes Israel a cultural centre. Shabbat is an honoured time of festivity, a rest day on the seventh day of the week. Restaurants, shops, and public transportation don't work to enjoy this festival. Its cuisine is Middle Eastern and kosher. Brunch is quite popular with shakshuka. Israeli people are well educated and well mannered though excessive politeness can block communication. Smoking inside is common, but smoke-free areas are also available.  

Top Tourist Attractions in Israel

  • The Dome of the Rock
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • The Dead Sea
  • Mar Saba Monastery
  • Beit Shean
  • The Caves of Beit Gouvrin
  • The Tomb of the Virgin Mary
  • The Wailing Wall
  • Bethlehem
  • Masada
  • Akko
  • The Mount of Olives
  • Temple of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Timna Park
  • Jaffa
  • The Bahai Gardens
  • The Upper Room of the Last Supper
  • Nazareth
  • Haifa

Popular Dishes in Israel

  • Hummus (a dip made of mashed chickpeas)
  • Falafel (deep-fried ball of chickpeas)
  • Shakshuka (a Maghrebi dish for brunch made of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic, spiced with paprika, cumin, and cayenne pepper)
  • Baklava (pastry with nuts and honey)
  • Jachin (thick pastry dish)
  • Shawarma (Cuts of meat or a mix of meats like beef, chicken, lamb, or turkey)
  • Couscous (also called kusksi or kseksu, a kind of pasta, steamed tiny balls of semolina flour)
  • Chicken soup
  • Kubbeh (a dough of bulgur flour)
  • Burekas (pastry)
  • Halva (a dessert made of mashed sesame)
  • Chrome (fish cooked with tomatoes)
  • Sabich (a pita or laffa stuffed with fried eggplants and boiled eggs)
  • Knafeh (dessert with cheese)
  • Malabi (milky snack with crushed nuts and coconuts on top)
  • Cholent (beef, potatoes, beans, and hard-boiled eggs)
  • Mujaddara (a rice dish with lentils and fried onion)
  • Rugelach (croissant with chocolate and cinnamon)
  • Babka (sweet bread with chocolate)
  • Challa (traditional bread)

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