Airports in Cape Verde

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Information about Cape Verde

  • Language: Portuguese 
  • Dialing code: +238
  • Capital: Praia 
  • Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo
  • Time zone: UTC–1 (CVT)
  • Area: 4,033 km²
  • Population: 561,901
  • Climate: Temperatures range from 22 C° (72 °F) to 27°C (80.6 °F). The best time to visit Cape Verde is between November and June. 
  • National Religion: Christianity
  • Official Newspapers: A Semana, Expresso das Ilhas, A Nação, Visão News, Inforpress, Radiotelevisão Caboverdiana, Sapo, Expresso das Ilhas, Terra Nova‎, Notícias do Norte, Criolo Sports, Fogo
  • National Emergency Numbers: 132 (Police), 131 (Fire)

Cape Verde, Cabo Verde, or the Republic Cabo Verde, is an island country in the central Atlantic Ocean. The island has a desert inland. The weather is mild, with the surrounding sea moderating the climate. From March to June, it is the dry season, and from July to October, it is the rainy season. From November to February, it is the transition season. Temperatures range from 22 C° (72 °F) to 27°C (80.6 °F). The best time to visit Cape Verde is between November and June. 

People & Culture of Cape Verde

Cape Verdean culture is built on dancing, music, and singing. African traditions are still present today. Some of the festivals on the island are Easter, the Feast of the Assumption, All Saints' Day, and Christmas. Roman Catholic traditions dominate the culture of Cape Verde. National Heroes' Day, Children's Day, and Independence Day are some holidays.

Top Tourist Attractions in Cape Verde

  • Buracona Blue Eye Cave
  • Projeto Biodiversidade
  • São Filipe Royal Fortress
  • Pico do Fogo
  • Sal
  • Cabo de Santa María
  • Tarrafal Beach
  • Praia da Chave
  • Praia
  • São Nicolau
  • Fogo
  • Santa Maria
  • Maio
  • Boa Vista
  • Mindelo
  • Deserto de Viana
  • Sao Filipe
  • Tarrafal
  • Palmeira
  • Cidade Velha
  • Santo Antão
  • The pier Santa Maria

Popular Dishes in Cape Verde

  • Cachupa (the national dish)
  • Buzio (seafood)
  • Morreia (fried moray eel)
  • Goat Cheese with papaya marmalade
  • Percebes
  • Jacinda (rice and beans)
  • Frango Assado (Grilled chicken)
  • Lapas – Limpets (seafood)
  • Pastel (spicy food)
  • Kavala (a dish with rice and fish)
  • Pudim de Leite (Milk Pudding)
  • Doce de Coco (coconut candy)
  • Calabaceira (juice)
  • Bissap (hibiscus juice)

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