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Austria Airport Transfers from and to hotels, resorts, and nearby cities! We offer more affordable and most convenient options than the other, and enjoy your trip to Austria.

Austria Airport Transfers from and to hotels, resorts, and nearby cities! We offer more affordable and convenient options than the other, so you can enjoy your trip to Austria.

Choose to get hassle-free airport transfer service in Austria. Popular with the cities of Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz, Linz, and Klagenfurt,  Austria opens its doors to tourists from abroad intensively in both summer and winter months.

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Information about Austria

Austria is an isolated, mainly mountainous nation in central Europe. Austria has been a full member of the supranational European Union since 1995; it forms what has been referred to as the neutral core of Europe with Switzerland. Parliamentary representative democracy exists in Austria.

 Austria is among the wealthiest nations in the world. In the north, Austria has a border with Germany; in the east, it shares a border with Slovenia in the west, it shares a border with Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • Language: German
  • Capital: Vienna
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone: Austria (GMT+2)
  • Area: 83,871 km²
  • Population: 8,9 million
  • Climate: Winters -7°C, Summers 22 °C
  • National Religion: Predominantly Christianity
  • Official Newspapers: The Kronen Zeitung
  • National Emergency Numbers: 112

The Austrian environment is characterized by mountains and forests, while in the northeastern region of the nation, the Danube River weaves between the eastern edge of the Alps and the hills of Bohemia and Moravia on its way to the Alföld, or Hungarian Plain. The Danube emerges from the highlands and flows onto the drier lowlands where Vienna is located.

With a population of more than 1.9 million, Vienna is the country's capital and largest city. Urban areas are where two-thirds of Austrians reside. The three largest cities in Austria are Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Graz. More people live in Austria's northern and eastern regions.

People & Culture of Austria

Austrian culture is renowned for its distinctive way of living, as well as for its art, robust coffee, active lifestyles, and sports. Live performance, musical activity, and strolling are everyday national activities.

Austrians typically appreciate artistic skills like music and craftsmanship and value real conversation over superficial small talk. They tend to be conservative by nature and favor moderation in behavior. Austria places a high priority on friendliness and good neighborliness.

Famous Austrians: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer), Sigmund Freud (Psychiatrist), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor and Actor), Erwin Schrödinger (Physicist), Ludwig Wittgenstein (Philosopher), Maria Theresia (Queen regnant), Lise Meitner (Physicist), Ernst Mach (Physicist)

Top Tourist Attractions in Austria

  1. The Vienna Hofburg: Austria's Imperial Palace
  2. Salzburg Altstadt
  3. The Spanish Riding School
  4. Schönbrunn Palace
  5. Innsbruck's Hofburg and Hofkirche
  6. The Grossglockner Road to Franz-Josefs-Höhe
  7. Melk Benedictine Abbey
  8. Medieval Burg Hochosterwitz
  9. Hallstatt and the Dachstein Salzkammergut
  10. St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna
  11. Skiing at Kitzbühel and Kitzbüheler Horn
  12. Maria Saal Cathedral
  13. Krimmler Ache: Austria's Tallest Waterfalls
  14. Klosterneuburg Abbey and the Verdun Altar
  15. Eisriesenwelt: The World of the Ice Giants
  16. Belvedere Palace, Vienna

Popular Dishes in Austria

  • Viennese Apfelstrudel
  • Wiener Schnitzel
  • Knödel
  • Tafelspitz
  • Vienna Sausage
  • Potato Gulasch
  • Tiroler Gröstl
  • Käsespätzle

Private Airport Transfers in Austria

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