Hollywood Burbank (BUR) Airport Transfer

Burbank Airport, also known as Burbank Bob Hope Airport, South travellers, is an international airport located in the popular district of Los Angeles, The United States. Bob Hope Airport has many different transportation options that can offer you airport transportation. The airport rides include private airport transfer, Burbank Airport shuttle, ground transportation, metro bus and Burbank bus, rental cars or shared rides, and taxi. 

Before you decide on a transportation method to get from Hollywood Burbank Airport, you should consider the necessary details related to these methods. In addition, you may have questions in your mind such as “Is Burbank Airport the same as LAX?”, “Is Burbank Airport nicer than LAX?”, “Are there two Burbank Airports?” or “Does Burbank Airport have an airport shuttle?”. You will find the answers right here, and you will get to choose the best transportation option from Hollywood Burbank Airport.

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Hollywood Burbank Airport Transfers


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Burbank Airport Shuttle Service

Hollywood Burbank International Airport has a shuttle service that helps the passengers between two terminals at the airport. : Are There Shuttles from Burbank Airport to LAX? There is no direct shuttle service from Hollywood Burbank International Airport to LAX, but you will need to arrange a private transfer. You need to find the shuttle zone from the ground level, or you will need to find the bus stop, which is broadly called Regional Intermodal Transportation Center RITC. If you already have hotel reservations in Los Angeles, you should check your hotel for hotel shuttles. If you are wondering about the Metrolink and have questions about the Burbank Airport Metrolink shuttle, you can arrange a shuttle ride between Metrolink and Burbank Airport.

Does Metrolink Go to Burbank Airport?

The answer is yes; Metrolink has a station at Burbank Airport. You can also get a transfer to the train station. Suppose you also wonder how to get from Burbank Airport to Union Station or Metrolink Burbank Airport to Union Station. You should know that you will need an extra ride from Hollywood Burbank International Airport to Union Station.

Bob Hope Airport Taxi

Another option you can consider to travel between Hollywood Burbank Airport and another final destination is a taxi. However, you should remember that finding available Burbank Airport taxis right after arriving in a crowded and popular district such as Hollywood in Los Angeles is hard. Also, Hollywood Burbank taxi prices are extremely high since it is a popular place. You will need to wait a long time to find an available taxi, and even when you find one, it will not be comfortable. You will need to pay high prices, which will not be budget-friendly.

Burbank Airport Have Train Station

Hollywood Burbank International Airport has a train station. Hollywood Burbank Airport train station is right outside the terminal. The train station is not very far from the airport, and the train route includes various stations. You will need to learn about these routes and the Burbank Airport train schedule if you choose to travel by train.

How Far is Burbank Airport from the Train Station?

The train station that can create a link between other stations, including Union Station and Hollywood Burbank International Airport, is right outside the airport. However, the distance between the station and Burbank Airport is 12 miles, equal to almost 20 kilometers. You will need an extra transfer for this route.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hollywood Burbank Airport