Where to Stay in Crete?

31 May 2023

When contemplating where to stay in Crete, the sheer magnitude of options can be both exciting and overwhelming. As one of the largest Greek islands, Crete offers a plethora of options that can cater to every traveller's needs. Whether you are looking for luxury resorts with a sea view, family-friendly accommodations, or budget-friendly options, Crete has it all. With its numerous beach hotels nestled in Crete's best villages, you are bound to experience the warm hospitality Crete is known for.

Where is Crete? some may ask. This beautiful island is located in the eastern Mediterranean, offering easy access to the rest of Greece and its neighbouring countries. Known for its rich history, vibrant Crete nightlife, and breathtaking sandy beaches, Crete is a destination not to be missed. The question of how big is Crete is best answered by exploring the island's many distinct areas, such as western Crete and north coast, each boasting its unique charm. From the Venetian harbour of staying in Chania to the quaint beauty of Elounda Crete, the island is a feast for the senses. So rent a car and discover why Crete is one of the best places to stay in the Greek islands.

Best Areas to Stay in Crete: A Overview

In this article, we will explore the best areas to stay in Crete, providing you with a comprehensive overview. This expansive island, known for its sandy beaches, vibrant Crete nightlife, and charming Crete best villages, offers accommodations to suit all types of travellers. Whether you're seeking family-friendly accommodations for a leisurely holiday, or considering the elegant luxury resorts and hotels in Crete for an indulgent getaway, we've got you covered.

For travellers on a shoestring, don't worry, we also delve into budget-friendly options and help you identify the best places to stretch your Euros. For those keen on exploring the urban landscape, our section on “Exploring the Capital: Where to Stay in Heraklion?” will guide you through the city's best spots. Lastly, we also consider essential safety and security considerations for visitors in Crete to ensure your holiday is not only memorable but also worry-free. So, whether it's your first time in Crete or you're returning for another visit, this guide will help you decide where to stay in Crete.

Family-Friendly Accommodations in Crete

Choosing where to stay in Crete for families is an important decision to ensure a memorable vacation for both adults and children alike. With its fascinating history, the island offers countless archaeological sites and museums like the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion. This, coupled with its welcoming culture and numerous family-friendly accommodations, makes it an ideal destination for families.

Crete's warm and hospitable towns in Crete, such as Elounda Crete and Agios Nikolaos, are dotted with family-friendly hotels and resorts. These locations offer spacious rooms, pools, and even children's clubs to ensure the little ones are entertained while parents can have some well-deserved downtime. Most of these accommodations offer easy access to the beach in Crete, ensuring family beach days are a breeze.

Staying in Chania, especially near its charming Venetian harbour, is another excellent option. The town has a variety of family-friendly accommodations, from budget to luxury, with sea views and within walking distance of local attractions and amenities. Another excellent family destination is western Crete. This part of the island boasts some of the best sandy beaches in Crete, perfect for building sandcastles, swimming, and enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine.

Where to stay in Crete for couples and families often overlap, with resorts catering to both audiences. This means you can enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach while the kids participate in supervised activities. A great example is the city of Rethymno, known for its beautiful old town and sandy beaches. Its beachside resorts often feature family and adults-only sections, ensuring everyone has a holiday to remember.

If you're considering Crete for families, you'll also be pleased to know that many of the island's attractions are kid-friendly. This includes the incredible Samaria Gorge for adventurous families and day trips to various Greek islands like where to stay in Milos.

Despite being a large island – people often ask, how long is Crete? – it's easy to get around. You can rent a car to explore the island at your own pace or use the extensive bus network. If you're pondering where to stay in Crete without a car, rest assured, there are many accommodations within walking distance to amenities or with shuttle services provided.

In short, Crete is a fantastic destination for families. It offers a winning combination of culture, history, natural beauty, and family-friendly accommodations. Regardless of the age of your family members, Crete guarantees an unforgettable holiday experience.

Where to Stay in Crete?

Luxury Resorts and Hotels in Crete

For those seeking an indulgent getaway, the luxury resorts and hotels in Crete are bound to captivate you. These high-end accommodations are located across the island, offering a unique blend of Grecian charm and contemporary luxury.

One of the most coveted luxury destinations is Elounda Crete, nestled on the northern coast of the island. Here, you can find a cluster of high-end resorts with magnificent sea-view rooms and suites, private beaches, and world-class spas. A trip to Elounda offers not only luxurious comfort but also easy access to the nearby Crete best villages and the vibrant town of Agios Nikolaos.

The north coast of Crete is home to another trove of luxury accommodations. The city of Heraklion, for instance, boasts five-star hotels featuring gourmet dining experiences, immaculately designed rooms, and a blend of modern amenities with Cretan culture. Their proximity to the archaeological museum and other archaeological sites makes them perfect for those seeking a blend of luxury and history.

Staying in Chania on the western side of the island also offers a variety of luxury options. Near the iconic Venetian harbour, you can find numerous boutique hotels that marry old-world elegance with modern amenities. Here, expect to be pampered with rooftop pools, gourmet Cretan cuisine, and rooms offering spectacular views of the harbour.

For those wondering where to stay in Crete for couples, the southern coast is worth considering. There, in secluded bays, you'll find high-end resorts offering private villas with their pool and a romantic atmosphere.

It's worth noting that many of these luxury hotels and resorts offer rent-a-car services for guests wishing to explore further. Whether you're drawn to the beach in Crete, the Crete nightlife, or the rich history of the Greek islands, a stay at a luxury hotel in Crete offers an unmatched experience of comfort, style, and Cretan hospitality.

Budget-Friendly Options

Choosing where to stay in Crete on a budget doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality or location. The island is full of budget-friendly options, allowing you to enjoy the best of Crete's beach in Crete, Crete nightlife, and Crete's best villages without breaking the bank.

For those eager to experience Crete's vibrant city life, Heraklion, the capital, offers many budget accommodations. These range from guesthouses to budget hotels located within a stone's throw from the city's renowned Archaeological museum and other historical attractions. Here, affordable dining and shopping options are also plentiful.

If you're looking for a beachside stay, consider western Crete. This part of the island is home to affordable resorts and guesthouses offering easy access to the stunning sandy beaches. Some even offer sea views at surprisingly affordable prices.

Staying in Chania is another cost-effective option. The city boasts numerous budget guesthouses and hotels, many of which are located near the picturesque Venetian harbour. While in Chania, don't forget to visit the nearby Samaria Gorge, a must-see for nature lovers.

Among the many towns in Crete, Rethymno stands out for its affordability. It offers a wide range of economical accommodation options and a chance to experience a smaller, less touristic Cretan city with plenty of charm.

Don't worry about transportation, as the public bus system in Crete is extensive and affordable, connecting most towns and villages on the island. However, if you prefer more independence, there are also options to rent a car at competitive prices.

Whether you are visiting the Greek islands for the first time or are a seasoned traveller, the question of where to stay in Crete on a budget is easily answered with the myriad of affordable options available. With a little bit of planning and research, a budget-friendly stay in Crete that doesn't skimp on the experience is entirely possible.

Exploring the Capital: Where to Stay in Heraklion?

Heraklion, the capital of Crete, is a bustling city teeming with history, culture, and urban charm. When pondering where to stay in Heraklion, you'll find an array of options suitable for various budgets and preferences, providing a convenient base for exploring the city and the surrounding areas.

Heraklion's city centre is filled with hotels and guesthouses that offer easy access to the city's most significant attractions. From luxury accommodations with rooftop pools and sea views to budget-friendly hotels, there's something for everyone. Many of these are within walking distance of the famous archaeological museum, one of the most important museums in Greece, known for its extensive collection of artefacts from the Minoan civilization.

Staying near the city centre also allows you to experience the lively Crete nightlife. The area is filled with traditional tavernas, modern bars, and nightclubs. With live music and local wines, experiencing the nightlife is a must when visiting Heraklion.

For travellers looking for a quieter stay, consider the outskirts of the city. There, you'll find accommodations set amidst olive groves and vineyards, offering tranquillity while still being just a short drive away from the city's bustle. These locations often offer the opportunity to rent a car, providing a great way to explore Heraklion and beyond at your own pace.

A stay in Heraklion also positions you ideally for day trips to the rest of the island. From the city, it's easy to access the charming Crete best villages, breathtaking sandy beaches, and fascinating archaeological sites that the island offers. For example, the famous Palace of Knossos considered Europe's oldest city, is just a few kilometers from Heraklion.

In terms of connectivity, many tourists often wonder, how many airports are in Crete? The island has two international airports, with the primary one being Heraklion International Airport. Staying in Heraklion means you're just a short drive from the airport, simplifying your travel logistics.

In essence, whether you're interested in history, food, Crete nightlife, or simply enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle, Heraklion offers a range of accommodations to suit your needs. So, when you're planning your trip and considering where is Crete on a map, don't forget to mark Heraklion as a must-visit location.

Where to Stay in Crete?

Safety and Security Considerations for Visitors in Crete

Crete, one of the most popular Greek islands, is generally a safe and welcoming destination for tourists. However, just like any travel destination, it's important to be aware of safety and security considerations while visiting. Whether you're wondering where is Crete, where to stay in Crete, or how to get to Crete, this guide covers all aspects of safety and security you need to know.

When considering where to stay in Crete, you'll find that most locations, from the bustling cities to the charming Crete best villages, are safe for tourists. That being said, it's still essential to exercise common safety measures. Keep your valuables secure and maintain awareness of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas.

Accommodations across Crete, whether luxury resorts or budget-friendly options, prioritize the safety of their guests. Many establishments have CCTV surveillance and secure locks on doors and windows. When booking your stay, be it in Elounda Crete or staying in Chania, don't hesitate to ask about the safety measures in place.

For those interested in exploring the Crete nightlife, remember to always drink responsibly and know your limits. While the island is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, it's crucial to ensure you can get back to your accommodation safely after a night out.

As for transportation safety, whether you choose to rent a car or use public transport, it's important to familiarize yourself with local laws and conditions. Driving in Crete can be a bit challenging due to the hilly terrain and the local driving style. Always wear your seat belt and avoid speeding.

Those planning to hit the beach in Crete or visit the beautiful Venetian harbour should be mindful of water safety. While the island's sandy beaches are generally safe for swimming, be aware of local weather conditions and sea currents. Always keep an eye on children and avoid swimming too far from the shore.

For hikers and nature enthusiasts visiting the Samaria Gorge or other trails in western Crete, always wear appropriate footwear, stay hydrated, and stick to marked paths. It's also wise to let someone know your plans in case of an unexpected situation.

When it comes to health, Greece has a high standard of healthcare. Most towns in Crete, including Agios Nikolaos, have pharmacies stocked with all necessary medicines. In the case of emergencies, there are well-equipped hospitals in Heraklion and Chania.

Lastly, it's important to be respectful of local customs and traditions. The Cretan culture is rich and welcoming, and respecting local norms will ensure a positive experience during your stay.

In conclusion, while Crete is a safe island for visitors, taking these safety and security considerations into account can help ensure a seamless and enjoyable trip, whether it's your first time in Crete or you're a regular visitor. Remember, travel safety often begins with awareness and preparedness, so being informed about your destination is the first step towards a secure and unforgettable holiday.

Private Transfers in Crete

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Where to Stay in Crete?

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