How to get from Toulon Hyeres Airport to St Tropez?

16 Dec 2022

Toulon-Hyeres Airport is a small airport in the south of France, opened in 1966. The airport is located near the Mediterranean Sea and Magic World Hyeres. The airport is located in the commune of Hyeres, east of Toulon. Toulon-Hyeres Airport has a two-story terminal. The arrivals hall is on the first floor, and the departures hall (check-in counters 1 to 12, security check) is on the second floor.

After arriving at Toulon Hyeres Airport, you will need a transfer to the legendary resort of Saint-Tropez, immortalized by French cinema, and enjoy its glamorous charm. Bus service, train, airport shuttle service, taxi, and private airport transfers are among the available modes of transfer to/from Toulon to/from St Tropez.

If you have questions like "How long does it take to get from Toulon/Hyeres Airport (TLN) to Saint-Tropez?", "What is the fastest way to get from Toulon/Hyeres Airport (TLN) to Saint-Tropez?" or “How to get from Toulon Hyeres Airport to St. Tropez?” your questions will be answered below.

How to get from Toulon Hyeres Airport to St Tropez?
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How do you get from Toulon to St Tropez?

Eccentric and flashy for some, Saint-Tropez is also a pretty fishing village which, despite the flood of onlookers who invade it every summer, has managed to preserve, the rest of the year, an authentic soul.

In spring or early autumn, its true face is revealed, an exclusive and secret place where simplicity and discretion take over.

After landing at Toulon/Hyeres Airport, you can't wait to get to this unique city and resort.

If you have questions like "How long does it take to get from Toulon/Hyeres Airport (TLN) to Saint-Tropez?", "What is the fastest way to get from Toulon/Hyeres Airport (TLN) to Saint-Tropez?" your questions will be answered below. How do you get to St Tropez from the airport?

Toulon/Hyeres Airport (TLN) Private Airport Transfer

You want to go to Saint-Tropez from Toulon/Hyeres Airport, but do you prefer something other than public transport and other means of transportation? This can quickly become a problem. You can solve these transportation problems by choosing the private airport transfer option. offers private airport transfer from Toulon/Hyeres Airport to Saint-Tropez.

With recent vehicles ranging from sedans, minivans, SUVs, or Limo and a thorough knowledge of the region's road network, will get you to the place of your choice as quickly as possible.

By booking a private transfer, you may take advantage of all the benefits that will offer you. Furthermore, you will only have to spend hours outside or in the arrivals area. It is different from taking the bus or the train.

You can book your private airport transfer online from to pick you up at Toulon Hyeres airport. You can reach your destination with cars designed for comfort, safety, and budget. Whether you are alone, in a family, or in a large group, the vehicle will be adapted to the number of passengers.

You can quickly and securely book your reservation with a few simple steps and a 100% return guarantee. Why choose

  • 100% refund guarantee
  • Choices for clean and comfortable vehicles
  • Additional service options
  • No hidden fees, no extra charges
  • Payment option with PayPal- TransferWise- credit card, etc.
  • Free cancellation up to the last 48 hours
  • Pet-friendly Cars
  • Suitable vehicles for skiing and cycling.
  • The elderly and disabled care assistant and vehicle equipment available
  • An option for baby seat
  • No need to tip the driver

Enjoy your vacation; will do the rest.

A professional English-speaking driver will meet you at the Toulon-Hyeres airport and enjoy a comfortable ride to your hotel, boat, or private home in Saint-Tropez. Your private driver will take you to the city's must-see attractions.

Book your fixed-price private transfers in just three steps for Toulon-Hyeres airport. Get 24/7 customer support on Whatsapp.

Toulon Hyères Airport Bus Service

Toulon Hyères Airport is the nearest airport to the fashionable port city of Saint-Tropez, which about 5 million tourists visit annually. Between Toulon-Hyères Airport and Saint-Tropez, you can travel by bus.

Saint Tropez Bus line 7803 (ZOU!) departs five times a day from the airport, making stops at La Londe-Les-Maures, Bormes-Les-Mimosas, Le Lavandou, Cavalaire-Sur-Mer, La Croix-Valmer, and Gassin.

A bus ride from Toulon to Saint-Tropez takes an hour and a half; tickets cost only €3.00 per person.

Saint Tropez Railway

The St. Raphael Valescure train station is where trains from Toulon to St Tropez arrive. A railroad running between two cities is around 81 miles long. It takes around two hours to travel by rail. The average train ticket cost for the chosen route is 138 USD. Along the whole route, the train stops twice.

Take a Taxi Toulon to St Tropez 

Taxis are available at the airport exit to take you from Toulon/Hyeres Airport (TLN) to this French riviera. You can take a taxi to get to your destination. If you travel to Saint-Tropez or with three or more people, we do not advise taking a taxi because it is so expensive.

How to get from Toulon Hyeres Airport to St Tropez?
Photo by Michael Kroul on Unsplash

How do you get from Nice to St Tropez?

The quickest way to get from Nice to St Tropez is to take the main A8 toll road westward and inland, then turn south to the coast on the D25 towards Sainte-Maxime and the last section of the D559/D98A to Saint-Tropez. The journey takes roughly two hours when there is no traffic.

However, the most comfortable alternative is to schedule a private transfer between the towns, eliminating parking and navigation stress from Nice to St Tropez.

From Nice Ville to Saint-Raphäel-Valescure station, direct high-speed TGV InOui and regional TER trains take around one hour. Travelers can reach Saint-Tropez midway with this short and simple trip.

Once there, you may rent a car or take a bus, cab, or boat and, of course, private transfer to travel between Nice and Saint Tropez.

The bus (#7601 Varlib), which leaves behind the train station and travels 1.5 hours without traffic, arrives at the Gare Routièr de Saint-Tropez after a short walk from the Vieux Port and the Place des Lices.

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