Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris

31 May 2022

The best croissants you can eat globally are most probably served in Paris. These high-quality croissants are significant parts of the best breakfast in Paris. 

The pastry chefs, some of whom are the winners of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, cook magnificent croissants in Paris to make sure you experience a great breakfast in Paris. There are award-winning places here that serve almond croissants, pain au chocolata, croissant au beurre, and buttered croissants with delicious hot chocolate to go with them. 

Image by 현국 from Pixabay

Since France is the heart of croissants and Paris is the heart of France, your experience with trying tasty croissants will be best manifested here! Forget about all the croissants you bought from the market or ate in different countries because now you will be eating croissants in the best city you can do that: Paris! 

With many elegant and gorgeous croissant places in Paris, you will be amazed by everything! If you are asking questions like "Where can you find croissants in France?" "What is the most popular croissant?" or "What is the most popular bakery in Paris?" this piece will satisfy your curiosity. 

You will find Paris's top 10 restaurants that serve great croissants below.

1. La Maison D'isabelle

Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris
Photo by Eve Lyn on Unsplash

La Maison D'isabelle is a patisserie in Paris with a Google score of 4,5. It is one of the best patisserie places in Paris. They serve many different desserts, including different types of croissants. 

Their most popular option is their all-butter croissants. They also serve pain au chocolate, almond croissants, buttered croissants, and a pastry plate.

• Location: 47ter Bd Saint-Germain, 75005, Paris, France.

• Price Range: €1 - €20.

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2. Paris Boulangerie Utopie

Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris

Paris Boulangerie Utopie serves different types of croissants, eclairs, cakes, and baguettes. Paris Boulangerie Utopie is one of the places in Paris where you can try croissants and enjoy the taste. Its Google score is 4,5.

• Location: 20 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris, France. 

• Price Range: €3 - €10.

3. Laurent Duchêne

Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris
Photo by Uliana Kopanytsia on Unsplash

Laurent Duchêne is one of the best places to try croissants in Paris. Its Google score is 3,5

They have cute croissant options here for an affordable price. 

It would help if you tried their chocolate croissants and butter croissants.

• Location: 2 Rue Wurtz Paris 13ème, 75013 Paris, France. 

• Price Range: €9 - €20.

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4. Du Pain et des Idées

Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris

Du Pain et des Idées is seen as the best patisserie in Paris by lots of people who love croissants. Imagine eating delicious croissants at Du Pain et des Idees after visiting the gorgeous Saint Martin; it would be an amazing experience! 

They serve a great variety of pastries, especially croissants. It would help if you tried their butter croissants and chocolate croissants. The Google score of the patisserie is 4,5.

• Location: 34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris, France. 

• Price Range: €10 - €20.

5. La Maison Pichard

La Maison Pichard was one of the favorite places of croissant lovers, but unfortunately, it was closed permanently. The Google score of the place was 4,0. 

People loved the place so much that they claimed they ate the best croissant in Paris at this place.

• Location: 88 Rue Cambronne, 75015 Paris, France. 

• Price Range: €1 - €10.

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6. Cyril Lignac Patisserie

Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris
Photo by Dana Marin (Amsterdamian) on Unsplash

Cyril Lignac Patisserie has a Google score of 4,3. The atmosphere of the place adds to their delicious pastry options. As well as their super tasty cakes, lemon tarts, cookies, and other sweets, you should most definitely try their chocolate croissants.

• Location: 24 Rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris, France. 

• Price Range: €9 - €20.

7. Cafe Pouchkine

Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris

Cafe Pouchkine was one of Paris's most popular places to eat sweets. Cafe Pouchkine had a Google score of 4,0

It was a super sophisticated place in Paris, and it was not a patisserie. 

They served lots of different meals and sweets. Unfortunately, it was closed permanently. Otherwise, you would be able to try their delicious croissants, too.

• Location: 16 PI. De la Madeleine, 75008 Paris, France. 

• Price Range: €10 - €50.

8. La Meringaie Martyrs – Rue des Martyrs

Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris
Image Pat_Photographies 

La Meringaie Martyrs has a Google score of 4,5. La Meringaie serves delicious cakes, tarts, croissants, and cookies. 

They have many different options. 

This place is one of the most popular places in Paris, and people love their desserts. 

Many people say they eat the best tarts and croissants in Paris at this place. Make sure you try their regular and chocolate croissants.

• Location: 35 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris, France. 

• Price Range: €5 - €20.

9. Au duc de La Chapelle

Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris

Au duc de La Chapelle has a Google score of 4,2. To enjoy some delicious bread, croissant, or cake for breakfast, visit Au Duc de La Chapelle. Everyone in Paris loves this place! You should try their butter croissants especially.

• Location: 32 Rue Tristan Tzara, 75018 Paris, France. 

• Price Range: €15 – €40.

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10. Odette Latin Quarter

Top 10 Croissant Places in Paris

Odette Latin Quarter is a great place in Paris with a Google score of 4,3. Odette is a patisserie in the Latin Quarter. Latin Quarter is a magnificent special district in Paris. 

It carries history as it is the coldest zone in the city. Shakespeare & Company is also located in Latin Quarter in Paris. This place is a tourist place, and many tourists come here with excitement every year. 

Odette is the place where you can enjoy some delicious chocolate croissants and other tasty sweets after enjoying all the beauties of the Latin Quarter.

• Location: 77 Rue Galande, 75005 Paris, France.

• Price Range: €10 - €78.

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