Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel

21 Apr 2022

Finding many things to do in the Philippines is easy because it is a beautiful archipelago with lots of tourist attractions that attract attention worldwide. Even day trips in the Philippines will take your breath away, but if you can spare more time for this visit, you will enjoy many of the beautiful tourist attractions in the Philippines. 

There are beach activities in the Philippines, including diving sites and visiting the stunning White Beach, day tours to visit attractions such as Chocolate Hills, Banaue Rice Terraces, Puerto Princesa Underground River and Subterranean River National Park, Kayangan Lake, Coron Island, Boracay Island, and many more Philippines things to enjoy. Taking a sightseeing tour will also be very exciting. 


You can also enjoy boat rides, water sports, active volcanoes, such as Taal Volcano and Mayon Volcano, and you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Philippines also has vibrant marine life and coral reefs. There can be at least 100 things to do in the Philippines, and we will look at some of those activities.

What is Most Famous in the Philippines?

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel

The Philippines is famous for its stunning attractions, including all the new things in the Philippines and the adventurous things to do in the Philippines

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The Philippines has many cities and districts worthy of visiting, such as Batanes, Boracay, Pampanga, Bataan, Manila, Sagada, and many more. That is why things to do in the Philippines are almost endless. Here, you will get to experience the atmosphere of those beautiful tourist attractions.

1. See the Gorgeous Chocolate Hills

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel

✓ As one of the most popular and attractive tourist spots in the Philippines, the Gorgeous Chocolate Hills are waiting for you to pay them a visit in Bohol. 

✓ The name may persuade you to think that you will get lots of chocolate here, but no, it is a natural treasure waiting for you here.

✓ Do not worry, though! You can eat delicious food at the fantastic restaurants near the Chocolate Hills

✓ One of the crazy things to do in the Philippines would be to take your friends with you and visit the Chocolate Hills.

2. Enjoy Your Precious Time Here: Banaue Rice Terraces

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel

✓ Here you have one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines. 

✓ The terraces in question were made by the people back in the day, and it looks like great natural heaven on earth. 

✓ Here, you can visit all the rice terraces and then enjoy the gorgeous scenery, take photos, put your mind at ease with the help of the tremendous natural aura of the place, and enjoy the place to the fullest.

3. Visit the Mesmerizing Puerto Princesa Underground River/Subterranean River National Park

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by David Milmont on Unsplash

✓Puerto Princesa Underground River is one of the most important and stunning places globally. 

✓UNESCO and WWF appreciate both its beauty and its significance. Here, you will be mesmerized by the caves and the underground river. 

✓Its biodiversity is also vibrant, making it highly significant to the world. 

✓ Do not forget to note that the Puerto Princesa Underground River is the longest underground river in the Philippines. 

✓ There is a national park called Subterranean River National Park here, and you will enjoy spending your time at this park with your loved ones.

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4. Visit Batanes

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by Rene Padillo on Unsplash

✓ Batanes is a marvelous district of islands in the Philippines. If you want to spend some quality time with nature, Batanes is your place. 

✓ Some Batanes tourist spots are Tayid Lighthouse, House of Dakay, Mt. Carmel Chapel, Basco Lighthouse, and Morong Beach. 

✓ Batanes attractions are all exciting, but the lighthouses will make you feel different with the atmosphere they draw around Batanes. 

✓ Make sure you add Batanes to your list!

5. See Ilocos Norte

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by Mia Gracia Tabili on Unsplash

✓ Ilocos Norte is an exciting place with lots of places to visit. Some of the Ilocos Norte tourist spots are the Sinking Bell Tower, Paoay Lake, Bangui Windmills, and many great restaurants at which you can eat delicious food unique to Ilocos Norte.

6. Coron Island

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by  Eric Tribujenia on Unsplash

✓ Coron Island is a heavenly place with clean and shiny water, pretty sand, and mesmerizing atmosphere. 

✓ Here you can get day tours to enjoy the island. It would help visit Kayangan Lake, Coron Bay, Coral Garden, and Mt Tapyas. 

✓ Coron Island is filled with beauties waiting to be discovered. 

✓ Visiting Coron Island is one of the best things in the Philippines – Manila.

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7. Active Volcanoes

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by Nin Duletin on Unsplash

✓ Visiting and learning about the active volcanoes in the Philippines is an essential and exciting part of this trip. 

Mayon VolcanoTaal Volcano, Bulusan, Hibok-Hibok, Kanlaon, and Pinatubo are the active volcanoes in the Philippines. 

✓ Make sure your trip plan includes visiting and learning about these volcanoes because the experience will be memorable. 

✓ Visiting the active volcanoes in the Philippines is one of the underrated things to do in this place.

8. Boracay Island

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by Laurentiu Morariu on Unsplash

✓ Some places have souls, and you are drawn to those places with no effort.

Boracay Island is one of those places with souls. Spending time here will make you feel like you are a movie character. 

✓ Boracay beaches offer lots of activities, and these activities in Boracay make the place super fun. 

✓ You should not leave this place without visiting Montag Living Museum because it will be great to remember that place once you are back home!

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9. Visit Pampanga

✓ If you are someone who loves tasting new food every time they are taking a trip to someplace, Pampanga is the place for you in the Philippines. 

✓There are many famous restaurants here, and they will serve you excellent Philippine food. A great tourist spot in Pampanga is the Sky Ranch. 

✓ You can have lots of fun with or without your children at this park. Pampanga is the fun zone of the Philippines!

10. Visit Bataan

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by Al Reile Dela Torre on Unsplash

✓ Bataan has many places that offer you various activities, such as hiking, camping, eating, and biking. 

✓ A good tourist spot in Bataan is Pawikan Conservation Center. 

✓ There are also places like the Bataan National Park and the Bataan World War II Museum. 

✓ You can have a historical, cultural, and exciting trip to Bataan in the Philippines.

11. Visit Manila

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel

✓ As the capital of the Philippines, Manila can offer you lots of tourist attractions that will excite you. 

✓ Here, you can visit San Agustin Church and San Agustin Museum, Fort Santiago, National Museum of Fine Arts, and as a magnificent tourist spot in Manila, you can visit the Malacañang Palace.

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12. See Sagada

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by Ruby Jane Motilla on Unsplash

✓ Sagada has lots of places waiting for your visit. As a Sagada tourist spot, Sumaguing Cave is there to fascinate you. 

✓ Visiting this cave will make you feel like stepping into a fantastic movie scene. 

✓ You should also see the Bomod-ok Falls and get a sip of nature here. 

✓ You can go hiking, too. Marlboro Hills would be a great place in Sagada for hiking!

13. Enjoy Bicol

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel

✓ Bicol has attractions that are always accompanied by nature in the Philippines. 

Bicol tourist spots will take you to the heart of nature to give you a break during your trip. 

✓ You can see the Subic Beach, Daraga Church, Calaguas, and Bulusan Lake.

14. Visit Zambales

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by Zambales on Unsplash

✓ Zambales is a popular place in the Philippines, and you should most definitely add visiting Zambales to your list of things to do in the Philippines

✓A fantastic tourist spot in Zambales is the Hellships Memorial. Capones Island, Pundaquit Falls, Anawangin Cove, and Ina Poon Bato Chapel are some of the best places to visit in Zambales, Philippines.

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15. Go to Vigan

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel

✓ Vigan is an Ilocos Sur tourist spot. It is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines. 

✓ Here, you can visit the National Museum of the Philippines and learn about the Philippines' history and culture. 

✓ You can also pay a visit to the Vigan Cathedral. Another Vigan tourist spot is Mindoro Beach. 

✓ There are lots of places for you to enjoy here, but if you walk around the streets of Vigan, even that will be enough for you to feel like the trip was worth it because the streets are aesthetically pleasing and excellent.

BONUS: Tarlac City & Davao City

✓ Visiting Tarlac City and Davao City must be extra activities added to your list of things to do in the Philippines because they have many attractions. 

✓ Hadrian Falls, Bamban Museum of History, and Sacred Relic of the True Cross are some of the Tarlac tourist spots

✓ Davao City is another great place with tourist attractions in the Philippines. 

✓ A perfect tourist spot in Davao City is Eden Nature Park, filled with fun things to do in the Philippines. Museo Dabawenyo, Davao Butterfly House, and the Philippine Eagle Center are other places to visit in Davao City.

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Is It Safe for Tourists to Visit the Philippines?

Ensure that you are taking measures against any theft and not spending a lot of time in deserted areas at late hours. You need to take measures against any crimes just like you would in any other Southeast Asian country or island.

The Airport in the Philippines

Things To Do in the Philippines - Explore & Travel
Photo by Jae Tabuada on Unsplash

The two most significant airports in the Philippines are Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila and Mactan-Cebu International Airport. When you arrive at the airport in the Philippines, you will need to get to your hotel or the first destination of your precious trip right away. 

However, to give your trip a perfect start, you will need to avoid public transportation because it will make you wait forever. Instead, you can choose a private airport transfer and ensure that your choice is safe, comfortable, and quick. 

The best choice would be to trust private airport transfers to get you to your destination safely, quickly, and most comfortable way possible. 

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