Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)

17 Mar 2022

You have to be ready to be surprised by the things to do in Peru. In this country, which is the heart of South America, you can discover new cultures, new dishes and discover lost cities through day trips. On the other hand, you can feel like you are in heaven in front of the region's unique nature. 

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🇵🇪   For example, you can go on a climbing trip to the rainbow mountains. Additionally, you can have an incredible experience in the original hometown of the Amazon rainforest. We've rounded up the best tourist attractions in Peru for you.

The Pachacamac Ruins

Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)
Photo by Gilmer Diaz Estela on Unsplash

Machu Picchu: The most famous place in Peru, the magnificent Inca city of Machu Picchu, is a unique tourist attraction that will impress nature lovers and history lovers alike. You can take lots of photos here and have deep thoughts about humanity.One of Peru's top tourist attractions, the ruins of Pachacamac are located outside the city center. Peru. Its remains are thought to date back to before the Spanish conquest. 

Home to various pyramids, temples, tombs, and other archaeological structures, the site is named after the "World Maker" Pacha Kama. Witnessing the life of pre-Columbian natives in a city that has now become one of the largest in the world will provide an incredible experience. For a better tour of the ruins, you can join daily tours and explore independently.

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Plaza de Armas

Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)
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Visiting the Plaza de Armas is one of the things to do in Lima. The park is also known as the Plaza mayor and is Lima's virtual historical and functional center. This place is located in the Historic Center of Lima, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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This is an ideal tourist destination for those who want to explore Peruvian culture and history. On the other hand, if you want to take photos, you can add the panoramic view of some of the city's most important buildings to your photo collection. Walk towards the fountain in the middle of the square. 

You can turn in any direction and see;

  • The Government Palace,
  • Lima Cathedral,
  • Union Palace,
  • Lima Archbishop's Palace,
  • City Hall.

Plaza de Armas is also a great place to stop and enjoy some people-watching. You can make guesses about people here. On the other hand, you can witness the city's spirit closely here. For example, you can listen to all kinds of street performers while walking around the square.

Miraflores Bay

Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)
Photo by McKayla Crump on Unsplash

Looking closely at the city of Lima can sometimes cause us to miss the main view. Therefore, you need to get away from the city to understand the gigantic size of Lima. One way to do this is to sail into the sunset in Miraflores Bay. Take a daily sailing tour and cruise several islands just offshore. You can read a book while waiting for the sun to set over the Pacific Ocean.

Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima

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Meanwhile, your local driver can introduce you to the tourist attractions of Lima, and you can have a comfortable journey. On the other hand, you can make a reservation with just a few simple steps and affordable prices. Although many customers are afraid of online booking, airport transfer offers you the option of online and secure payment.

Arequipa's Historic City Center

Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)
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Peru's most beautiful city, Arequipa, is located at the core of the aur-covered mountains. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Arequipa's main fame is its architecture. Exploring this architecture, whose main ingredient is similar, a volcanic rock that glows brightly in the sunlight is one of the top things to do in Peru

  • Most of the colonial buildings in the historic city center were made of this stone, earning it the nickname "white city."

Cusco's Architectural Treasures

Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)
Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Walking the streets of Cusco with its history built on history at this UNESCO World Heritage Site can allow you to witness Cusco's history up close. You can observe the Inca ruins. You can witness that the remains of the Inca ruins are used as materials on the foundations of the old buildings on the street. We can say that one of the things to do in Peru, which is an ideal place for those who want to have a cultural and historical holiday, is to spend all day exploring these streets.

Plaza de Armas, the main square in the city center, is home to two equally impressive structures, the Cathedral and La Compania. You can take an evening walk and take various photos in this square. You can keep up with the rhythm of the city without you noticing. Located on the ruins of the Inca region of Coricancha, the Santo Domingo church is one of Cusco's must-see attractions.

Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport

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Colca Canyon

Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)
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Among the things to do in Peru, nature walks are on the top of the list. You can forget all your troubles, especially in the face of the beauty of Colca Canyon. In addition to its magnificent scenery, Colca Canyon is much deeper than the Grand Canyon, although it is not as well known as the Grand Canyon. 

  • Mistake Colca Canyon is said to be one of the deepest canyons in the world. Therefore, you may need to pay attention to this issue in terms of health while walking.

The Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)
Photo by Sandro Ayalo on unsplash 

Things to do in Peru always include a bit of history. Home to the Inca ruins, the world's oldest civilization, Peru also has Lake Titicaca's highest navigable lake. Famous for its floating reed islands, Lake Titicaca is also in the floating islands region, home to the Uros. Touring these artificial floating islands offers an exciting insight into the lives of the Uros people. 

  • Observing the local people closely, getting to know their culture, and tasting their local foods can be a unique experience for you. On the other hand, walking on reeds can excite you.

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Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)
Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos@willianjusten on Unsplash

Huacachina, a place that should be added to the things to do in Peru, offers you a visual feast with its dunes and redness. This village, built around a natural lake in the middle of the desert called Peru's Oasis of America, can make you take beautiful pictures. It is a lovely tourist attraction choice for your holiday.

Drink Pisco Wine

You should drink Pisco wine, which is obtained from the unique vineyards of Peru. You can visit the vineyards and join the daily tours to chat with the grape growers.

Nazca Lines

Things to Do in Peru - 2022 (with Photos)
Photo by JP Desvigne on Unsplash

Discovering the Mysterious Nazca Lines is one of the things to do in Peru, a country full of mysteries. You can be mesmerized by the Nazca Lines and forget to take photos. These enormous images of the desert floor were not discovered until the 1920s when planes flying over the area saw the lines in the air and realized they formed different patterns and images. 

  • These lines, which were discovered recently, still preserve their mystery. From the air, you can see 70 different plant and animal drawings and hundreds of lines and other geometric shapes. Some of these lines stretch up to 10 kilometers and span hundreds of square kilometers. The most notable among the numbers is a 180-meter long lizard, a 130-meter wingspan vulture.
  • These lines are unknown how and why they were made and are among the most popular tourist destinations. These lines, which are claimed to be the product of the Paracas and Nazca cultures between 900 BC and 600 AD, are thought to be a kind of astronomical calendar for agriculture.

After we list the things to do in Peru, do not forget to add a Peru visit to your holiday in 2022.

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