Things to Do in Colombia - Rough Guide in 2022

22 Mar 2022

For those considering traveling to South America, Colombia is a unique choice for things to do in Colombia. With its unique Caribbean beaches, you can spend a stress-free holiday. You can drink Colombian coffee, which is unique worldwide, in its homeland. On the other hand, you can witness the life of Pablo Escobar, which is the subject of the movies. 

🇨🇴   You will enjoy your holiday with its artistic and colonial architecture and natural beauties in Colombia, where you will deeply feel the Latin American culture.

Cartagena's Old Town

Things to Do in Colombia - Rough Guide in 2022
Photo by Leandro Loureiro on Unsplash

The Spanish colony, which dominates South America, is also typical in Colombia. Cartagena's Old Town's most common colonial settlement is rich in culture and history despite being under colonial rule for a long time. You can spare a whole day exploring this region and joining a guided tour. You can explore the city walls in the area study the history of the area. Do not forget to add a visit to the Old Town area to your things to do in Cartagena.

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Bathe in the El Totumo mud volcano

Bathing in El Totuma Volcano is the most fun activity in Colombia. According to a Colombian legend, El Totumo Volcano once had dangerous lava and fires. When the volcano threatened to destroy neighboring towns, a priest sprinkled holy water over the magma, instantly turning it into harmless mud. If we leave aside the legend of this raging volcano, which is a mystical place, we can say that El Totumo's 50-meter Volcano is a healing owner. 

It is filled with rich mud thanks to the mineral it contains. If you want baby-like skin, diving into the crater can perfect your skin. You don't have to jump in and out of the mud tub all at once; local people provide many services to make this rustic place more attractive. You can also benefit from these services.

Rosaria Islands

Things to Do in Colombia - Rough Guide in 2022
Photo by Darren Lawrence on Pexels

With Rosaria Islands' crystal clear sea with grains of sand, the Rosaria Islands are one of the best places in Colombia. On the Rosario Islands, made up of 27 islands off the Caribbean coast of Cartagena, you can sunbathe and swim in the Caribbean Sea and explore rare mangrove swamps. Also, extreme sports lovers can try different activities such as surfing and canoeing here. Enjoy the Robinson Crusoe islands of your dreams.

Rafael Nunez International Airport in Cartagena

✈︎ Visiting Cartagena in Colombia, one of the most beautiful countries in South America, is one of the best choices among things to do in Colombia. On the other hand, you may encounter problems that every tourist encounters, such as transportation problems. In such a case, you can use airport transfer to save time and reach your hotel with experienced local chauffeurs. On the other hand, if you do not like the airport transfer, you have the convenience of a 100% refund.

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Barranquilla's Carnival

Things to Do in Colombia - Rough Guide in 2022
Photo by Rosemary Ketchum on Pexels

Are you ready for the crazy party nights of South America? You will have enough fun at the Barranquilla Carnival, where you will feel the Latin American dance culture to the fullest. Everyone wants to live four days of non-stop drinking in riotous parades, loud music, and intricate, colorful costumes. You will have the best experience of your life at this venue, the second-largest Carnival in the world.

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Valle de Cocora

Things to Do in Colombia - Rough Guide in 2022
Photo by Omri D. Cohen on Unsplash

Regardless of where you live, you've all heard of Colombian coffee. I can say that discovering Colombian coffee in its homeland is among Colombia's most important things to do. This national park is located in the center of the coffee-growing region.

It would help if you visited Valle de Cocora. There is so much to discover in Valle de Cocora. For example, you can photograph the wax palm, Colombia's tallest and national palm tree. On the other hand, you have horseback riding here and discover the region's beauty.

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Learn to Salsa in Cali

Things to Do in Colombia - Rough Guide in 2022
Photo by Frank Romero on Unsplash

When we think of Latin America, the other most crucial thing in Colombia that comes to mind is Salsa. They can feel like they are in heaven in Colombia, the pearl of Latin America, which can be considered heaven for dance enthusiasts. We have good news for you. In Cali, one of the best salsa dancing cities globally, you can watch the dance performances of the country's best professional dancers and learn how to dance. 

Things to Do in Colombia - Rough Guide in 2022
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

You can join one of the many dance academies that have become the city's vegetation. These dance academies teach both locals and visitors alike. At night, going to the city's salsa clubs to practice what you learned in class is among the top things to do in Colombia. On the other hand, you can get yourself a dance partner — no need to be ashamed here. Professional dancers encourage you to get up and dance. You can start salsa practice now.

Bogota International Airport

Things to Do in Colombia - Rough Guide in 2022
Photo by Michael Barón on Unsplash

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You may be fascinated by the things to do in Colombia. Adding a visit to Colombia to your 2022 holiday list could be a perfect choice for you. You can start preparing for this holiday that will satisfy both nature lovers and art lovers. With the help of our list of the best places in Colombia we have compiled for you, you can plan a wonderful vacation.

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