Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

05 Apr 2022

Ancient Egypt and ancient Egyptians, we are all familiar with its and their legacy and the things to do in Cairo about them. We have prepared a list for you to plan the rest of your day while eating your lunch on top of the Cairo Tower

🇪🇬  If you want to visit the pyramids of Giza or Islamic Cairo and other things to do in Cairoyou can find detailed information in this list.

What is Cairo best known for?

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

1- Al-Azhar Mosque

Al-Azhar Mosque is a Fatimid-era structure and one of the city's earliest surviving mosques. It was constructed in 972 AD. It is one of Cairo's newest mosques, and its Grand Imam is widely regarded as Egypt's top doctrinal authority. 

The structure extended multiple times throughout those 1,000 years, resulting in a harmonious fusion of architectural styles, making it one of the places to visit in Cairo. It contains three minarets dating from the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, with the oldest section being the centre courtyard. Additionally, the structure houses the world's second-oldest university, established in 988CE, which has a contemporary campus and is the most prominent institution for studying Sunni theology.

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

Gate of the Barbers, its primary entrance, is located on the northwest side of the structure, neighbouring Abbas II's neo-Arab facade. As one of the things to do in Cairo, do not forget to leave your shoes at the entryway and then proceed inside the courtyard's middle area. On its right, there is the El-Taibarsiya Medrese, which has a 1309 mihrab, which means the prayer niche. To enjoy the most incredible view and Cairo sightseeing, climb up to the mosque's five minarets located in the central courtyard.

2- Al-Azhar Park

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

Al-Azhar Park, which was built on top of what was effectively a medieval garbage dump, is the historic district's "green lung". It debuted in 2005 and gave a much-needed break from Cairo's chaotic street crowdedness, so, enjoying nature here is one of the things to do in Cairo. Inside, the perfectly groomed gardens make an ideal setting for an evening walk, especially after sunset, when the views over the entire old city are breathtaking. 

Additionally, there are a few restaurants on-site, making it one of the tourist attractions in Egypt's Cairo area to unwind after a full day of touring. Al-Azhar Park is best reached by taxi, although if you're already in the Islamic Cairo district and the weather isn't too hot, you may walk to the park's lower entrance from Bab Zuweila.

3- Saqqara and Dashur

Saqqara was the vast cemetery of the city of Memphis and the adjoining site of Dahshur, where the ancient Egyptians perfected their construction skills. Nearly 30 kilometres south of Cairo, one of the places to go to Cairo lies. 

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

While the Step Pyramid is the most famous tourist site in Saqqara, the entire region is densely packed with beautifully decorated tombs that are well worth touring for a few hours. Because Saqqara is so big and its history as a burial place is so extensive, excavations here continue to reveal discoveries that gain international attention. Dahshur's Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid are located just down the road and will not be missed. Even the most minor route will take at least a half-day in this city, but it is a Cairo must-see.

4- Nile River

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

A visit to Cairo would be incomplete without a cruise down the majestic Nile River. There are floating restaurants, bars, and cruise ships are available. While this is among the things to do in Cairo at night, nothing compares to a calm and satisfying river trip aboard a "felucca" as the call to prayer echoes around Cairo at nightfall; board one of these classic sailing boats and experience the magnificent calmness that only the Nile can provide as one of the activities to do in Cairo

Sailing along the same river that Cleopatra did years ago is an unforgettable experience and one of Cairo's best things to do. Additionally, the Nile Bridge in Cairo was the first bridge to span the Nile River. It links Tahrir Square; visiting here is among the things to do in downtown Cairo and Gezira Island.

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5- Zamalek

Gezira is a Nile Island home to the Zamalek neighbourhood and most of Cairo's artsy shops and modern restaurants. The entire region, which dates from the mid-nineteenth century, has a decidedly European air to its design. Zamalek is Cairo's leading eating destination, but the neighbourhood also has a few art galleries. The Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, located on the grounds of the Gezira Fair, houses an excellent collection of twentieth-century Egyptian art, including pieces by Mahmoud Said and Mahmoud Mukhtar. Visiting here is one of the fun activities in Cairo for adults.

If you're not interested in art, as one of the things to do in Cairo, visit the recently opened Aisha Fahmy Palace in Zamalek. This 1907 estate has been restored to its former magnificence, and its rococo interiors are as much of a draw as the changing art shows it now hosts. While you are there, visiting the tower for the most incredible view is among the things to Cairo, Egypt. Designed as a stylized lotus plant in 1961, 187m long Cairo tower offers 360-degree vistas best experienced late in the morning when the city's haze has cleared. You may reserve a seat at the Sky Garden Cafe, located one level below the observation deck and offers spectacular views throughout supper.

6- Coptic Cairo

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

This area in southern Cairo is the city's oldest, with winding lanes and antique churches that predate the grand mosques of Islamic Cairo by several decades. Visiting area sites like the Coptic Museum and the ninth-century Hanging Church, located within an old Babylonian castle, are things to do in Cairo, Egypt

The Coptic Museum here houses one of Egypt's best collections of Coptic art and provides a wealth of information on Egypt's early Christian period. The Hanging Church, built in the ninth century, is adjacent and features some exquisite specimens of Coptic architecture. In the fourth century, the church was initially erected above Roman gate towers and was restored in the ninth century—one of Egypt's oldest churches and the most well-known in Coptic Cairo.

Further inside the area, there is the Ben Ezra Synagogue, which is claimed to have been erected around the location of the newborn Moses being discovered in the reeds. Even if you are not religious, visiting here is one of the Cairo things. History fans will appreciate the neighbourhood's historic landmarks, while architectural fans will appreciate the neighbourhood's exquisite mosaics and woodwork. Additionally, the tiny lanes of Coptic Cairo are filled with street sellers offering a range of items and if you do not shop, visiting here is one of the free things to do in Cairo, Egypt.

7- Cairo Citadel

Cairo's citadel was erected in 1176 on a commanding site at the Mokattam Hills. You will need a whole day to explore the Salah El-Din Citadel as one of the things to do in Cairo, Cairo's most popular non-pyramid destination. Salah al-Din, the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty and an opponent of those active in the Christian Crusades, built this massive fortification in Islamic Cairo in the late 1100s. While recent visitors laud the variety of activities available, the majority urge pausing to take in the scenery. From the stronghold, one can view much of Coptic Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza on a clear day. Additionally, you must dress modestly when visiting other Islamic places.

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

The Muhammad Ali Mosque is one of the Cairo tourist attractions and places to visit in Cairo, Egypt. The "Alabaster Mosque," with its white stone and towering, equivalently slim minarets, is among Cairo attractions. The views of the city are another major incentive to come up here; travel to the Gawhara Terrace for the most incredible scenery in town. 

The El-Nasir Mosque is located northeast of the Muhammad Ali Mosque. Mohammed el-Nasir built it between 1318 and 1335. They are housed in numerous buildings on the grounds and are worth seeing for the architecture alone rather than the exhibitions. You may walk from Bab Zuweila to the citadel region along Khayyamiyya Street if you're feeling enthusiastic. The trek is around 30 minutes long, so you can easily say that this is one of the crazy things to do in Cairo.

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8- Khan el Khalili Bazaar

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

Enter Medieval Cairo, also known as Islamic Cairo, and go on a journey to the land of spices, luxurious garments, and fragrances. The neighbourhood is home to various monuments and mosques from the Islamic period, but the primary attraction is probably the 14th-century Khan el Khalili Bazaar. Souvenir shopping here is among the things to do in Cairo. While wandering around the bazaar, you may notice that your eyes become caught in the assortment of items on exhibit. There is a diverse selection of things available here, ranging from gleaming silverware, gold ornaments, and antiques to stained-glass lamps, incense, and handcrafted accessories.

Additionally, the handcrafted carpets' silky touch will take your breath away. Additionally, there are districts specialized in gold, copper, and spices. Even if you do not like or want to shop, strolling in here is among the things to do in Cairo.

9- Giza Plateau

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the world's only surviving ancient Wonder. Together with the other pyramids on the Giza Plateau, this structure creates one of the world's most recognizable landmarks. A regular visit here lasts at least two hours but is one of the best activities in Cairo

Further south on the plateau lies the Pyramid of Chephren, also called the Pyramid of Khefre, which features an accessible interior tunnel region and the Pyramid of Mycerinus, also called the Pyramid of Menkaure. 

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Any visit to Egypt's capital must begin with these magnificent works of art. They begin with Menakaure, the smallest pyramid, and go to the Pyramid of Khafre, the second biggest, and finally to the Great Pyramid of Giza, which Pharaoh Khufu commissioned. The Sphinx, a lion-bodied and pharaoh-faced monument, guards these funeral temples. 

The Giza Plateau will gain another attraction when the Grand Egyptian Museum is completed. When it opens, it will be the world's largest museum devoted exclusively to the antiquities of a single culture, showing a treasure of Ancient Egypt's objects, many of which have never been seen by the public. Also, it will be among the best places to visit in Cairo. Head down in the afternoon to escape the fog.

Is Cairo safe to walk around?

Egypt is a safe country to visit as long as you stick to certain attractions, deal with a trustworthy local tour operator, and travel intelligently. The only no-go areas in the nation are those included in travel warnings, which are the Sinai Peninsula and the western desert in general. If you are thinking of traveling alone; How to Travel Solo our content is for you.

Things to Do in Cairo - Egypt Travel Advice
  • The government and the public are committed to making tourism a priority.
  • Cairo is one of Egypt's safest cities since it is also the most developed.
  • One of the more secure places in Egypt is Hurghada. It stretches along Egypt's Red Sea coast for about 40 kilometres.
  • This seaside resort town is ideal for a family vacation or a calm getaway.
  • As for the things to do in Cairo with family, you can travel to Hurghada and scuba dive or snorkel, among things to do in Hurghada.
  • Due to resorts, crime rates are lower than general here.
  • However, once you begin traveling, you must exercise greater caution.

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