Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions

15 Apr 2022

 The list of things to do in Bucharest, which means joy, will make you happy like the name of Bucharest. Bucharest holiday will satisfy you with both artistic activities and nightlife. You can photograph the buildings with their Art Noveau architecture and explore the architecture of Bucharest. 

On the other hand, you can visit the museums of Bucharest to discover the city's exciting history. For example, you can visit the Village Museum in Bucharest and learn many new things here. You can get a Bucharest travel guide for a better trip.

What is Bucharest, Romania known for?

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions

You can find a lot of things to do in Bucharest. Bucharest, a significant tourist attraction for both art lovers and nightlife lovers, is famous for the city's history and remnants of once-dominated communist thought.

How do I spend a weekend in Bucharest?

During a weekend visit to Bucharest, you can explore the relics of the communist era up close and become obsessed with the sergeant's persecution of the country. You can also explore the city's museums and spend a few unforgettable nights in Bucharest's nightlife. Listing places to visit in Bucharest in advance can avoid confusion.

1- Witness the History of The City in The Old Town

Most buildings in the Old City date back to the 15th and 16th centuries, as a trading post, place of worship, and crossroads for travelers. 

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions
Photo by Jani Godari on Unsplash

In this district, which has the title of the oldest settlement in Bucharest, you can witness that the city still exists, despite Ceausescu's destruction of a fifth of the city in the 1980s to build his vision for new Socialist capital. 

Although there were slums in many of its regions for years, it was rebuilt after the collapse of communism and gained a more bourgeois look. We can say that it contrasts itself with the Old City buildings, which are among the best places in Bucharest.

2- Wander The Old Town's Most Famous Street Lipscani

While wandering Lipscani Street, you may come across many restaurants and bookstores. Do not forget to visit the bookstores on the most famous street in the region and buy books for your friends as gifts. 

3-Have a Meal at Lipscani Famous La Bonne Bouche Restaurant

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions

You can have dinner at La Bonne Bouche Restaurant, recommended by many tourists, and relieve the day's tiredness with a glass of wine. 

If you are a tourist, this restaurant has free wi-fi service. Also, you should definitely try their delicious cold and refreshing drinks. 

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the venue, but the good news: You can bring your pet here. Also, How to Travel with Pets

📍  Address: Bucureşti, 30 Franceza Street, Bucharest, Romania

4- NF Palace Old City in Bucharest

You can do the best things in Bucharest in the old city. On the other hand, you can stay at the NF Palace hotel, one of the best four-star hotels in the old city. After a pleasant and comfortable night, you can continue Bucharest sightseeing. 

5- Take photos of the Church of Stavropoleos

Church of Stavropoleos, built by the Greek monk Ioanikie Stratonikeas, with its intricately carved entrance covered with columns, is a church in the Brâncovenesc style. 

Adding a visit to Stavropoleos Church to your list of things to do in Bucharest can better help you explore the city. 

✓ With its 18th-century tombstones, the Orthodox Church is like a synthesis of fine stone and wood carvings and Romanian and Byzantine elements. 

The church was restored several times after earthquakes damaged it, but we can say that these restoration works, which were carried out faithfully, did not reduce much from the original state of the church.

6- Take a Closer Look at Bucharest Village Life

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions

✓ Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum, which aims to present the real life of the village as the Romanian villagers lived, is one of the critical Bucharest tourist attractions. 

This museum exhibits historical pieces from all over the country. 

In 1940, after Basarabia's incorporation into the Soviet Union, the museum's operation ceased when the Municipality of Bucharest decided that some museum houses would house the families of refugees from Bucovina and Basarabia.

However, in 1948, Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum was reopened to visitors under the leadership of Gheorghe Focsa, a former student of Dimitrie Gusti. 

We can say that Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum Bucharest is a place that everyone interested in village life should add to their list of things to do in Bucharest.

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7- See Traces of Dictator Life at The Palace of the Parliament

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions

The second-largest administrative building in the world (after the Pentagon) and the heaviest building globally, The Palace of the Parliament (Palatul Parlamentului), is one of the best places in Bucharest. 

Used as the residence of visionary dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his family and the seat of his government, this building has more than 3,000 rooms on 330,000 square meters and is built of marble and steel.

8- Photograph the Building's Wonderful Stairs of Symmetry

The building's beautiful staircase is the perfect place to take great photos. The stairs were destroyed and rebuilt several times because the stairs were lower for Ceausescu, a short man, to climb quickly.

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9- Taste Romanian Cuisine at Caru' cu Bere Restaurant

After you visit The Palace of the Parliament, you can have your meal at the Caru' cu Bere restaurant in the old center. Exploring the cuisine of Bucharest is between what to do in Bucharest this weekend.

10- Nice Stop for Art Lovers: Romanian Athenaeum

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions

In 1865, a building dedicated to science (Romanian Ateneum) was built, thanks to culture and scientists such as Constantin Esarcu, V. A. Urechia, and Nicolae Ceaușescu. 

✓ "Forgive Leu for the Ateneum!" This building, built after twenty-eight years of work with the slogan, is one of the best places in Bucharest. 

Predominantly neoclassical in style with romantic details, this building includes a small park and a statue of Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu. 

The Romanian Athenaeum, seen as a symbol of Romanian culture, was inscribed on the European Heritage List in 2007.

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions
Photo by 
Majkl Velner on Unsplash

11- Admire the Acoustics of the Baroque Dome

We can say that the baroque dome, which is an integral part of the architecture of the Atheneum and has a unique acoustic, is the cornerstone of the building. 

Thanks to the dome, the building has unique acoustics and is famous all over Europe. Don't forget to visit this tourist attraction, one of the best places in Bucharest.

12- See the City's Past at Revolution Square

Considered not only one of the most important and representative public markets in Bucharest but also a landmark in local and national history, 'Revolution Square' is a place where a cultural and historical burden is infused in equal measure. 

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions
Photo by wise fox on Unsplash

Named after the Romanian Revolution, which started at a meeting organized by the communist president Nicolae Ceausescu on the real Revolution Square in Bucharest, the building is one of the top tourist attractions in Bucharest during a visit Bucharest.

13- Having Dinner at O 18 Lounge-Restaurant

After you visit Revolution Square, you can have dinner at the No:18 Lounge, which is on the top floor of one of the two skyscrapers, just across Herastrau Park, a little outside the city center. 

You should arrange two taxis from the hotel and go to No:18. These were two new buildings compared to Bucharest. However, it should be noted that the restaurant's menu prices are above the average compared to Bucharest.

📍 Address: Piața Presei Libere 3-5 City Gate - South Tower, 18th Floor, București 013702, Romania

14- Discover New Tree and Plant Species at Cismigiu Gardens

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions

Cismigiu Gardens took shape in the middle of the 19th century and was designed by German landscape architect Carl Meyer; Cismigiu Gardens is the oldest recreation area in the center of Bucharest. 

✓ Thousands of tree and plant species from Vienna's botanical gardens and Romania's highland regions have been planted in what was once a lakeside vineyard. 

Don't forget to add Cismigiu Gardens to your list of things to do in Bucharest to explore this region and learn about new trees and plant species. 

On the other hand, here you can go boating in the lake in the summer, and if it freezes in the winter, you can go ice skating on its surface. 

Additionally, you can see a memorial garden with the busts of 12 of Romania's most beloved writers named Rondul Roman.

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15- Take a Closer Look at The History of Bucharest at the Old Prince's Palace

While exploring all the wonders of the Old Town, they might miss a visit to Curtea Veche, the Old Prince's Palace

Today, not much remains of this princely palace and mansion other than ruins, but among the broken walls and old stone arches like a sentinel, a bust of Romania's most notorious ruler, Vlad III Dracula, can be photographed. 

Bucharest became the capital of Romania, as this palace was the preferred residence of later monarchs. 

Having an important place in the history of Bucharest, this tourist attraction is one of the best things to do in Bucharest.

Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest

Things to Do in Bucharest Hotels & Restaurants & Attractions
Photo by Adi Coco on Unsplash

It can be challenging to reach your hotel or the city's tourist attractions from Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport, which is the first location you will reach when you arrive in Bucharest, the heart of art and history during the communist era. 

✓  It may be an excellent advantage for you to use the private airport transfer to avoid this situation. 

With 24/7 live customer support, you can benefit from the facilities of this transportation service and spend your holiday stress-free. 

Also, 13 Ways to Beat Airport Anxiety

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