The Best Prepaid SIM Cards in France for Travellers

29 Aug 2022

SIM cards, aka the subscriber identity modules, are some gadgets originally designed for mobile phones. A SIM card offers several things to its users. 

Such as it would contain your user identity, your location, your phone number, the phone numbers of people you would like to get in contact with, your previous text messages, your security keys, mobile data, and many more. 

Since it is quite helpful in your daily life, it gets much more significant when you decide to travel to a country you are unfamiliar with. In this blog, we will give you the list of the best-prepaid sim cards in France for travellers, where you can get one, and the current prices of the packages. 

Hopefully, this information could come in handy when you, the readers, trip to France later! 😊

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The Best Prepaid SIM Cards in France for Travellers

The Main Benefits of Having a SIM Card While You Are Abroad

• Undoubtedly, having a SIM card in your regular life has numerous upsides, from staying connected with your friend and family to get the information immediately when needed. 

• However, buying a sim card gains more importance when you go to a new country where you do not know its language and the location of the places you would like to see. 

• Access to the internet has become crucial in the last ten years, whether you travel to a new country for tourism or business-related reasons. 

• The travellers who have sim cards in France would do many things, such as:

• Being able to use online dictionaries which, in turn, could prevent the language barrier between the visitors and the inhabitants of the country

• Would have mobile data throughout the country and have instant access to the internet or different social media platforms.

• Although it depends on the package the visitors would buy, having a service of international unlimited call and text

• So, the tourists could call or text their beloved ones regardless of their country, thanks to the international calls service.

• Since the visitors would have access to the internet thanks to the best-prepaid sim cards in France for travellers, they would not need to depend on the WIFI while travelling and have a connection all the time even though they are at the heart of nature.

What Are the Most Common Features of a Typical France SIM Card?

• Even though the features of the packages vary from one telecommunication agent to another, there are some fundamental services you could expect from almost the whole France SIM card options. Since France is a part of the European Union, you could also use the same SIM card and the number in the other European countries.

The Best Prepaid SIM Cards in France for Travellers

FAQ - Travelers Who Is Planning to Visit France

Before diving into the best-prepaid sim cards in France for travellers, we would like to gather the most popular questions among travellers who want to come to France.

Is there a SIM card that covers all of Europe?

• As mentioned above, it is possible to find a French SIM card that could cover many European countries since France is a part of the European Union. If you were wondering, is there a SIM card that covers all of Europe? 

• Therefore, if you plan to discover different European countries once you arrive in France, you can use the same SIM card throughout the continent at reasonable prices. 

• For instance, the telecommunication company that is called Three Prepaid SIM Card is available in 71 different countries. It is way better than you expected. 

Another Common Concern: Where Can I Get a SIM Card in France?

• One of the most popular concerns among travellers in France is the places to get a SIM card. We have good news if you are interested in knowing where you can buy a SIM card in France! 

• There are numerous alternatives in which you can get a SIM card for yourself, such as vending machines, phone shops, the brands of different telecommunication agencies, and many more.  Here is a list of where you can get the best-prepaid sim cards in France for travellers.

• Perhaps the most common place to purchase a SIM card is the official retail stores of telecommunication companies. 

• Since the staff of the French mobile operators knows English most of the time in many big cities in France, you can ask about your concerns without any hesitation, and by doing so, get the best customer service you need!

How About Airports?

• Another convenient place to get a French phone number is the airport. If you wonder about the answer to the question, can I buy a SIM card at France airport? 

• However, every mobile operator company in France may not have a store in each French airport. 

• Therefore, it would be wise to check out the stores of the companies in the airport in which you land before your arrival. 

• It is possible to use google maps or any other platform to see the France sim card airport list.

• The big grocery stores are common options for a prepaid sim card in France and Europe. 

• Without needing any communication skills in French, you can check out the store, find the aisle for the cards, and get the one that is the most suitable for your needs during the holiday. 

• If you cannot find a big grocery store around you, you could go to the tobacco shops, phone shops, and newsstands to see if they have got France mobile SIM cards.

In Which Countries Can I Use My French SIM Card Without Paying Anything Extra?

• In normal conditions, if you tried to use your own national SIM card in a different country, you would need to pay extra in the next month's fee due to data roaming. 

• Data roaming is activated if the owner of a SIM card uses it in a different country without changing the regular deal. 

• However, it would not be the case if you used the best-prepaid sim cards in France for travellers

We wanted to prepare a quick list in case you would like to know the exact countries: Azores, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France Mainland, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Romania, United Kingdom, San Marino, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Vatican, Malta, Madeira, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and many more.

Attention the Travelers Who Come From the US, Australia, and New Zealand

• Some US, Australia, and New Zealand mobile carriers tend to "lock" the phone automatically when they realize a third-party SIM card is on your phone. 

• Therefore, we suggest you contact your mobile carrier before starting the journey and let them know the dates when you will change your SIM card. 

• Otherwise, you might need to wait to unlock your phone until you head back to your country.

The Best Prepaid SIM Cards in France for Travellers

Which Prepaid Sim Card Is Best for International Travel?

Hence there are numerous options for purchasing a French SIM card. Finding an answer to the question of which prepaid sim card is best for international travel might be overwhelming. 

Luckily, this blog is written to supply a current list of travellers' best-prepaid sim cards in France. Therefore, reading this blog should be enough for you to find the most convenient one. 

Even though it is not possible to find a free mobile SIM card in France, the prices are affordable since companies are in a sort of battle to attract their customers with cheap prices. 

Many telecommunication companies offer users data plans or prepaid SIM cards; therefore, you will not need to decide how much GB of mobile data or how many minutes or text messages you will consume. 

For instance, if you think 25 GB would be enough for you, you can check out companies that offer this amount of GB in their packages.

The Biggest Company in France: Orange Holiday SIM Card

• Since there are various companies in France, we would like to give you a summary of the best-prepaid sim cards in France for travellers that come in handy during your visit. 

• Perhaps, the most famous telecommunication company in France is Orange Holiday SIM Card

• This company is well-known for its high amount of mobile data for a very affordable price. 

• Moreover, it is one of the biggest European companies and covers most European countries. 

• So, if you plan to visit many European countries once you arrive in France, Orange SFR could be the most convenient choice for your needs. 

• You could get 30 GB of mobile data and unlimited calls and texts in Europe for 50 dollars

• Even though calls and texts in Europe are unlimited, international calls and texts are fixed for up to 1200 minutes and 1000 texts, respectively.

• Even though the Orange SIM card is known for its affordable prices, the first package is only valid for 14 days. 

• If you are looking for a deal that would last longer than two weeks, Three UK PAYG AIO15 might be a better alternative. 

• This package costs 30 dollars as well. 

• However, it consists of unlimited calls and texts in continental Europe with 10 GB of mobile data.

• Another French prepaid SIM card option goes for travellers who start their journey in France. 

Bouygues Telecom offers unlimited calls and texts like the previous companies, which is valid for 30 days in many European companies. 

• However, it is required to be activated in France, which could be the only flaw of the deal. 

• Bouygues telecom offers this package for 50 dollars.

The Best Prepaid SIM Cards in France for Travellers

How About Getting a SIM Card With a Data Plan in France?

The prices of the mobile data plan differ from one country to another in Europe, as well as when you are planning to purchase it. 

Therefore, even though it is quite difficult to supply accurate prices, France's most recent data plan options are. 

SFR SIM card is perhaps the most popular choice among the data plan alternatives in France. 

It is possible to get 25 GB of mobile data, valid for a month. 

However, another option exists if you plan to stay in France for less than two weeks. 

You can get 10 GB of mobile data, valid for eight days. 

While the first deal costs 25 dollars, the ladder one costs 10 euros.

Even though TIM is originally located in Italy, it is still one of the best-prepaid sim cards in France for travellers

The deal called Tim Tourist was specially created for tourists in Europe. 

You could pay around 30 dollars for only 15 GB of mobile data in Italy and 6 GB throughout Europe for a month.

Is It Possible to Get a SIM Card Online Way Before Arriving in France?

• Even though this option is a bit more expensive than purchasing the SIM card in person after your arrival, there are several companies and packages if you are interested. 

• The most commonly used companies for getting a SIM card online are O2 Go Card, Three UK PAYG AIO15/ AIO20, Bouygues Telecom Vacation Prepaid Plan, and Orange Holiday Zen/ Europe/ World. 

• Orange Holiday Europe is one of the bestsellers in 2022 Summer. 

• It offers 20 GB of mobile data with unlimited calls and texts in Europe for 14 days. 

• Another popular alternative is Three UK PAYG AIO20, with fewer mobile data services. 

• This package has 12 GB of mobile data with unlimited calls and texts for a month. 

• The former alternative costs 49.90 dollars, and the ladder choice costs 39.90 dollars, respectively. 

• In this blog, we wanted to list travellers' best-prepaid sim cards in France. Hopefully, you find it helpful and efficient. 

"Bon voyage" in advance! 😊

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