The 7 Best Paces to Visit in July

05 Jul 2022

If you're going on vacation in July but don't know where to go? Some places are never visited in some seasons. You may regret it if you go. Here are the 7 best places to visit in July that will never make you regret it!

The 7 Best Paces to Visit in July
Photo by Alexandre Ours on Unsplash

1- Croatian Islands

A port on the island of Hvar In July, the climate is really ideal in the Croatian islands, with a good heat and a beautiful sunshine, which will satisfy those looking for a place of relaxation and a sea/sun combination conducive to idleness.

It's up to you to choose the island that suits your desires, whether it's tiny or bigger, green or more desert, calm or lively enough for die-hard partygoers.

On Hvar, for example, the dynamic atmosphere is particularly suitable for the latter, and the very sunny days allow night owls to recover, lying in the sun on the beach, from the escapades of their nights.

On Vis, there are superb beaches and the seaside resorts that go with them, not to mention an excellent cuisine allowing you to taste the specialties of the local cuisine.

For those looking for wild landscapes and less frequentation, the island of Cres offers magnificent sites and almost virgin places, time to explore at their own pace, or to contemplate from their towel.

But you will also like the very small Losinj and its colorful villas, Brac and its crystal-clear waters where you can practice surfing and diving, Mljet the precious preserved oasis with crazy charm, or Pag and its electro music evenings to party with friends.

The Croatian islands are a fairly close destination which will nevertheless take you away from your daily life for a stay full of sweetness.

The 7 Best Paces to Visit in July
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2- Alaska, USA

Why in July? To see superb bears and enjoy optimal weather. In Alaska, the very brief annual summer offers a concentrate of natural treasures.

The northernmost state in the United States can only be explored for a few months, when the summer days are long and hot springs and the area is most accessible.

Thus, in Denali National Park (3 million hectares of wilderness), the only road is passable from the beginning of June only, and the shuttles that crisscross these majestic landscapes stop circulating in September.

Moreover, to admire the bears, it is best to come in July or September.

July is a fantastic month at Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park, with up to 100 grizzly bears lining up in the middle of the river to fish for sockeye salmon.

Get organized: 2 weeks allow you to see glaciers, icebergs and whale watching in Kenai Fjords National Park, observe wildlife and take short hikes in Denali, meet grizzly bears in Katmai and take a superb train ride aboard the Alaskan Railroad.

Namely: the distances are enormous. Seaplanes/scenic flights reduce travel in July times and offer stunning views.

The 7 Best Paces to Visit in July
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3- Poland

Warsaw in Poland Going to Poland in July is a good idea for travelers on a budget: temperatures there are around 25°C, and flights are at very affordable prices despite the high season.

This country is rich in history and offers many sites to visit, monuments classified by UNESCO and state park full of magnificent landscapes.

The most beautiful city in Poland is undoubtedly Krakow, which is also the cultural capital of the world and the second city of the country: we appreciate the superb architecture which gives it a look of a fairy tale, its small streets where you can discover churches and medieval remains, and Wawel Castle perched on its hill.

In Warsaw, a world's largest part of which was destroyed during the Second World War, there is a historic center with museums, the Wilanow Palace, the Royal Castle, and for a refreshing break the beautiful amusement parks.

On the natural side, do not miss the Bialowieza Forest, also classified by UNESCO, the only virgin forest in Europe, home to oaks over 500 years old, bison, lynx, wolves, deer. To be explored with a guide because the forest is protected.

Another must-see is the Wieliczka salt mines, also classified, existing since the Middle Ages, for a strange underground walk through dozens of stairs, deep lakes and salt monuments. And these are just a few examples of exciting places.

The 7 Best Paces to Visit in July
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4- Tanzania and Zanzibar

Going to Tanzania in July means having the assurance of a dry climate and pleasant weather, however this season is a little less conducive to discovering the animals of the Serengeti.

However, this famous animal reserve, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, obviously deserves your visit: more than 15,000 km2 where animals live in complete freedom, a true symbol of the vast expanses of African wilderness to be absolutely admired.

During this period, you will undoubtedly be able to witness the great migration of wildebeest, zebras and antelopes, which at this time cross the Mara River, infested with crocodiles, to reach Kenya, a colorful and unforgettable spectacle.

In the Lobo Valley, rocky escarpments and scattered forests are home to many buffaloes and elephants.

Another wonder of Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak season in Africa, with its snow-capped peaks and lush slopes, or the Ngorongoro crater, a magical place that will take you back to the birth of the world.

In Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, you can explore an idyllic archipelago, offering magnificent nature and sublime beaches: These are probably the ones that will attract you first, those in the east like Blue Bay or Pongwe Beach, or in the north, Kendwa and Mchanga, especially if you are a diving or snorkeling enthusiast.

But you will also quickly be seduced by the tropical environment such as the Jozani forest, populated by eucalyptus and lush palm trees, giant bamboo, where monkeys and butterflies shelter.

A destination that is expensive, but that will transport you right in the middle of your childhood dreams.

The 7 Best Paces to Visit in July
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5- The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Why in July? For long and beautiful days on the road. In Ireland, the weather is unpredictable, especially along the Atlantic seaboard, where thunderstorms can break out at any time.

However, in July – generally the hottest month – you can count on at least 18 hours of daylight per day, which will allow you to chain the visits (or the pubs) until 11 p.m.

This is the perfect time to embark on the Wild Atlantic Way, a 2,400km route along the west coast between Kinsale and the Inishowen Peninsula.

The marked route passes through some of Ireland's most beautiful scenery, including Mizen Head, the island's southernmost point, the towering Cliffs of Moher, Killary Harbor Fjord and Malin Head (northernmost point).

Along the way, 157 “discovery points” will allow you to better understand the country.

Stop in Cork for a good meal and at nearby Blarney Castle, drive along the stunning Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula, listen to traditional music in Galway bars, enjoy the waves in Sligo and cruise the memory of the Invincible Armada in Grange.

The 7 Best Paces to Visit in July
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6- The Himalayas, India

Why in July? For dazzling roads, without the snow. Get ready for an absolutely mind-blowing epic.

The Khardung Pass (5,600 m), near Leh, in the Indian Himalayas, was a strategic point on the Silk Road. Today it is the highest motorable road in the world.

Crossing the pass by bus is already an adventure, but attempting the journey on an Enfield Bullet, the legendary Indian motorcycle, is not bad either.

The mountain landscapes and the high altitude are likely to take your breath away.

As the roads are only open a few months and time of year, take advantage of the warmth and the absence of snow.

Bikers will be able to travel from Manali (Himachal Pradesh) to Leh (Ladakh) – one of the most beautiful routes in the world.

Alternatively, fly from Delhi to Leh and visit the Tibetan-style palace and stupas before tackling Khardung La to reach the Nubra Valley.

The road trip to Kashmir in a westerly direction, via Lamayuru Monastery and Zanskar, is a great time and bonus.

Finish with a few days in a houseboat on Lake Srinagar.

The 7 Best Paces to Visit in July
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7- The Pantanal, Brazil

Why in July? To observe the exceptional fauna.

It is often thought that it is in the Amazon that the Brazilian biodiversity is most palpable, yet it is in the swamps of the Pantanal, without jungle to obstruct the view, that you will have the best chance of observing wild animals.

This is all the truer during the dry season, when the foliage becomes scarce and the animals come to drink at the increasingly small water points.

Among the many species are giant otters, anteaters, howler monkeys, capybaras, caimans, tapirs, toucans and hyacinth macaws.

But the Pantanal is also home to the highest density of jaguars in the world.

This is the best place to see them, especially from June to August, when the wildest areas are less difficult to access.

Spend a week doing various excursions from Porto Jofre, at the end of the Transpantaneira road, and you'll have a good chance of seeing one of these elusive felines.

The 7 Best Paces to Visit in July
Photo by Francesca Petringa on Unsplash

8- The Dolomites, Italy

Why in July? To take advantage of the many possibilities offered by these magnificent mountains. The Dolomites embody the Alps in all their glory.

In the north of Italy, this massif of 18 sharp peaks is home to deep valleys, high plateaus and vertiginous peaks.

From 1915 to 1918, Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces fought there, and you can still see remnants of trenches and guess where the guns were.

The summer season for cable cars and huts starts at the end of June. There is no shortage of activities: hiking, biking, paragliding, trail running, etc.

Try the via ferrata (iron road), which combines rock climbing, ladders and cables, and was pioneered by First World War soldiers.

Your taste buds will not be forgotten, from mountain cheeses to sweet strudel. Even the refuges serve meals worthy of the Michelin guide.

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