How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof?

02 Dec 2022

How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof? Are you wondering the question? Then check this blog right away without wasting your time!

Right after landing at Airport, it may be tricky to check out all possible transportation options. Since you might be already exhausted from check-in, flight, and luggage claim, it would be better to know some tips beforehand. That is why we suggest you have a little search before your flight. By doing so, you can choose how to travel from the Airport to the city centre or your hotel. In this article, we aim to give you a detailed description of how to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart HBF.

Before taking off, we will give you a humble summary of transportation options from Stuttgart Airport STR to Stuttgart Train Station HBF. 

Stuttgart Airport is only 13 kilometres away from the city centre. As in many countries, it is possible to take a taxi, bus, or train. Public transport offers lower prices, as you can guess. 

However, it is possible to personalize your journey. If you want to choose your destination, you can rent a car at the Airport. Also, you can continue to use that vehicle during your stay in Stuttgart. Another private transportation option is choosing private airport transfer services. Your journey time or the fare of your journey will depend on the transportation type you selected.

Take a Train from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof?
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If you had a vacation to Germany, you could be familiar with their rich trainway destination points. Since these railways reach a wide range of topics in each region, most people instead use trains! Besides their practical journeys, the prices of train tickets are pretty affordable! 

If you want to reach Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, it is possible to use the train from Stuttgart Airport. Your journey with Deutschen Bahn will take approximately 27 minutes. The city train, S-Bahn, leaves every 15 minutes on weekdays and starts to work at 4.30 am early in the morning till 0.55 am late at night hours. However, this train departing is very frequent: it runs every 30 minutes on weekends. So, if you see you missed the train, you do not need to hurry to catch it! Consider this upside, too; the local train offers the cheapest transportation options. 

How much does a train ticket cost: One-way Bahn trains cost 3.70 euros per person.

How can I get a train ticket: You can have your train ticket from the vending machines. You can ask for assistance from Airport Employees in any case. 

Private Airport Transfers from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart HBF

How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof?
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You can book a private airport transfer from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart HBF.  However, considering their wide range of services, including door-to-door transport, their fees are entirely understandable! 

Airport Transfer is the best trusted ones among Private Transportation Companies. Thanks to their countless positive feedback and high-scored evaluations, it is easy to understand why. With Airport Transfer, passengers can compare the vehicle prices among various cars. 

  • From Sedan, or Minivan to SUV or Limo, it is possible to find a vehicle for any budget! Besides their wide variety, every car in has a strict hygiene policy.

Another beloved policy of Airport Transfer is having helpful yet professional employees. In fairness, who would like to deal with unpleasant communications after landing? That is why offers excellent English-speaker drivers to communicate better between the company and the customers! So, feel free to worry about whether your driver will understand you. 

Furthermore, your driver can wait for you for up to 45 minutes. We will never know what comes. Although, if you inform your driver of your flight number beforehand, they can check if you have been delayed. 

Speaking of reservations. Only in 3 steps can you book and organize your drive. Your driver can take you from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart HBF, your hotel, or your Air B&B. Airport Transfer also shows their helpfulness with their payment options and free cancellation policy. It is possible to make your payment online (credit card), TransferWise, or with the PayPal app. Furthermore, you can cancel your book without penalty in the last 48 hours! So, it means a 100% refund! 

How much does Private Transportation cost: Your journey’s price will change with your last destination, your chosen services, and your vehicle type. 

How can I book Private Airport Transfer on You can book a private airport transfer from here with a hassle-free!

Use a Subway from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof?
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Another highly affordable public transport vehicle to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof is a tram or subway. Your subway journey from Stuttgart Airport to the central train station will take around 45 minutes. Tram number U6 takes passengers from the central train station to the Airport every 10 minutes in core times, on weekdays. 

Although, working hours may change during the weekend days. U6 Tram leaves every 10 minutes on the weekend; however, it works from 10 am to 7 pm. So, considering using the tram, consider the working hours between the weekend and weekdays.

How much does a tram ticket cost: It costs between 4 to 7 euros per person for a one-way ride.

How can I get a tram ticket: You can get your tram ticket through vending machines.

Watch out: The stop is located opposite the terminal. To reach there, you need to walk for approximately 5 minutes. 

Take a Public Bus from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof?
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As many travellers would agree, one of the best ways to reduce expenses is using public transport vehicles. At Stuttgart Airport, it is possible to use both regional and local bus routes. Lucky for you, the late-night buses are also departing from Stuttgart Airport! Below, we are sharing the number of buses and their ways with you:

· Number 122: Esslingen – Scharnhausen – Flughafen/Messe

· Number 806: EnBW City – Flughafen/Messe

· Numbers 812/813: Flughafen – Bernhausen – Stetten – Echterdingen – Flughafen/Messe

· Number 828: Tübingen – Waldenbuch – Echterdingen – Flughafen

The night bus line N8 takes the passengers from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Train Station, starting to work from 3.40 am early in the morning till late in the evening. Your journey with this bus may take approximately 40 minutes. However, its stop is Schlossplatz. 

Other local and regional buses leave every 10 minutes from Stuttgart Airport. Your journey with these options can take around 27 minutes.

How much does a bus ticket cost: You can buy your ticket for between 2 and 4 euros per one-way ride! 

How can I purchase a bus ticket: You can buy your local or regional bus ticket from the vending machines. In any case, you can ask for help from Stuttgart Airport employees.  

Take an Express Bus from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

If you are in a hurry or would like to have a shorter ride, you can choose the Express Bus option! Whereas local and regional buses take around 27 minutes from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Main Train Station, express buses can take you there in only 19 minutes!

Although, you need to watch out for this difference: while local and regional buses work every 5-10 minutes, these express buses leave every 30 minutes. Belov, we are giving you the numbers of express buses:

 · Number X60: Leonberg - Flughafen/Messe

· Number Expresso X3: Pfullingen – Reutlingen – Flughafen/Messe – Bernhausen

· Number X10: Kirchheim/Teck - Flughafen/Messe

How much does a bus ticket fee: The fare of a one-way ticket can be purchased at 2 euros per person.

How can I purchase a bus ticket: You can buy your express bus ticket from the vending machines.

Busterminal from the Stuttgart Airport to the Stuttgart City Center

Stuttgart Airport has Busterminal, which offers one of the most effortless tourist rides! This Busterminal connects directly to Flughafenstrasse and Terminal 4 of Stuttgart Airport. Alongside regional and local bus directions, it is possible to find international, and long-distance bus rides over there! It would help if you reached the ground level beneath the P14 car garage to go there. To get to Stuttgart city centre, you can use regional buses located on platforms 1 to 3.

How much does a bus terminal ticket cost: Since bus terminal prices are flexible, check the Bus Company’s website to learn the latest fee. 

How can I purchase a bus terminal ticket: You can have your bus terminal ticket from Stuttgart Airport Bus Terminal.

Take a Taxi from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart HBF

How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof?
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You can take a local taxi at the Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart HBF. Since you can take a taxi any day and time without reservation, most people have preferred using them for years. As in many other airports, finding a taxi 24/7 at Stuttgart Airport is possible. 

How much does a taxi ride cost: Your taxi ride may cost between 45 to 60 euros to the city centre.

How can I find a taxi: You can find a taxi, at the Stuttgart Airport exit, right after landing! 

Car Rental Options at Stuttgart Airport

If you want to shape your travel destination, renting a car is ideal. At Stuttgart Airport, both Airline and Car Rental Companies offer services!  

How much does a daily car rental cost: Daily car rental prices start at 120 euros and keep rising to 500 euros.

How can I rent a car: You can rent your car at the Stuttgart Airport. If you would like to, you can also book your car before your flight. After your arrival, your desired car will be waiting for you. 

What Should Not Be Missed in Stuttgart?

How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof?
Photo by Jürgen Scheeff on Unsplash

Stuttgart is the capital city of the Baden-Württemberg region in Southern Germany. Alongside the most attractive touristic points, Stuttgart is an ideal starting point for Black Forest vacations! The Black Forest trip from Stuttgart is highly common among tourism companies. So, you cannot miss eating Black Forest Cake! 

Lousy Cannstatt is one of the must-see touristic destinations in Stuttgart. This special place stood back in the 18th century, yet it is the largest and oldest district of that city. Cannstatt’s old town looks like old movie scenes with its narrow, historic streets. You shouldn’t miss their thermal pools! 

Besides Stuttgart’s rich history, this beloved city is famous for its top-notch automobile industry. Especially for the Mercedes Benz Museum! In this museum, 160 cars and 1500 other artefacts are exhibited. It is non missed museum for luxury car lovers! To check out visiting hours, you may want to check their website.

Leinfelden Echterdingen is a town in the same region Baden Württemberg, just south of Stuttgart. For beginners, playing cards are pretty famous among Germans. You might find yourself playing cards with Germans at any party or gathering. It is not just a game; it is also their history! If you want to discover the history of the cards, you may want to visit their museum’s website.

If you are into medieval places, you cannot visit Esslingen in Stuttgart for your trip. Esslingen has a reputation for its colourful buildings and old churches. Since German castles have the most stories in Europe, you shouldn’t leave there without visiting one of them. Esslingen’s courts and nature parks are waiting for you. 

When to Visit Stuttgart?

How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof?
Photo by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash

Germany has numerous festivals during the year in every region. Thanks to its vivid history, Baden Wurttemberg has different festivities in all seasons. We are listing some of them for you below:

· Christmas Market Stuttgart (Held in November and December)

Be ready to try famous German hot wines and hot chocolates. 

 · Frühlingsfest (Held in April and May)

 · Marienplatz Festival (Held in July)

 · JazzOpen Stuttgart (Held in July)

 · Festival of Lights (Held in July)

 · Stuttgart Summer Festival (Held in August)

In fairness, German wines are unfortunately underrated. At this festival, excellent German wines and beers are waiting for you for testing! 

We hope this article may brighten your next trip to Stuttgart and be helpful on your journey from Stuttgart Airport to Stuttgart Central Railway Station

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