How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do

16 Jun 2022

In the heart of the Indian Ocean, the island of Java is home to a vast city called Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Despite its traffic jams and pollution, it enjoys a cultural and gastronomic dynamism. There are lots of things to do in Jakarta.

We are looking for how to spend a weekend in Jakarta? Then read our selection of 8 must-see places to visit in this megalopolis!

How many days do you need in Jakarta?

How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do
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Although Jakarta is a fascinating and complicated city, it does not take many days to visit the fascinating places. So, how many days do you need in Jakarta? 

We recommend 3-4 days to see most of the fascinating sights and activities. We have listed for you the best activities like outdoor activity Jakarta.

Awesome Things to do in Jakarta

How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do

1- The district of Kota Tua

Kota Tua means old town, and it is undoubtedly the place to start your visit to Jakarta. It combines Glodok Chinatown's busy streets with traces of Kota's Dutch colonial heritage. 

In Chinatown, wander through Jakarta's oldest Chinese houses, explore the traditional market and enjoy the Chinese calligraphy artisans.

The district of Kota Tua, also called Old Batavia, is a testimony of the colonial era of Indonesia. There are old palaces with Dutch architecture.

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 10,4 km

2- The Fatahillah Museum

The Stadhuis (or Town Hall), built-in 1627, is located in Fatahillah Square. It now houses the Jakarta History Museum. Its European architecture is also known as the Batavia Museum and Fatahillah Museum.

How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do
Photo by Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash

Inside, 37 rooms tell the city's story, period by period. The rooms display objects from the colonial era, including 18th-century furniture. Among the significant points of Interest in the place is the dungeon where the Indonesian freedom fighter, Prince Diponegoro, was imprisoned.

Tip: end your visit with the museum's gardens, one of the city's pride!

Opening Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 - Monday : Closed

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 10,4 km

3- The Jakarta Arts Building or Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

Do you like theater and concerts? Don't miss the Jakarta Arts Building when you visit Jakarta! 

A temple of Indonesian performing arts, it offers year-round events and performances by local and foreign artists. 

The Dutch colonial style of the building makes it a worthwhile place to visit even without attending a show.

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 5 km

How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do

4- The National Museum of Indonesia

This Greco-Roman-style museum was built in 1868. A building was then added in 2007. It is also called Museum Gajah. It is displayed today in the garden at the entrance of the museum. 

The site houses a collection of over 115,000 objects, dating from prehistoric times to the 19th century.

The National Museum of Indonesia is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous places for lovers of Javanese ceramics and Southeast Asian art.

Opening Hours: Tue - Fri 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM; Sat-Sun 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 5,9 km

5- Merdeka Square

Is Jakarta worth visiting? When you visit Merdeka Square, your answer would be "yes ! ". 

This huge public square of 1 km², also called "Independence Square" or "Freedom Square", is the second-largest square in the world after Xinghai Square in Dalian, China

In its center stands the Monas, surrounded by some green spaces. City dwellers come here to walk, run or cycle to escape the traffic. Official ceremonies and events are also held there.

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 6,2 km

6- The Great Istiqlal Mosque

How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do
Photo by Mosquegrapher on Unsplash

Great Istiqlal Mosque may be one of the places to go alone in Jakarta. 

Visiting Jakarta cannot be done without passing by the great Istiqlal Mosque! 

This flagship of the city is indeed the largest mosque in Southeast Asia! Nearly 120,000 worshippers gather there regularly. 

It is impossible not to find it: wherever you are, you will hear the calls to prayer.

Even if you are not Muslim, you can enter its gardens and admire its exterior. The mosque is so big that you will feel tiny next to it.

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 5,4 km

7- St. Mary's Cathedral in Jakarta

The only cathedral in Jakarta is a majestic and typical place in the landscape of the Indonesian capital. 

Indeed, the country has only 3% of Catholics. Built-in a neo-Gothic style at the beginning of the 19th century, it was destroyed by fire in 1826 before being rebuilt again in 1901.

How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do
Photo by Yusron El Jihan on Unsplash

Its facade seems to be made of stone, but it is made of red bricks covered with patterned plaster. Inside, one can admire sculptures with Dutch influences. The ceiling is made of teak wood, designed to resist earthquakes.

Opening Hours: Everyday - 6:30 am to 6:30 pm

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 6,4 km

8- The Wayang Museum

If you are wondering what to do in Jakarta this weekend, The Wayang is a perfect place. This traditional museum shadow theater of the islands of Java and Bali. It was registered in 2008 in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity of UNESCO.

This museum is among the most famous in Indonesia. The puppeteers are talented; their figures are beautiful with their clothes. High-quality performances are offered to the visitors, who enjoy the gestures of the dances and the traditional music.

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 8 am to 5 pm

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 10,4 km

9- The MONAS or National Monument

How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do
Photo by Alexander Nrjwolf on Unsplash

Located on Merdeka Square in front of the Presidential Palace, the MONAS symbolizes the struggle for independence of Indonesia, proclaimed on August 17, 1945. 

This 137-meter-high building is one of the symbols of Jakarta.

However, it is better to come on weekday mornings to see the city and the surrounding monuments without the crowds. 

At the entrance, a small museum traces the history of Indonesia and its struggle for independence.

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 4,2 km

10- Ancol Dreamland

How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do
Photo by Alexander Nrjwolf on Unsplash

Located northeast of the modern city center, Ancol Dreamland is home to a large waterfront amusement park and one of the outdoor activities in Jakarta. 

This area is ideal for visiting Jakarta with the family. It has a giant oceanarium, a large water park, a lagoon for fishing and boating, a theme park, and rides, which surely satisfy the kids.

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

📍 Distance from Jakarta: 10,2 km

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How to spend a weekend in Jakarta? 8 Things to Do

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