How To Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam?

10 Jun 2022

You are planning to go to Amsterdam for 2 days and ask yourself, "Is it worth going to Amsterdam for a weekend? To help you organize your stay, we have prepared the ideal weekend in Amsterdam itinerary. We will start with good tips to avoid waiting in front of museums and tourist attractions. Thanks to our guidance, you will save time for a long weekend in Amsterdam! 

We will tell you why we Fall In Love with Capital in 72 Hours in Amsterdam

Our tips to avoid waiting in line in Amsterdam

How To Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam?

It's no secret that the capital of the Netherlands is one of the top tourist cities in the world and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every day.

All year, many of them queue up in front of the city's emblematic museums such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum or want to take a cruise on the canals.


If you want to optimize your visit to Amsterdam in 2 days and you don't want to wait hours before visiting, here are the 2 best solutions:

The Amsterdam Pass

How To Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam?
Photo by Frans Ruiter on Unsplash

The first solution is to buy the Amsterdam Pass to save time during this 2-day trip to Amsterdam. It includes access to 2 of the most famous museums: the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The Amsterdam Pass can be ordered online.

You will then receive a confirmation email, and you will have to indicate the dates of your visits to receive your tickets for your 2-day stay in Amsterdam.

Here is a small list of everything that is included in the Amsterdam 48-hour pass:

· Admission to 2 museums: the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum

· A one-hour canal cruise during your weekend in Amsterdam- Audio guide in other languages included

· Transfer by train from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to Amsterdam train station (downtown)

· An audio guide to download to your smartphone with descriptions of over 100 places of Interest in the city.

· 10% discount on other Amsterdam attractions such as museums, the Heineken Experience and the Amsterdam Dungeon.

To buy your Amsterdam city pass, it's easy; just click this link

City Cards - I Amsterdam Card

The City Card I Amsterdam is the second solution I propose for this 2-day itinerary in Amsterdam. It is based on the same principle as the Amsterdam Pass in that you will benefit from free or reduced entrance fees for the main tourist sites. It also includes free access to public transportation. You can use the streetcar, the metro or the buses with it.

You can use the card for a period of 24 to 120 hours.

It is also better to order it on the internet and get it back at the beginning of your weekend in Amsterdam via confirmation email.

To purchase your City Card I Amsterdam, click this link

How much money is needed for a weekend in Amsterdam?

How To Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam?

– You should budget €138 ($146) a day for your trip to Amsterdam. 

– On average. You will spend €33 ($34) on meals and €15 ($16) on local transportation daily. 

– In Amsterdam, a couple probably pays €155 ($167) for accommodation. 

– As a result, a one-week trip to Amsterdam for two persons costs on average €1,927 ($2,035).

Day 1: Amsterdam tour

Discover the itinerary to follow in the city for each day, accompanied by a map to find your way and not lose time. 

So, Is Amsterdam worth visiting for 2 days?

– Dam Square and the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

How To Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam?

We suggest you start this first day of your 2-day trip to Amsterdam with Dam Square.

It is the city's main square, about 10 minutes from the central station via Damrak street or Nieuwendijk street. It is also possible to go there by streetcar.

You can see the national monument and the Nieuwe Kerk church, but the most impressive building is the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. You can see period furniture as well as rich paintings and sculptures.

The visit to the palace is not included in the Amsterdam Pass or City Card. So it's better to buy your tickets in advance to avoid starting your weekend in Amsterdam by waiting in line.

The audioguide is also included, which will allow you to know everything about the history of the place.

You can book a ticket here

– The Amsterdam Dungeon or the Amsterdam Museum

Looking for a good Sunday in Amsterdam? Visiting Museums can be the best option for you for a good Amsterdam weekend.

The Amsterdam Dungeon allows you to relive the dark history of the Netherlands in the form of staging with actors in costumes and public participation.

With the Amsterdam City Pass, you can get a 10% discount on visiting the Dungeon. The City Card I Amsterdam offers a 25% discount on the entrance ticket.

Without a pass, it is better to book your ticket by clicking here.

The Amsterdam Museum deals with the "classical" history of the city. One thousand years of history are detailed in a modern and interactive way, making the visit very interesting. The entrance is also free if you have your City Card.

If you haven't a City Card, Tickets are available online by clicking here.

– Zuiderkerk and Nieuwmarkt

Continue these 2 days in Amsterdam by taking a 10-minute walk up the Kloveniersburgwal canal.

You will then come across the Zuiderkerk church, where it is possible to climb to the top of the bell tower to contemplate the panorama over the whole city. Please note: the climb is only possible with a guide at certain times of the day.

Then go to the Nieuwmarkt square, which you will quickly recognize by the building resembling a small castle in its centre. Today, the place houses a café-restaurant that used to be the gateway to the city.

How To Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam?

– The Red-Light District

Red Light District is where the famous red-fronted windows in which prostitutes stand are located. Do not try to take a souvenir photo; it is strictly forbidden. 

A maze of streets leading to medieval cathedrals, neon-lit canals flowing past loud pubs, and hidden museums. You'll be astonished at what you find!

Day 2: Amsterdam Tour

– The Jordaan District

In addition to the historical centre and the red light district, there is another typical district to spend a splendid 48 hours in Amsterdam: the Jordaan district.

It is where you can start the second day of your 2-day stay in Amsterdam.

How To Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam?
Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

Take a stroll along the canal to admire the traditional red brick houses, and don't miss the largest protestant church in the Netherlands: the Westerkerk.

Another enjoyable way to visit the Jordaan and discover its must-sees is to book a guided tour.

– Visit a museum: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, MOCO or Stedelijk

How To Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam?
Photo by Sten Rademaker on Unsplash

Visiting Amsterdam in 2 days allows you to learn about at least 1 of its world-famous museums. You will find them all in the same place: around the Museumplein, the museum square.

It is where you can start the second day of your 2-day stay in Amsterdam.

You can get there from the Jordaan:

· 30 minutes on foot along the canal

· 20 minutes by streetcar

Here is the list of the museums you can visit (at your choice):

· The Rijksmuseum is the most famous museum in Amsterdam. It exhibits the most extensive collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. Its entrance is included in the City Card I Amsterdam or the Amsterdam Pass.

· The Van Gogh Museum is dedicated to the famous Dutch painter and contains 200 of his paintings, drawings, and letters. Free entrance with the City Card and the Amsterdam Pass.

· The MOCO, which focuses on contemporary art with an exhibition on Banksy. Free admission with the City Card.

· The Stedelijk Museum, the museum of contemporary art and design. Free access with the City Card.

 – The Anne Frank House

It is where the little girl and her family, of Jewish origin, hid during the Second World War to avoid being deported to the concentration camps. Anne Frank's diary, the book that has been translated worldwide, tells the story of their life during this period.

During the visit, you will discover the house's rooms, photos, and objects that belonged to the Frank family, all accompanied by excerpts from the diary.

As the house is one of the main tourist attractions of Amsterdam, it is better to book as early as possible.

Book here

Where to sleep in Amsterdam?

How To Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam?
Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

There is one question to be answered: where will you sleep?


We have listed some recommended hotels to stay in Amsterdam according to your budget:

Hans Brinker Hostel Amsterdam: Rooms start from 26€, and breakfast is included. The pluses: the location, the good reception, the atmosphere. An excellent choice for a cheap sleep during your weekend in Amsterdam!

Motel One Amsterdam: Clean and well decorated double room from 110€ per night, breakfast 11.50€. Pluses: helpful staff, location 2 min from the metro, good breakfast.

Jaz Amsterdam: Spacious and designed room from 110€, breakfast 16.95€. The pluses: the amiable staff, the facilities, the sumptuous breakfast.

Motel One Amsterdam-Waterlooplein: Warm room with very comfortable bedding from 154€, breakfast from 11.50€. The pluses are close to the centre, charming staff, and excellent breakfast.

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