Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

05 May 2022

Santorini is a mesmerizing island, standing in the middle of the Aegean Sea. It belongs to a group of Greek islands. One of the best things to do in a heavenly place like this is to enjoy the great food. 

Luckily, Santorini restaurants and bars come with great variety and offer people excellent Greek food. Undoubtedly, one of the best things to do on a Greek island enjoys Santorini restaurants on the water. 

  • Some of the best restaurants in Santorini offer traditional Greek dishes.

Santorini is a beautiful place to enjoy Greek cuisine at brilliant Greek restaurants. One of the most popular and unique options for restaurants in Santorini is fresh fish, especially sea bass. Santorini restaurant menu contents always include fresh seafood. 

The best restaurants in Santorini offer fine dining, but there are also unique bars here. Bars in Santorini are super fun and exciting. Santorini bars will give you the experience of your life. You can go to jazz bars and enjoy the live music. Besides that, there are bar-restaurants where you can taste the food and enjoy some wine tasting.

Does Santorini Have Much Nightlife? Is Santorini Good for Clubbing?

Santorini is a great place to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. It is a beautiful place for clubbing. There are lots of fun bars, and they offer delicious cocktails. 

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You also get to listen to live music at some of the best bars in Santorini as you are taking a sip from your favorite drink. Since Santorini is a magnificent island, you even get to experience the atmosphere at the best bars in Santorini with a view.

What Food is Santorini Known for?

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

Santorini is known for lots of delicious Greek food options. The leading food group popular in Santorini is seafood, just like it is in Greece and the Greek islands. Traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka, Greek salad, and Saganaki are also popular in Santorini.

How Much is a Pint in Santorini?

A Pint in Santorini is equal to €4.00.

--Here are some of the best Santorini restaurants and bars:

1- Agaze Bistro Restaurant Bottega

Agaze Bistro Restaurant Bottega is one of the best restaurants in Exo Gonia. Agaze Bistro Restaurant is a beautiful place to experience the Greek culture and the Greek cuisine to the fullest. 

They are cautious about the food they serve. Their chefs are specially selected, and they even give cooking classes. You will enjoy the place, and the ambiance will only add to your joy. 

It is one of the Santorini restaurants with a view. You will see the beautiful blue paradise as you taste your delicious food. Some of the food options at Agaze Bistro Restaurant are Santorini homemade pasta, seafood linguine, lemon risotto, Greek double burger, tuna, and other fresh fish food options.

Location: Pyrgos 84700 Greece.

Price Range: €10 - €60.

2- The Athenian House

The Athenian House is one of the most popular restaurants in Santorini. This restaurant offers a very creative cuisine. It is one of the most famous Santorini restaurants Oia has. 

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

The Athenian House values tradition and reflects this ideal in its way of cooking. They also offer delicious wine and champagne. Some of the best food options at the Athenian House are Aegean Codfish Tempura, grilled calamari, free-range grass-fed lamb, open sea grilled fish, Greek summer pasta, celery Souvlaki, and calamari gyros.

Location: Fira – Oia Pedestrian Street, Imerovigli 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €90 - €135.

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3- Metaxi Mas

One of the unique places in Santorini, Metaxi Mas, is a place you should visit. It is one of the best dining places in Fira and Oia. It offers some of the most delicious food options at Santorini restaurants Fira has. 

Their menu includes delicious food such as rocket salad, Cretan salad, avocado salad, spicy fried pork, lamb with yogurt sauce, beef sirloin, pork steaks, grilled pork belly slices, and pork tenderloin with feta sauce, and kataifi cheese rolls. 

They also have pasta options. They serve spinach linguini, seafood linguini, and linguini with chicken.

Location: Exo Gonia, Fira 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €20 - €30.

4- Lucky’s Souvlaki

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

Lucky’s Souvlaki is one of the favorite places for people who spend time in Santorini. Lucky’s Souvlaki offers food of good quality. Some food options they offer are gyros pita, hot dog pita, Greek salad pita, chicken salad, souvlaki pita, kebab pita, gyros portion, roasted chicken, and Arabian pita.

Location: Fira 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €2 - €25.

5- Kira Thira Jazz Bar

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

Kira Thira Jazz Bar is the place you have to visit in Santorini! It is a popular bar in Fira. This place will offer you more than delicious food and cool drinks. 

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Thanks to the live jazz music, there is a magnificent and fascinating atmosphere here. They offer various cocktails, wine, and snacks.

Location: Thera 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €10 - €20.

6- Enigma Club Santorini

If you want to enjoy clubbing and nightlife in Santorini, Enigma Club is your place. The atmosphere is super fun and exciting. The music is excellent. Your entertainment will be promised here. You can drink many different alcohol drinks here. Beer, cocktails, wine, and many more!

Location: 25is Martiou, Thira 84700, Greece.

Price Range: € - €

7- Caldera View Bar Restaurant

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

Rent a car and get ready to explore the views! Caldera View Bar Restaurant will offer you more than food and drinks. 

The magnificent atmosphere and the scenery will make you want to stay there forever. They have burgers, Greek salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, and many other seafood options.

Location: Caldera View Resort 84700 Megalochori, Santorini, Cyclades, Greece.

Price Range: €10 - €30.

8- PK Cocktail Bar

PK Cocktail Bar is a place in Santorini where you can enjoy your drinks, snacks, music, friends, conversations, and the atmosphere in general. The cocktails are super cool and great. It is one of the best Santorini restaurants with a view. Some of the most popular cocktails are The 300, Greggs style, and Mr. Grey’s Fizz.

Location: Fira, Santorini, 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €20 - €50.

9- Lolita’s Gelato

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

If you want to try some excellent ice cream in Oia, Santorini, make sure you visit Lolita’s Gelato. With many options, this place will give you what you want. Colorful, fun, exciting, and delicious: Lolita’s Gelato will give you all of this with some ice cream.

Location: Oia, 84702, Greece.

Price Range: €3 - €6.

10- Meeting Restaurant

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

Melting Restaurant has a fascinating view and a traditionally shaped cuisine. Some of the items on the menu are feta, meatballs, fried chicken, pie, eggplant spread, potato salad, flaked salted cod, salted bonito, grilled octopus, pickled eggs, pickled vegetables, and salami.

Location: Epar Od. Firon-Ias, Oia, 84702, Greece.

Price Range: €5 - €10.

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11- Argo Restaurant

Argo Restaurant is among the best restaurants to visit in Fira, Santorini. Here, you will watch the beautiful view as you take a sip from your drink and enjoy your dinner. Some of the food options on the menu are fresh fish, seafood, fava, and various salad options. There is also the option of vegetarian moussaka here!

Location: Thera 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €30 - €80.

12- Parea Tavern

Parea Tavern is a cute and chill place to visit in Santorini. They have fresh and delicious seafood as well as traditional Greek dishes. Some of the options available at Parea Tavern are calamari, octopus, red snapper, moussaka, Saganaki, Souvlaki, and lamb shank.

Location: Fira, Santorini, 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €10 - €25.

13- Le Ciel Restaurant

Le Ciel Restaurant is a luxurious restaurant that offers a great variety of foods. They also have vegan and vegetarian options. They have fava, rocket salad, white eggplants, Greek salad, capers, and seafood.

Location: Epar. Od. Firon-Ias, Imerovigli 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €70 - €150.

14- Jaipur Palace Santorini

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

Jaipur Palace in Santorini is a cute family-run place where you can eat delicious food. Some of their options are Saagh Paneer, Lamb Saag, Chicken Saag, and Mattar Paneer. 

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This place offers mainly a combination of Indian and Greek food, so make sure you let yourself enjoy some of this cultural atmosphere!

Location: Epar. Od. Firon-Ormou Perissis, Karterados 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €5 - €40.

15- Catch Bar

Catch Bar is a fun place to visit in Santorini, Oia. Some of the food on the menu are tuna salad, Greek salad, farm salad, fresh linguini pasta, the rib eye, the pork belly, mushroom risotto, red snapper, beef fillet, cod, and grilled lobster.

Location: Konstantinou Paleologlou, Oia, 84702, Greece.

Price Range: €55 - €70.

16- Kapari Wine Restaurant

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

Kapari Wine Restaurant will offer you great wine and delicious food with quality. You can get cheese plates, Greek salad, or other delicious snacks and light side dishes for your wine date.

Location: Imerovigli, 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €30 - €60.

17- Almira Restaurant

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

Almira Restaurant is located at Kamari Beach, so, as you eat, you will also enjoy the great atmosphere and the weather. You can get Greek salad and soup for starters, then you can get a main course such as fresh seafood, and you can also eat desserts. Lastly, you can also get something to drink.

Location: Kamari Beach, Santorini 84700, Greece.

Price Range: € - €

18- Santo Athiri Restaurant

Santo Athiri Restaurant in Santorini will offer you Greek salad, seafood, pasta with seafood, and many other options. As a favorite, you can get fresh grilled fish next to potatoes and salad. 

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Location: Kamari 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €7 - €25.

19- Aidani Restaurant

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

One of the best restaurants in Fira, Santorini is Aidani Restaurant. It is a cute, traditional place to visit. They serve shrimps, calamari, moussaka, fava, grilled fish, Greek salad, and some vegan options! It is also one of the most affordable restaurants in Santorini. 

Location: Vourvoulos Square, Vourvoulos 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €8 - €12

20- Lombranos Restaurant

Santorini Restaurants & Bars - Top 20 for Prices, Locations

Lombranos Restaurant has a mesmerizing view that will make you feel even more hungry. You can drink your wine or champagne and eat your fresh seafood here. 

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They serve eggplant dip, Greek salad, tuna salad, pork steak, moussaka, spaghetti bolognese, grilled chicken fillet, Greek stuffed burger, gyros pork portion, grilled lamb chops, fish soup, Greek yogurt, baklava, and ice cream.

Location: Ormos Firon Kyklades, 84700, Greece.

Price Range: €9 - €30.

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