City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips

20 Jun 2022

Santiago is a central city located in Chile. The town is the centre in terms of finance, population and highlights. Santiago de Chile in South America is a residential area with a population of nearly 8 million people. 

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There are many interesting and fun areas in Santiago such as art galleries, boutique hotels, Andes Mountains, Plaza de Armas, Barrio Brasil, Mapocho River, Barrio Italia, Las Condes, La Chascona, and Cerro San Cristobal. 

There are also areas to stay such as hotels in Santiago, bars and restaurants, shopping malls, and metro stations.

All of these elements form the city hits of Santiago briefly. Here are city hits of Santiago with top 10 tips if you are interested in visiting this gorgeous city!

1. Visit Andes Mountains

Visiting the Andes Mountains is one of the best and most important activities you can do while visiting Santiago

City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips

• The Andes Mountains are one of the city hits of Santiago. 

•You should not leave Santiago before seeing these mountains. You can get a full-day tour of the Andes Mountains for around $150. You can ride a horse nearby for about $80

• You can get a premium tour of the mountains for $200. If you are considering doing something fancier, you can book a 4-days trip to Mendoza and Andes Mountains for around $1,200. 

• The choice is yours! Choose by your dreams, wants, needs, and budget! Enjoy your visit to the fullest!

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2. Visit the Mapocho River

Mapocho River is one of the most significant highlights of Chile. 

City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips

•Therefore, it is one of the city hits when visiting Santiago. Luckily, there are perfect sightseeing tours to enjoy the experience. 

• You can get on a boat tour and enjoy the full view. You can get a private time in Santiago for around $120, and visiting the Mapocho River will be included on the to-do list.

3. Visit Barrio Brasil

Barrio Brasil is a gorgeous district in the city of Santiago in Chile. 

City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips

•The moment you step into Barrio Brasil, you will inhale the history. 

• And this atmosphere will be stuck in your head for a long time. 

• Other than stunning buildings that breathe history into your lungs, there are cute and lovely cafes and restaurants here. 

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• You can enjoy quality time with the sweet locals of Barrio Brasil. Visiting Barrio Brasil is one of the best things to do in Santiago. 

• You will regret it if you do not pay a visit to Barrio Brasil before leaving Santiago, Chile. 

• Barrio Brasil is not only the highlight of Santiago but also the highlight of Chile as a whole country.

4. Visit Barrio Italia

Barrio Italia is a colourful and lively district in Santiago. 

City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips
Photo by Loïc Mermilliod on Unsplash

• If you want to feed your soul with some lovely rainbows, this is the place for you! 

• You can find gorgeous dresses, accessories, souvenirs, and food and drink options here in Barrio Italia. 

• This colourful district is almost the central shopping mall of Santiago

• If you want to get some souvenirs for your loved ones from Santiago, the place for you to visit is Barrio Italia. 

• You will enjoy some wine as the live music feeds your soul and heart. Do not forget to enjoy some ice cream, too!

5. Visit the National Museum of Fine Arts

The National Museum of Fine Arts is one of the biggest highlights of Santiago and the country. 

City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips

• It is a rooted place to visit. The museum building represents the Baroque style

• The National Museum of Fine Arts is the home of many significant paintings, sculptures, and other artistic components. 

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• If you are an art lover, you should not skip visiting this place during your trip to Santiago.

6. Visit Las Condes

Las Condes is a centre for pubs, restaurants, bars, accessories, and souvenirs. 

City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips

• During your time in Santiago, make sure you visit Las Condes. 

• You can enjoy your favourite drinks here, get some souvenirs for your loved ones, visit restaurants and eat delicious food, and get the Santiago experience to the fullest! 

• Enjoy your time in Santiago by paying a visit to Las Condes!

7. Visit La Chascona, the House of Pablo Neruda

La Chascona is a place in Santiago filled with art, literature, culture, and history. 

• La Chascona is the house of famous author Pablo Neruda. It is now used as a museum. 

• La Chascona represents the identity of Pablo Neruda

• If you want to get familiar with the author's soul and understand his ideas better, visiting La Chascona in Santiago is a must.

8. Stay at Santiago Marriott Hotel

If you are visiting Santiago and considering where to stay, Santiago Marriott Hotel is one of the best options. 

City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips

• It is a five-star hotel. They offer free and fast internet connection, food and drink services, a pool, and comfortable and modern rooms.

• Price Range: $120 - $150.

9. Stay at Sheraton Santiago Hotel and Convention Center

Sheraton Santiago Hotel and Convention Center is one of the best places to stay in Santiago, Chile. 

City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips

• It is a five-star hotel. The Google score of the place is 4,5

• The rooms are designed with a modern approach, and these comfortable rooms provide excellent care for you during your visit to Santiago.

•  📍 Av. Sta. Maria 1742, Santiago, Providencia 750000, Region Metropolitana, Chile.

•  Price Range: $100 - $200.

10. Go-Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is one of the best activities to do in Santiago

City Hits: Santiago – Top 10 Tips

• You can get guided wine tours in Santiago for around €90 - €100

• You will taste delicious wine as you enjoy the experiences you gain from visiting Santiago. 

• Make sure you take lots of photographs because this experience you will not want to forget.

• Enjoy your visit to Santiago with all of these magnificent activities. 

• Visit museums, art galleries, and special districts, get familiar with the city's artistic and cultural components and stay at some of the best hotels in the city.

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