Prepaid eSIM for Canada

31 Oct 2022

If you are going to Canada, check if your cell phone subscription covers the country. If that is not the case, you can pay a lot. For example, with your local operator, using your SIM card in Canada will cost you:

  • More than 1,18 € / minute for a call to Europe
  • More than 0,55 € / minute for a received call
  • More than 0.28 € per SMS sent (SMS received are always free)

At this rate, you could be indebted for life for viewing a YouTube video.

It is best to organize yourself to find a more economical alternative. E-sim cards are the most convenient method to stay connected when overseas. Stop exchanging physical SIM cards!

Prepaid eSIM for Canada

How To Buy A SIM Card Before You Leave

The simplest solution: you order a prepaid SIM card before you leave and receive it at home. As soon as you get off the plane in Canada, you have to insert it into your phone, and you can use the Internet instantly without stressing about the bill.

Holafly's offers for Canada propose unlimited Internet. It has the gift of annoying Canadians because the Internet offers on the spot are very expensive, and unlimited does not exist. You can use unlimited data from eSIM Canada throughout Quebec, Montreal, and the rest of Canada.

The price depends on the days you will use your SIM card: 5 days for €29, 7 days for €34, and 10 days for €39. It only has data on this eSIM. You cannot use it to send SMS messages or make mobile phone calls.

Holafly eSIM: It's incredibly simple to use. Scan a short QR code to set up your data plan. When you land, enable the eSIM to connect instantly.

Good to Know: The eSIM must work with your phone. Your phone must be unlocked, and one of the following models is supported: Apple iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Mini, and Google Pixel 3, 4, and 5.

Where To Buy a Canada Sim Card?

Buy a SIM card at Montreal-Trudeau airport

Can you get a prepaid eSIM after arrival? You have two options for purchasing a SIM card at Montreal-Trudeau airport.


CthatR is a subsidiary of Rogers, the largest telephone company in Canada. ChatR has a kiosk at the airport. You will find it near gate 26 at the arrivals level (attention, the kiosk will be closed if you arrive before 10 am or after 10 pm).

The SIM card will cost you 10 CAD, and you will have to buy credit:

  • 25 CAD for 500 MB of Internet
  • 35 CAD for 2 GB of Internet
  • 50 CAD for 10 GB of Internet

And yes, no unlimited internet in Canada! SMS and calls are unlimited, though.

ICE Currency Exchange

At the arrivals level, you will also find the ICE exchange office, which offers SIM cards from the Telus company. The SIM card will cost you 20 CAD (which will be returned to you in credit).

The rates for the plans are as follows:

  • 35 CAD for 1 GB of Internet
  • 45 CAD for 3 GB of Internet
  • 55 CAD for 4 GB of Internet

Here also, calls and SMS are limited.

Prepaid eSIM for Canada
Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash

How to buy an eSIM card for Canada

eSIM cards are a new concept that allows you to have a virtual SIM card on your phone. If your cell phone supports eSIM cards, it is the best option to get data in Canada.

Prepaid SIM Card With the Best Data Plan In Canada

Which carriers offer eSIM in Canada? Here's what current Canada eSIM providers are offering for the best prepaid eSim Canada plans (closest to 2GB):


For prepaid sim card options, Bell Canada eSim Prepaid card charges the same rates as Virgin Mobile Canada. Both of them are somewhat less expensive than Telus prepaid sim cards. On its website, Bell Canada offers the most recent prepaid programs.

Prepaid Bell Canada sim cards cost a lot:

  • Bell - 4.5 GB data: 45 CAD (Unlimited Talk in Canada)
  • Bell - 8 GB data: 55 CAD (Unlimited Talk in Canada)

Regarding prepaid sim card deals, Bell Canada and Virgin Mobile Canada charge the same costs. Both are a little less expensive than Telus prepaid sim cards. On its website, Bell Canada offers up-to-date prepaid plans.

Virgin Mobile Canada

Virgin Mobile is operational on the Bell Canada network in Canada. They want CAD 10 to activate the eSIM. Additionally, they provide the following sim-only discounts and data packages:

  • Virgin Mobile Canada - 2.5 GB data: 40 CAD (Unlimited Talk in Canada)
  • Virgin Mobile Canada - 4.5 GB data: 45 CAD (Unlimited Talk in Canada)
  • Virgin Mobile Canada - 8 GB data: 55 CAD (Unlimited Talk in Canada)
  • Virgin Mobile Canada - 10 GB data: 75 CAD (Unlimited Talk in Canada)

The 30-day validity period applies to all Virgin Mobile Canada prepaid sim card packages. For more information, visit the Virgin Mobile Canada website to view the prepaid plans. If you are asking, "Which is the best eSIM in Canada?" we suggest you buy this operator.

Rogers Canada

We don't think discussing Rogers' prepaid sim cards is necessary. For instance, the largest mobile data package is 1 GB and already costs 65 CAD! If you're still interested, follow the Rogers Canada website's prepaid options link.

Rogers Canada sim cards cost:

Rogers - 2GB on the Talk, Text, and Internet. $80.75/month. $0.04/Mb

Buy a SIM card in the city

Can I get an eSIM in the Canadian city center? You can go to a store of one of the 3 main operators (Rogers, Bell, Telus) to request a prepaid SIM card. But the easiest and most economical way is to choose a PC Mobile SIM card.

You can buy one at a Maxi, Provigo, or Loblaws supermarket.

You will also have several offers available:

  • 30 CAD for 1 GB of Internet
  • 40 CAD for 3 GB of Internet
  • 50 CAD for 6 GB of Internet

With unlimited calls and SMS.

USEFUL INFORMATION: How long does it take to get a U.S. visa from Canada?

Here is an overview of the prepaid plans available from Telus:

  • 500 MG, valid for 30 days for $30 - includes calls and SMS
  • 2.5 GB, good for 30 days for $40 - includes calls and SMS
  • 4.5 GB, good for 30 days for $55 - includes calls and SMS
  • 8 GB, good for 30 days for $65 - includes calls and SMS

Telus is one of the cheapest eSim plans in Canada.

You can also purchase an eSIM card for Canada. You can click on the link for further information or to buy one of the e-sim cards for Canada listed above from the website. You may preserve your current phone number while using an e-sim card.

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